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Mrs. Maggie Jones

Mrs. Maggie Jones, died at her home in Searcy, Ark., March 25, 1896. her husband, Bro. Ed S. Jones, died onky a few weeks before; so this separation was but for a few days. Sister Jones was faithful to her Church, a good neighbor and a loving mother. She was ready to go; yes, anxious to go. I never saw one die with brighter prospects. About her last words were, " I am saved, I am saved." May her dying words of comfort and admonition to her children, console them and lead them to her bright home in Heaven.
E. C. Faulkner
Arkansas Baptist, April 22, 1896, page 6

Virginia Langley

Virginia Langley, daughter of Bro. James ans Sister Belle Langley, died October 3, 1895. Aged five months and 25 days.
Bro. and Sister langley have lost one jewel, but heaven is open for its reception. Oh, may they be cheered with the promise Jesus made, saying they that sleep in him when he comes again he will bring with him.
   Their hearts are ever lonely,
    Their spirits ever sad
'Twas her dear presence only
 That made their spirits glad

From morning until evening
Care rests upon their brows;
She's gone from earth to heaven--
 They have no baby now.

Bro. and Sister Langley have the greatest sympathy of all. God bless them in their bereavement.
S.F. Funk
Arkansas Baptist, November 13, 1895, page 10

John Roy Robertson

John Roy Robertson, son of Dr. J.A.  and Mres. Mollie E. Robertson, died in Thornton, Ark., October 10, 1895. Aged 1 year and 21 days.
Little Rpy;s cloting caught fire and before the flames could be extinguished he was burned so badly that it caused his death. He leaves father, mother, granparents and several uncles and aunts whose hearts are sad on account of his untimely death. I would say to all of them that Roy is not lost; he is saved, he has gone to live with God.
D.E. Gambrell
Arkansas Baptist, November 13, 1895, page 10

J. W. Glover

J.W.  Glover was born in Grant county, Arkansas, July 16, 1870. In august 1890 he united with the Baptist church at Prattsville, and lived a consistent member until the day of his death, October 29, 1895. In October 1894 he was married to Miss Florence Halbert and set out with flattering prospects. When he realized that death was near, he expressed himself ready and willing to enter  into eternal rest. He leaves a wife, father, mother, five brothers, two sisters and many friends and associates to mourn his loss. May the Lord help those left behind, to live such lives, that when death comes, like him they can feel the presence of a loving Savior to bear them across death's rugged stream.  W. J. James
Arkansas Baptist, December 25, 1895, page 9

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I. R. Vick

Memoir of Eld. I. R. Vick

Born June 16, 1830; died November 27, 1895, at his home in Lincoln, county, Ark.
He retired at 9 o'clock apparently well, and went quietly into a sleep from which he never awoke, At 10 o'clock his wife was aroused by a faint struggle from him, but it was the death struggle, and she was widowed. The Master had called His servant to rest, The writer, assisted by Eld D. E. Gambrell, conducted the funeral service. Never have I seen a community so deeply bereaved. Our loss will be deeply felt in his family, in the Church which he so faithfully served and in the community where he led in every good work as a citizen. The "Baptist" and its editor have lost a staunch supporter and the denomination an humble yet valiant defender. He was born in Nash County, North Carolina, emigrated to Cass County, GA., professed conversion and was baptized into Okalogo Church in 1852. He married Miss Mary Thompson in 1855. She was a true helpmate, and now feels the sadness of bereavement. He was the father of nine children, four boys and five girls. Two of these have gone before and seven follow after He moved to Drew County, Ark., in 1860 and was ordained to the ministry and for thirty-five years gave himself to the spread of the Gospel, making more sacrifices for the truth than any minister this writer has ever known, In my twenty years association with him he often said, " I want to live to baptize all my children and also to lead a thousand converts into the baptismal picture of the resurrection." During his last year his wish was granted; his last child a happy follower of Jesus. His diary shows the record of 1015 baptisms. His work was finished and he is at rest. With the weeping family I am a mourner. He was my father in the ministry. God bless and comfort the bereaved family.
E.Y. A. Rogers

Arkansas Baptist, January 22, 1896, page 5

Samantha Haugh

Our beloved sister, Samantha Haugh was a faithful member of the Missinary Baptist Church at Hopewell since 1870, and as we are informed, ever lived with a view to being prepared to go from this low ground of sorrow to live with our blessed Redeemer and also tried to so live that by word and deed she might cause others to fall out of sin, close in with offered mercy, and finally be saved in Heaven. After years of battle for the Redeemer and bearing the hand of affliction for a long time, when the summon of death was nearing she showed plainly that her prospects remained bright. She said as her last words that "all was well" and on the 11th day of August 1895, she bid adieu to earth and earthly things, leaving a husband and one daughter to mourn the loss of a companion and mother. May they so live that when death is nearing them they, too, may tell of the same faith as the one gone on before.
W. M. Tucker, H. Hayes, Committee
Arkansas Baptist, Janury 22, 1896, page 5

Eld. S. Jones

January 7, 1896 at his home in Searcy, Ark. He was born in Rome, GA., in 1851; was baptized by his father, Rev. T. T. Jones, in 1868. H e settled in Searcy twenty-four years ago, joined the Baptist Church soon after, and was a consistent member. He was a thorough Baptist, a good man, a kind husband and father, respected and honored by all who knew him. He gave his children the best advantages, and by industry and good management left his family in comfortable circumstances. Besides his wife, he leaves a daughter and two sons to mourn their loss. But they are assured that their loss is his eternal gain. May they meet him in Heaven is the prayer of many friends.
E.C. Faulkner
Arkansas Baptist, January 22, 1896, page 5

Cora Sypes

Death has again visited our little village and taken from our midst Sister Cora Sypes. She found Christ precious to her soul in August of 1895, but had not united with the Church because of ill health and other influences which were brought to bear on her. However, her short Christian life was beautiful. She was an affectionate daughter, sister and friend and the beautiful songs she loved to sing and play are made sweeter by thinking of them as she now sings them with more pathos and power in the presence of her King. May the Holy Spirit comfort the bereaved.
W. A. Turnage
Arkansas Baptist, January 22, 1896, page 5

Annie E. Skaggs

Annie E. Skaggs died in Lavaca, Ark., June 23, 1895 from consumption. Aged 25 years.
Sister Annie  E. Norris Skaggs was once a student at Arkadelphia College. She was raised under religious influences and professed a hope in Christ while young and joined the Baptist church. She was a devoted Christian and a true member of the same. She was always ready to lift up a discouraged Christian. She was always in her seat at Sunday school and church. She was a dutiful wife and loving daughter and sister. She died in full triumph of a living faith in Jesus Christ and had no fear of death. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Written by a true friend and brother in Christ.
J. W. Mashburn
Arkansas Baptist, July 3, 1895, page 8

Isaac Neal

Isaac Neal died at his home on Bleakley's Creek, Ark., near Mt. Pleasant church, on June 16, 1895. Aged 73 years, 8 months and 26 days.
He was born in Washington county, VA., September 21, 1821; moved to Campbell county, Tenn; married Sarah Gross October 20, 1844, and raised seven boys, six of whom are members of the Baptist church and two are preachers. He joined the Baptist church when young, but was excluded. He was always friendly to the cause. He moved to this state and married Tildy Morgan in 1891, whom he leaves to mourn his loss.
I. G. Neal
Arkansas Baptist, July 3, 1895, page 8

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M.M. Mashburn

M.M. Mashburn died near Fairview, Ark., July 8, 1895. Aged 78 Years. He was born in South Carolina in 1817. Moved to Alabama in early life; thence to Arkansas in 1866. He professed religion in 1842 and served as deacon 45 years, and was one of the most useful members in his church and community. Surely the world is better for his having lived in it. He raised a large family who are nearly all Baptists. Just before his death he selected Bro. Kelly and another minister to conduct the funeral, and also selected the songs to be sung. He leaves a wife and many friends to mourn their loss. Though he is dead, yet our faith says he lives forever. Thank God for this hope.
Arkansas Baptist, July 24, 1895, page 8

Sidney Clark Moseley

Sidney Clark, son of Preston C. and Callie Moseley.  Born January 20, 1893; died at Altus, Ark., January 6, 1896. Sister Moseley is near the crossing. Little Clark awaits her coming on the other side. He will welcome mamma home. The Lord bless and comfort the father and mother.
D.D. Warlich,
Pastor M.E. Church, South
Arkansas Baptist, January 29, 1896, page 13

John B. Rankin

John B. Rankin was born in Mississippi in 1847; married Miss Elizabeth Moreland in 1877, and moved to Arkansas in 1879. In 1886 he joined the Baptists and lived a consistent member until God called him to rest. Heart disease and pneumonia caused his death, which occurred January 15, 1896. He had been in ill health for some time and often said he did not fear death. He leaves a father, wife, three daughters and four sons to mourn his death. We all pray they may be united in heaven.
J. Eugene Woodruff
Lavaca, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, January 29, 1896, page 13

Mary H. Adams

Wife of A. E. Adams was born 1861. She professed faith in Christ at the age of 14 years and united with the Baptist church at Bluff City, of which she lived a member until her death. She died January 26, 1896, leaving a husband, mother, brother, and a host of friends to mourn their loss.  Sister Adams honored her profession until her death. She lived an exemplary life. The husband loses a model wife and the church and community a zealous Christian. We feel assured that she has gone to rest with Jesus. And may the blessed Christ, whom she loved to serve be with her...husband and mother. "And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me write, blessed are the dead that die in the Lord from henceforth. Yes, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them" Rev. 14:13
T.A. Middlebrooks
Arkansas Baptist, March 18, 1896, page 7

William Penn Hurley

Died at this home near Hickory Grove Baptist church, December 12, 1895, after an illness of only four days. Bro. Hurley was born March 5, 1840, in Dyer county, Tenn; moved to Arkansas in 1859; was married to Miss Malviney Roberts in 1869. In the fall of 1874 he professed faith in Christ and united with Hickory Grove Baptist church in Jackson county. The church was so impressed with his upright walk that he was ordained a deacon. He was a man of untarnished reputation and an earnest, devoted Christian, But he is gone. And as we judge a tree by its fruit, we feel that our loss is his gain. He will be missed here. The wife is bereft of a loving husband, the children of a kind and tender father, the church of a faithful deacon and the community of a good man. But God knoweth best, and he doeth all things well. While he has gone, may we feel  'twas for our good, and that the Lord has only called him to his reward,
H. Leeman Thomas
Arkansas Baptist, March 18, 1896, page 7

Eliza Green Vaughn

Eliza Green, was born in Georgia, November 27, 1839, and died at Stamps, Ark, January 21, 1896. Was married to A. Vaughn September 17, 1870; professed  faith in Christ adn joined the Baptist church when 14 years old, and lived a consistent member and most devoted Christian to the end of life. She was for many years a most zealous worker in the church and Sunday school, and even in failing health she used all the power of her influence as a humble follower of the Savior to be faithful in the discharge of their duties, as members of the body of Christ on earth. When the end came her faith was unwavering and her way clear.  She said repeatedly that she was not afraid to die; she knew in whom she had believed. She died as she had lived, trusting only in the merits of the blood of Christ for eternal life. She leaves a husband, daughter and a large circle of friends to mourn her death. To all of them we say, weep not for her as for one who has no hope, but ever live so that we may all be with her when the Lord comes to make up his jewels.
A.T. Dodd, Taylor Calhoun, committee
Arkansas Baptist, March 25, 1896, page 7

Mark Goza

Deacon Mark, died at the home of Mead Williams, his son-in-law, near Donaldson, Ark., March 12, 1896. Aged 92 years, 2 months and 3 days. A native of Georgia but moved to Chester, S.C. in 1807. In 1833 he moved to Gibson county, Tenn; October 26, 1846 he was baptized into the fellowship of Pleasant Hill Baptist church, Eld. Shipman officiating. He moved to Hot Spring county, Ark., in 1848, and through his influence a Baptist church was organized in his house. This church was called Pleasant Hill, and ordained him a deacon, in which he served with honor until his death. He was a good man in every respect. He leaves seven children---two sons in Texas(one a Baptist minister) ; three sons and two daughters in Hot Spring county. These, with the entire community, mourn their loss. Oh that all may follow his example and prepare to meet him in heaven. We will sorely miss Father Goza from our family and church circle, yet our loss is his gain and he was ripe for the reaper. God bless his bereaved family.
B.S. Taylor
Donaldson, Ark.

Arkansas Baptist, March 25, 1896, page 7