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J.T. McKinney

Elder J.T. McKinney died at Harrisburg, Ark., Feb. 6, 1891.
He was the son of J.B. and sister E. J. McKinney. Born in Alabama, June 30, 1868. He professed religion and united with Bethel Baptist church, near Harrisburg, in 1883, and was licensed to preach the Gospel in September 1886. Bro. McKinney adorned his profession by an orderly life, and was always prompt and liberal to his church. His father having passed over to "the promised land." this young brother had largely to care for his widowed mother and orphan brothers and sisters. Sacredly, tenderly he performed these duties. He was a model young man, he preached as opportunity offered and with acceptance. May God bless his bereaved mother and family.
 J.W. Bell, pastor
Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
February 6, 1891, page 7

Sarah V. Tatum

Mrs. Sarah V. tatum, died in Union county, Ark., Jan. 8, 1891.
She was born in Jasper county, GA., in 1811. She with her husband, the lamented J.P. Tatum, were among the pioneers of the State, having moved here in 1840. She was the mother of twelve children; five of who survive her. She died as she had lived-a Christian. May the grass grow green on your grave, mother, and when "Life's fitful fever is over," may we meet over there.
Hillsboro, Ark

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
February 26, 1891, page 7

Clara Ann Groves

Sister Groves was born in Maryland March 12, 1815; and married Allison Groves (who died twelve years ago.) They were both baptized in the Potomac river. They moved from Maryland to Shelby county, Ala., where they remained until 1847, when they came to Union county, Ark, and united with Spring Hill church, where they remained until the Master called them to his heavenly home.  They were kind, charitable, and always ready to alleviate the sorrows of their friends and neighbors. They were the parents of ten children: eight boys and two girls. Seven of them yet living, though scattered in Texas and Arkansas. Sister Groves, after her husband's death, lived with her children, sometimes in Texas then in Arkansas. She died at her sons, John R. Groves of Groesbeck, Texas, on the 6th of February 1891. She was the victim of typhoid pneumonia, with which she struggled for fourteen days. She endured great suffering, but it is all over now. She rests from pain and sorrow, waiting with those gone before, for those who are to follow. Why should we mourn? She is in a prepared mansion, where pain and death can never come.
W.Ward, Champagnolle, Ark

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
Febraur 26, 1891, page 7

L.F. Heck

From a Friend to the Memory of L.F. Heck

L.F. Heck, who died after a short illness on the 15th inst. was intimately known to the undesigned for more than forty years, and was fully worthy of the following public notice.
Mr. Heck was born in Germany in 1840, and five years later came with his parents who domiciled in the State of Indiana. At the age of about 23 years he married a Miss Margaret Bungner in Tennessee and shortly after moved to this State and this city, where he has lived ever since.
During his whole life in this city, the deceased was a prominent citizen and always interested himself in every progressive movement, and was at all times ready to contribute his wealth or energies toward the material progress of this city.
He was also known to the undersigned to be always inclined toward charity and on many occasions manifested the same, contributing from his own means liberally towards individual poor without distinction of race or color, who received meat graciously when applied for while he was engaged in the meat business.
By means of a frugal and saving system of life he had succeeded in amassing some considerable property and he has built and owned up to his death, the large and commodious hotel known s the Grand Central Hotel on Louisiana, below Fifth and Sixth Streets, which is an ornament to this portion of this city.
A widow and four children were left to mourn the unexpected and untimely loss of their faithful husband and father, and to them is hereby tendered a hearty condolence and sympathy.
From A True Friend

Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Arkansas
August 16, 1889, page 4

Rev. S. Cornelius, D.D.

A large number of the friends and brethren of Dr. Cornelius, including nearly  all the ministers in the city assembled at the residence yesterday afternoon to attend the brief funeral services. One verse of the hymn "Asleep in Jesus" was sung very tenderly by the choir of the First Baptist church. Rev. Isom P. Langley read from the fourth chapter of II Timothy, the 6th and 7th and 8th verses and made some appropriate remarks. Rev A.B. Miller of the Second Baptist church then offered prayer. The many friends took a last view of the remains of the beloved minister, and the pall bearers, Deacons J.P. Howard, C.J. Low, J.K. Brantley, J.L. Blackard, G.W. Pitts, and E.M. Phillips took charge of the casket and the procession proceeded to Oakland, where the remains were placed in the private vault of Mr. L.F. Heck, until arrangement can be made for burial.

Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Arkansas
January 1, 1887, page 6

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Jewel Atkinson

Jewel Atkinson, daughter of Bro. and Sister E.J. Atkinson, died of typhoid fever at her parent's home in Star City, Wednesday November 18, 1896; aged 12 years and 11 months. About eight o'clock on the evening of November 18, the sad news was carried from house to house that Jewel Atkinson was dead, which spread gloom and sorrow over the town and community, for she was loved by all who knew her. Jewel accepted Christ as her personal Savior and joined Star City Baptist church about two years ago, and since that time lived a faithful exemplary life. She was the joy of the home, and by many expressions of love and deeds of kindness she carried happiness to the hearts of her parents, brother, sister and her many friends. She will ne missed in the home and in the church, Sunday-school and prayer meeting services; there will be  a vacant seat, and few will miss her more than the pastor, for by her regular attendance and attentive listening she helped and encouraged him to preach the gospel. I would say to her heart-broken parents, brothers, sister, relatives and may sorrowing friends, let us not weep; the Lord gave her to us, and he had the right to take her unto himself.
Her feet hath crossed the stygian waters never to earth retur; her spirit hath winged its flight to yon celestial dome; her soul hath sprung to light among celestial orbs to roam. Let us labor; on and in the sweet bye and bye we who are Christians will meet her, God and the Savior, to live with them forever.

D.E. Gambrell

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
December 16, 1896 page 13, col 1

Mrs. S.F. Lindsey

Mrs. S.F. Lindsey, wife of Dr. R.W. Lindsey, died at her home in Little Rock, on the evening of the 29th ult.
She was the daughter of Mr. Byrd and Mrs. Sarah Hensley, and was born at Barbourville, W. Va., July 25, 1851; was married in Little Rock the last day of December 1874. She professed religion and joined the Baptist church twenty years ago, and was at the time of her death a beloved member of the First Baptist church of this city. Mrs. Lindsey had been an invalid for the past ten years, and died of that insidious and lingering disease, consumption. She leaves a devoted husband, two sprightly and promising sons, an affectionate niece, Miss Frankie Lindsey, and many other sadly bereaved relatives and friends to mourn her death. Dr. Lindsey, being a well known and popular physician, with a large circle of personal friends, has the sympathy of the entire community. Mrs. Lindsey had filled, faithfully and well, all the relations sustained in life, being prepared for the summons when it came, her family think of her as "not lost, but gone before". The funeral took place at the family residence at the corner of Seventh and Arch streets and was attended by Little Rock's best people. In the absence of her pastor, Rev. J.K. Pace, the funeral services were conducted by Rev. W.A. Clark, editor of the Arkansas Baptist, assisted by Rev. .B. Miller, pastor of the Second Baptist church. The burial took place at Oakland Cemetery, and the remains were followed to the grave by a long procession of sorrowing friends, who should remember the words of Jesus:
"She is not dead, but sleepeth."

"Asleep in Jesus! Blessed sleep,
From which none ever wake to weep;
A calm and undisturbed repose.
Unbroken by the last of foes." M.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 16, 1890, page 8, col. 4

J.C. Renfro

Elder J.C. Renfro, the subject of this sketch was a native of Kentucky. About the year 1804, when quite young he moved to Missouri, where he was principally educated, after which he entered upon the work of the gospel ministry and devoted his energy for several years in said state to the cause of Christ. About the year of 1857, he moved to the State of Iowa, where his labor was greatly blessed, both in respect to local and missionary work. After the expiration of nine years in this field of labor, he came to the State of Arkansas; where he devoted to the cause of Christ the remaining energy of his life. He died at the residence of J.C. Boatwright, his son-in-law, January 1886. After ten hours of suffering he yielded up his spirit to "God who gave it' in a frame of mind calm and serene in the assurance of the faith that had led him in triumph, through the battle of life. In the very twilight of life's departing friends and relatives around him to indicate to them an affectionate and final farewell.
he then closed his eyes like one reposing in sweet slumber.
Indeed it was the solemn sleep of those "who never wake to weep." May the Lord help us us all to glorify his name in life and in death.
C.P. Tupper

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 4, 1886, page 3, col. 2

Thomas Kimbrough

Deacon Thomas Kimbrough was born in Jefferson county, Tenn., May 2, 1805. Was married to Miss Elizabeth Austell February 14, 1832. Was converted and became a member of the Baptist church at, or near Mossy Creek, Tenn., about the year 1836, where afterwards he was set apart as a deacon. Just before the war, he removed to Bradley county, Tenn., and was a member and deacon of the White Plains church. After the war  he came to Washington county, Arkansas, and was soon afterwards in the organization of Vineyard church near Evansville, where he lived a consistent member and an exemplary life till about three years ago, when a division of the church took place and the Liberty church was formed, of which he became a member, and so continued until his death which occurred May 12th, 1886.
Brother K. was 81 years and 10 days old. Near two years ago while attending a protracted meeting in his church, he had a paralytic stroke; he had a second stroke two moths before his death. Conscious to the last, he talked of death as a journey and was ready and anxious to depart. His wife had preceded him several years.
Brother K. had been a faithful member of the church for half a century, and served as a deacon for about forty years. he belonged to a family noted for its Baptist ministers. His father was Elder Duke Kimbrough, one of the leading minsters of Tennessee.  He was a brother of Elder Bradley Kimbrough, another able minster of Tennessee, who will be remembered by many who read this. The Kimbroughs of Texas are of the same family.
Brother Kimbrough was an earnest contender for he faith and always ready to do his duty. The Liberty church has lost a pillar, his pastor a firm friend, and his family a good counsellor. His works do follow him.
To his seven surviving children and his many grandchildren, I commend his example. Be ye followers of him, even as he was a follower of Christ.
J.C.R. His Pastor
Elm Springs, Arkansas, May 20, 1886

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
June 6, 1886, page 4, col. 2

Coleman and Norman Crawford

At the residence of their grandfather, Eld. R, J. Coleman, on the 11th and the 12th of March. little Coleman Crawford, aged about two years and eleven months, and Norman Crawford aged about one year and eight months, the only children of Benonie and Allie Crawford.
Oh. it is so hard to give the little innocents up, yet is is right or it would not be so. Blessed hope that we can meet them in a better world than this. The disease was measles. Both were interred in the Austin cemetery. Blessed little innocents, we will some to you after awhile.

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 1, 1886, page 4, col. 2

Phoebe E. Burgess/Eunice Boyd

Mrs. Phoebe E. Burgess was born December 13th, 1847, in Lawrence [Laurens] county, South Carolina. She was moved to Arkansas by her parents, L. and Eunice Boyd. She professed faith in Christ and joined the Baptist church at the age of 15, of which she was a consistent member until her death, January 6th, 1886.
Mrs. Eunice Boyd, the mother of Sister Burgess was born in Newburgh[Newberry] county, South Carolina, February 24th, 1824. She professed religion and joined the Presbyterian church in 1862, afterwards moved to Pope county and joined the church at Hopewell, where she was a member until her death January 20th, 1886. They were both faithful members of the church, loving wives and devoted mothers. They both expressed themselves ready and willing to depart and be at rest. They both left husband and children and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss.
T.W. Branscome
W.L. Sproles     { Com.
A. Shackleford

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 8, 1886, page 3, col. 2

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M.E. Rogers

Mrs. M.E. Rogers, March 27, 1890, at her home in Richwoods, Lonoke county, aged thirty-seven years.
Sister Rogers professed religion six years ago, and united with Baker's Bayou Baptist church, with which she lived a consistent member until her death. She frequently spoke of her approaching death, leaving abundant evidences that her hope of heaven was steadfast. In her death her husband and two little daughters hace sustained a great loss, and the church mourns for a faithful member. May the blessings of God rest on the bereaved family.
Her Old Pastor

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 29, 1890, page 8, col 2

Daniel B. Eudy

Born in North Carolina in 1826, died at Euclid, Howard County, Ark., April 21, 1890.
He moved with his parents to Morgan County, Ala., in 1846. May 12th, 1847 married Miss Lora Ann Rivers. Soon after he joined the Baptist church and was baptized by Eld. Alonzo Welsh. In 1860 he moved to Lamar county, Tex. In 1879 he came to Howard county, Ark., at which place he remained until his death. He leaves eight children, all grown to be useful men and women. Having himself lived a faithful Baptist, his children are well instructed in the faith. he had been a rheumatic invalid for sixteen years, most of the time confined to his room. Mount Carmel church has lost one of its leaders, and the community an exemplary citizen.
Now he is free from pain and sorrow, resting from his labors. Heaven has another saint.
John B. Hester

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 29, 1890, page 8, col. 2

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J.H. Turner

J. H. Turner, died March 10th, 1884. He professed religion and joined the Missionary Baptist church in the year 1860.
Was married to Miss Susan Turner Jan. 30, 1862. Removed to Greenshaw Co., Ala. in Jan. 1867. Was ordained deacon of Baptist church Nov. 1868.
Removed to Pope County, Ark. united with Hopewell church, Changed his membership from Atkins to New Prospect church in 1883, where he lived an exemplary member up to his death. He leaves a wife and eight children, five boys and three girls to mourn their loss. May the Lord bless and take care of them.
J.A. Talley
L.P. Reese } Com.

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 8, 1884, page 3, col. 4

Mrs. Willie Turner

At her residence near Bald Hill church, this county, April 21, 1884, Mrs. Willie Turner, aged 21 years. She had been a member of the London Baptist church five years and led a consistent Christian ife. She was the youngest sister of Mrs. B.W. Turner of this place. Her disease was consumption which gave her due warning of her approaching dissolution, of which she often and freely spoke without excitement or fear. Surely the Christian's hope is the greatest blessing. Three little children are left to learn the loss of a mother, but will not God will care for them? The Lord comfort weeping husband and friends.Those who have loved shall meet again. W.

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 8, 1884, page 3, col 4

A. R. Robinson

A. R. Robinson, born Nov. 20th, 1836. Died March 9, 1884. Professed faith in Christ in year 1869. Joined the Missionary Baptist church in 1877, in which he lived a faithful member and deacon up to the time of his death. He leaves a bereaved wife and five children to mourn their loss. Brother Robinson was a kind and affectionate husband and father. May the good Lord bless and take care of them.
J.A. Talley                .
L.P. Reese {Com.

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 8, 1884, page 3, col. 4

Mary M. Taylor

Mrs. Mary M. Taylor. born Oct. 25th, 1824 in Alabama. In early life she saught the Savior and became a pious Christian. She was married to William Taylor in Murphresboro, Tenn. They afterwards moved to Missouri, then to Pope Co, Ark. and afterwards to Franklin Co., Ark. where she died of measles the 2nd of April 1884. Sister Taylor was a faithful consistent Baptist and will be much missed. Her funeral will be attended by her pastor.
R.M. Small

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 17, 1884, page 3, col 4

Myra Meek

Mrs. Myra Meek, wife of Capt. S. T. W. Meek, died in Hamburg, Ark., January 29, 1883. Mrs. Meek was one of the purest, b... women I have ever knew. She was not a member of any church, but otherwise a consistent, exemplary Christian. She leaves a large circle of friends, three sons, a daughter and her husband, whose irreparable loss is her eternal gain/May God grant to them all comforts and consolation of the Gospel. It is the sincere prayer of a friend.
A.J. Fawcett, Pine Bluff, Ark.  Feb. 3

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, AR
Feb. 8, 1883

J. J.Burke

J.J. Burke, of Sub Rosa, Ark., died at his residence in Franklin county, the 2nd of March, 1884, aged 74 years.
Brother Burke professed religion and united with the church when he was 21 years old. This over half a century he lived and labored a pious, useful Baptist.  He leaves a wife and nine children (all grown) to mourn his loss. But his memory remains precious to those who knew him.

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 10, 1884, page 3, col. 3

Cassie Wilson

Mrs. Cassie Wilson, wife of our friend and brother, Capt. R.J. Wilson, after a protracted and most painful illness was relieved of her sufferings last Saturday afternoon. The entire community evinced their respect and love for the deceased and their sympathy with the bereaved by following the remains to the last resting place. Mrs. Wilson was an honored and useful member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and she will be greatly missed by the congregation in her church. She was truly a Christian woman and passed the triumphs of a true Christian's faith. She was fully aware of her approaching dissolution days before the final hour came, and conversed freely and frequently on the subject. Our tenderest sympathies freely extended to the bereaved husband and children.

Arkansas Evangel, LittleRock, Arkansas
 April 10, 1884, page 3, col. 3

Caroline V. Stovall

Mrs. Caroline V. Stovall consort of R.A. Stovall died in the town of Cabot at her home on the 16th of May 1885. She had been the subject of severe afflictions for many years, yet she bore it with great patience.
She was born in Grenada, Mississippi on the 17th of April 1839, was born again and united with the Baptist church in 1857. Was married on the 13th of March 1859. They soon emigrated to the Prairie county, afterward Lonoke county and settled near where she died. And united with the church. The writer can give testimony to the fact that she was a good church member, as he was her pastor for many years. She loved the church. I visited her often for the past eighteen years, and frequently during her late illness, and conversed with her frequently on her departure, and the prospect of the future, and she gave every appearance of her readiness and willingness to depart, and be at rest. Truly it may be said how blessed are the righteous when they die. She left a husband and three children and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss. May God of all grace support them. R.J. C.
Cabot, Arkansas June 1, 1885

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
July 23, 1885, page 3, col. 3

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Alice Chandler

Mrs. Alice Chandler, daughter of Mary Barnes, was born March 1st, 1858 and died near Clinton, Arkansas, August 13th, 1885. She professed religion Aug. 20th, 1877 and joined the Baptist church to which her parents belonged, and lived a consistent and faithful member until her death. In the person of sister Chandler was found a happy combination of the Christian graces. In health she was a zealous, consistent and happy. In afflictions calm, patient and trusting and in death submissive, peaceful and triumphant. With her life's voyage over the rough sea of time was a very striking illustration of the power of faith in the Son of God and the fullness of salvation in him. her domestic and social life seemed to be regulated by the principles of piety. Sister Chandler has fallen to sleep with loved ones gone before, and left husband and child, mother, sisters and many friends to follow on. Happy going! Blessed home! I trust her friends will all fo to meet her in heaven.
Eld. J.B. Fortner

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
September 24, 1885
page n3, col. 3

Emma Geneva Hays

In this city on the 6th inst. of consumption, Miss Emma Geneva Hays, aged 20 years and 1 month.
Sister Hays was born in Lyon county, Ky., February 6, 1856; in 1869 she professed faith in Christ and was baptized into the fellowship of Third Street Baptist church in Covington, Ky., by Rev. George F. Pentecost. In 1871 she moved with her parents to Louisville, and united with the Pilgrim's Rest Baptist church; moved to Little Rock in 1875, and was in the organization of the Eighth Street Baptist church of this city. Sister Hys was truly a consistent christian, and much loved by her brethren and sisters. She was confined to her bed for several months, and bore her afflictions with patience and submission. She was conscious to the last moment and died in the full triumph of a living faith. B.

Western Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 12, 1876, page 5, col.

Calvin De Armond

"The pestilence which walketh in darkness" has entered into our midst, and borne from among us one of our most respected and virtuous citizens. Calvin De Armond, a man of sterling integrity, departed this life on the morning of June 8th, 1860. He leaves two infant children and a wife who has long been a member of the Missionary Baptists. he was a firm believer in Christianity and avowed his intention of some day bowing to the mild sceptre of Emmanuel. But his case stands a monument of the danger of procrastination, although we can't help hoping for him on account of his charity, honesty, and sympathetic tenderness. he died aged 34 years. We sympathize with his sister Rose Ann in her bereavement; but Calvin, the companion of her youth is gone ans the place which knew him will know him no more forever.
" A thousand suns will shine;
  A thousand moons will quiver,
   But he'll walk with her no more,
   Forever and forever."

D. L. Palmer

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
August 8, 1860

William Jaques

In this county on the 23rd of January 1859, Mr. William Jaques, ages 50 years.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 11, 1859, page 3, col. 5

Nancy Lee

On the 24th February 1859, in Johnson county, Ark., Mrs. Nancy Lee, wife of Wm. Lee

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 11, 1859, page 3, col. 5

Barshabe Davidson

In Mineral township, Pulaski county, on 12th of February 1859, Mrs Barshabe Davidson, aged 75 years and nine months.
Memphis papers please copy.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 11, 1859, page 3, col. 5

Cornelia Adaline Williams

At the residence of M.W. Williams in Franklin county, on 22 April 1857, Cornelia Adaline, infant daughter of the above, aged four months and twenty-seven days,

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 11, 1859, page 3, col 5

Cornelia E. and Mary C. Fillingin

At the residence of her mother, Mrs. A.M. Moore, near Ozark, Franklin county, Arkansas, after a lingering illness on 11th February 1859, Mrs. Cornelia E. Fillingin, consort of D.W. Fillingin, aged 26 years, eight months and eleven days.

At the same place, on the 22nd February, 1859, Mary C. infant daughter of the above, aged 11 days.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 11, 1859, page 3, col. 5

John Dempsey

In this city on Tuesday the 22nd February 1859, in the fifty-first year of his age. Mr John Dempsey, a native of Little Island, County Cork, Ireland,

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 11, 1859, page 3, col. 5

Easter P. Pruit

Died the 5th February, 1859, in Russellville, Pope county., Arkansas,  Mrs. Easter P. Pruitt, aged 25 years and ten months, consort of Dr. J.W. Pruit of the above place.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 11, 1859, page 3, col. 5

James Alfred Poe

Son of W. T. Poe, departed this life on the 15th of February, 1859, in the 16th year of his age.
He joined the Baptist church in his eleventh year; being baptised by Eld. Samuel Douthit. He lived an orderly christian, and thus budded on earth to bloom in heaven. While we shed the tear of sorrow at his loss on earth, we hope to meet him again beyond this vale of tears.
Belfast, Ark., March 1, 1859

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 11, 1859, page 3, col. 5

Mastin Ashcraft

Died of pneumonia at his residence,  Saline county., Ark, February 24, 1859. He bore his extreme sufferings with great patience for five days, giving in  his last moments evidence of his preparation for death. It was the writer's lot to witness the heart rending scenen of the final worldly separation of the husband and father from the wife and six little weeping children, pleading that the Lors would protect them. Brethren let them share your prayers.
-Belfast, Ark, March 1, 1859

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 11, 1859, page 3, col. 5

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Wm. P. Farmer

At the home of his son-in-law, F. M. Golightly, near Palestine, Ark., Wm. P. Farmer, May 8, 1890.
Bro. Farmer was born in Abbeville district, South Carolina, in 1804, emigrated to Arkansas in 1841, and died after a lingering illness of over four months. He bore his sufferings with Christian fortitude. At the time of his death he was a member of Big Creek Baptist church. He served a Justice of Peace of Crittenden county, where he first settled.
He leaves behind him to mourn their loss an aged wife of eighty-two years, one daughter and a large number of relatives and friends. May God in his wisdom and mercy bless those that are left to mourn their loss.
   His body rests beneath the sod,
   His soul rests in the arms of God.
                                                       Ada M. Farquhar

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 29 1890, page 8. col 2

Ira Lee Earl

At Rector, Ark., May 7, 1890, Ira Lee Earl, infant son of E.B. and Clennie Earl.

While loving parents and kind friends were tenderly watching over the little form of Ira Lee Earl, son
of E. B. and Clennie Earl, the gate of heaven was opened and the pure little spirit of the sweet little boy passed out of the body into the brighter and better beyond. Parents, look up, your child is not dead, but absent. Oh, may God's grace lead you to consecrate yourselves to him and his service, that when the time comes for you to go there will be one little boy at the beautiful gate waiting and watching to welcome you home.
W.J. Bearden

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 22, 1890, page 8, col. 3

Mrs. Lou Key

Mrs. Lou Key, wife of Granberry Key, died at her home in Fordyce, Ark., April 22, 1890.
Sister Key accepted Christ early in her life, and joined the Methodists, but a few years ago she united with the Baptist church at Fordyce, where she lived a devoted Christian, an affectionate wife and mother, a dutiful daughter, until God said, " come up higher." She evidenced full assurance of faith that she was entering "the vale of Bulah," to enjoy the rest that remains for the people of God. To husband, children, parents, sisters, and friends, weep not, she sleeps in Jesus, awaiting the soubd of the trumpet, when all redeemed will join in the songs of the glorified, singing and praising...
Her Pastor

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
June 6, 1890, page 8, col 1

Marion C. Thornton

In Clark county, Ark., April 14, 1890,  Marion C. Thornton of pneumonia.
Bro. Thornton was born in Georgia, in 1822, moved to Arkansas in 11854, professed religion and joined Unity Church in 1870. He lived a consistent ember until the Master saw fit to take him to himself and reward him for services in this life. Bro. Thornton was a good man and had no enemies. While it seems hard to give up such a loved ones, yet we bow in humble submission to the Lord's will and invoke his richest blessings on the bereft ones.
J.A. Medlock
J. M. Hart         } Com.
B.W. Willis

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
June 5, 1890, page 8, col 1

Mrs. J. A. P. Burrough

Born Feb. 6, 1869, died April 19, 1890, at W. R. Bryants, Cleveland county, Ark.
She was born and spent all her life in this county. She professed religion and joined Emmaus Baptist Church in September, 1886. She leaves a husband, one child, a mother and three sisters to grieve that she is gone. But not as those who have no hope, for her last words gave evidence that she was going to the rest that remains for the people of God.
Done by the order of the Church in conference, May 10, 1890.

H. C. Ballentine
W. I. Carter         }Com.
J. T. Dumat

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
June, 5, 1890, page 8, col. 1

Mary E. Brown

Died April 8th, 1890, at Centerville, Ark., aged nineteen years, ten months, and fifteen days.
Sister Brown professed religion seven years ago, and united with the Baptist church at Mount Tabor, where she was a consistent member until death. During her affliction she often expressed her faith in Jesus, and as willing to depart and be with him. In her death Bro. Brown has lost an affectionate companion, the little babe a loving mother, her father and mother an obedient daughter, and the Church a earnest worker. May god bless the bereaved.
Her Pastor
Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
June 5, 1890, page 8, col. 1

Elder Jonathan Hunt

Born July 2, 1842, died January 24, 1890, at his home in Scott county, Arkansas, of a stroke of apoplexy and (Hemiplegia) paralysis; on the farm that he was born on.
He professed faith in Christ, 1858, and was in the midst of his usefulness, yet fully ripe.
Most deeply do we feel our loss; yet we will not murmur at the goodness of God to one of his fauthful servants. No! sleep on, dear brother. Let thy happy spirit dwell with the dear Savior thou loved so well. By and by, by the grace of God, we will meet you in that happy home where Jesus is. The fruit of your warm exhortations will follow thee, "Till then, adieu, most dearly beloved."
J.A. Taylor
J.A. Kennon
Committee of Union Hill, and Dutch Creek Churches

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
February 23, 1890, page 8, col. 4

Edmond Richardson Gresham

Little Edmond Richardson, son of A.L. and Gattie Gresham died February 1, at 2.a.m.
Edmond was the favorite and pet of the town. His sudden and unexpected death shocked the whole community, resulting as it did, from a kick from a horse.
His remains were laid in the churchyard at Kingsland, Arkansas, to await the resurrection morn. May God bless and comfort the heart-broken parents. Edmond, "Thou art gone to the grave; but we will not deplore thee. Though sorrows and darkness encompass the tomb, the Savior has passed through its postals before thee, and the lamp of his love is thy guide through the gloom."
B. N. Hulteman

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
February 23, 1890, page 8, col. 3

James Clyde Ausburn

Ausburn, James Clyde, near Kensett, White County, on October 27, 1889.
James Clyde Ausburn, son of John R. and N.A. Ausburn, after a long a tedious illness of forty-seven days.
Little "Clyde" was born on 3rd of May 1888, and hence was one year, five months and twenty-four days old. The little sufferer after having been emaciated almost beyond recognition, fell asleep without a struggle, and his spirit took its flight to the home of him who said, "Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of heaven." R.B.S.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
February 23, 1890, page 8, col 4

Sarah Payne

Sarah, the only daughter fo Bro. D. and Eliza Payne was born May 9, 1889, and died at their home Jan. 24, 1890.
It has pleased the Lord to call from Bro and sister Payne their child, who only lived long enough to win affections. It was indeed, a dark cloud that hung over the home of Bro. and sister Payne, when death came for their sweet babe, but the Lord know best. They have the prayers of the church.
By order of the church.
W. Campbell, Church Clerk
J.M. Payne Moderator

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
February 27, 1890, page 8, col. 2