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Laura E. White

Laura E. White, daughter of G. C. and N. A. White, was born April 24, 1889 and died March 20, 1896. Laura was a lovely child and possessed many qualities for one of her age; but her life was too pure for earth, and God in his wisdom took her to join her three little brothers, who had gone before. Her voice is hushed; her footsteps we will hear no more, for she has gone to join the angelic choir and to walk the gold paved streets of Jerusalem. Our loss is heaven's gain. Father, mother, brothers, sisters and friends weep not for Laura, for she cannot come back to us; but by the help of God we an go to her. The funeral services were conducted by the writer.
J, T. Gossett, March 21.

Arkansas Baptist, April 1, 1896, page 15

Enoch Mitchell

Enoch Mitchell was born in Poinsett county, Ark., October 11, 1827, and died at his home in Harrisburg in the same county, February 5, 1896. He was married to Catherine Greenwood March 1, 1848. bro. Mitchell was three times elected treasurer of Poinsett county, and did for many years an active and upright mercantile business. In 1864 he was converted and joined the Baptist church, and ever afterwards lived a useful and consistent member till the Lord of Harvest bade him to cease from his sufferings and toil and enter into rest. Bro. Mitchell was a great sufferer for many months before his death and was thereby deprived of the pleasures of the sanctuary; and death, though it came suddenly , found him in the enjoyment of the Christian's hope and faith. He was a loving husband and kind father, And may grace and peace of the Heavenly Father abide with and bring at last into the heavenly rest the widow and fatherless.
A Friend
Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
 April 1, 1896, page 15

T. W. Quinn, Jr

T.W. Quinn, Jr. Died at Prattsville, Ark., on the 18th of February ult.. of malignant tumor of the bowels, in the 26th year of his age. Deceased was born and reared here, and at an early age professed faith in Christ and joined the Baptist Church and was a member when he died. Tommy left sufficient evidence of a well-grounded hope and died in the triumphs of a living faith.
Two years ago he was married to Miss Mattie Messenger, of this place by whom he left one little boy to survive him. May the Lord bless his dear wife  and son and may they too, when the summons comes be found ready to meet him who will be waiting and watching for them.
( It was our privilege to baptize Bro. Quinn and to enjoy the hospitality of his father's home for seven days when Tommy was a lad. We share with the family this sad bereavement and invoke the presence of the comforter in their hearts.  Ed.)

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 8, 1896, page 15

Mary E. Mann

Sister Mary E. Mann was born in Georgia, September 12, 1831; professed religion very young and joined the Baptist church being baptized by Eld. A. Fitzgerald. Her maiden was Brown and she was married to Jas. Mann July 20, 1851. To them were born six children, three of whom passed over the river while young and three are living, to wit:  Mrs. Si. Boss, Mrs. George Suttle and J. A. Mann, now of Ft. Smith.
Sister Mann died February 3, 1896, as happy as she could be; her last words were, "My soul's so happy." She told her son that  she had lived a life that caused her not to ear death. She was a sister that had many friends and no enemies. She was a member of Boonesville Baptist church at the time of her death, and the writer attended her funeral February 5, 1896, at Glendale graveyard. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."
J. N. Pennington

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
 April 8, 1896, page 15

Orlando E. Compton

Born in Lawrence [Laurens] county, S. C., April 9, 1853; moved with his parents to Hempstead county, Ark., in 1856; professed religion in 1870 and joined the church in 1872. In 1874 he married Miss Martha Copeland, a most estimable woman. To them were born eight children, Bro. Compton suffered intensely for two years, but it was the crucible which purified the gold. Dear bereaves ones, think of and imitate his purity, and may God grant that we all meet in that beautiful home of which he said, " Meet me there."
W. A. T.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 29, 1896, page  15

George Dorough

Whereas on Easter Sunday the angel of death passed by and took from our midst little George Dorough; therefore, be it.

  Resolved, That in the death of Dorough our school has lost a bright and attentive scholar, and each and all of us a good little friend and brother.
  Resolved, That we extend our sympathy and regard to the aged parents in their sorrow and bereavement.

Done by the order of Pine Grove Sunday School, Geo. C. Pie [sic], Supt.
Mrs. Will L. Harding, Jennie E. Dixon, Wm. Tarpley, Committee

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 29, 1896, page 15

Martha Hargrove

Martha Hargrove died March 29, 1896. She was a daughter of A. F. and Mary Edds. Was born in 1863; married to Eld. M. L.  Hargrove in 1885; professed faith in Christ the same year and joined the Methodist church with her husband.  Becoming dissatisfied, they united with the Baptist church at Whittington in 1893. Although she never enjoyed robust health she was strong in faith, and they enjoyed the solace of a Christian home, enduring her affliction with Christian fortitude... three small children and a host of relatives and friends. But we mourn not as those without hope, for we hope to meet her in the morning of the resurrection.
By the Church at Whittington

 Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
 April 29, 1896, page 15

Sarah J. Rhodes

Since it has pleased God in his goodness to call from us our beloved sister and teacher, Mrs. Sarah  Rhodes be it.
  Resolved, That we meekly bow in submission to the will of him who gave and who hath taken away.
  Resolved, That our Sunday school and church has lost a most valuable worker; one who was always willing and ever ready to do whatever her hands found to do, and whose place no other can ever fill.
  Resolved, That we will cherish her name and revere her memory, and seek to follow her as she followed Christ.
  Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with her bereaved husband and relatives, and pray for their consolation.
  Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be furnished to her husband; that they be spread upon our church record book and be sent to The Baptist for publication.
T. J. Lax, E. E. Sneed, Mollie W. Sneed, Committee
Clarksville, Ark.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 29, 1896, page 15

Nancy B. Fuller

Mrs. Nancy B. Fuller, born June 1, 1820; died March 29, 1896; aged 75 years, nine months and twenty seven days.
Sister Fuller was a native of South Carolina; married H.B. Fuller November 28, 1840; joined the Baptist church when she was 34 years old and lived a consistent member until death.  She moved with her husband to Arkansas in 1858 and her husband died in 1862. For thirty-four years she lived a widow and had the training of her eight children, one son and seven daughters.
Her suffering was immense for almost five months, but she bore it with a Job-like patience. She was willing and submissive to the death messenger and asked her children to meet her in the promised land. Her example was worthy of imitation.
J.T. Downs
Register, Ark

Arkansas Baptist, May 6, 1896

Bro. Weld

Brother Weld, born in 1836; died April 15, 1896; aged 60 years. Bro Weld was born in Ohio; lived some time in Illinois where he married  Mis W. A. Joyner in 1856. They moved to Arkansas in 1856 and settled in Deview and united with the Grand Hope Baptist Church. He lived an exemplary Christian life; loved his Church and its worship. His place in the Church and community will be hard to fill. Having lived a righteous life his death was in sweet peace.
He leaves a brother, sister, four children and many friends to remember his death. May they all meet him on the shining shore.
His Pastor

Arkansas Baptist, May 6, 1896, age 15

Note: The obit did not give a first name for Bro. Weld, but the 1880 Arkansas census has Lewis H Weld, born 1836 Ohio in De view, Woodruff county.

Burres Smith

Burres Smith, infant son of Dr. R. J. and Virgia Smith, died in Grand View, Texas, April 13, 1896. Aged 4 months. "Baby Burres is dead. Wire me if you can come"  When this sad telegram reached us, oh, how our hearts were rent with sorrow; bleeding not only for the loss of our precious little grandchild, but for our own grief stricken child so sorely distressed. It was impossible for us to reach her to offer consolation. But the Savior said, "Suffer little children to come unto me." This consolation is sufficient to the bereaved, even in a distant land. May the Lord look with great mercy on the distressed father, mother, sister and little brother, who can not realize what trouble is and can only say , " Baby is gone" Yes, our darling is gone where suffering is no more. Blessed thought.  Grandma
Holly Springs, Arkansas

Arkansas Baptist, May 20, 1896, page 15

Ida Tisdale

Miss Ida Tisdale died last March in Des Arc. She had been a member of the Baptist church for several years, and was a regular attendant on her church services; also of the Sunday school. She left a father, Nic. Tisdale, two brothers, two full sisters, and two half sisters to mourn her loss. Peace to her ashes.
R.J. Coleman

Arkansas Baptist, July 1 , 1896, page 15

Eliza Dodd

Mrs. Eliza Dodd was born in Pickens county, S. C., April 10, 1817, and died at her home in Searcy, Ark., June 14, 1896. She was a consistent member of the Searcy Baptist church forty years. She was ready when the Master called; said she had no desire to live longer, but wanted to go home.
  "Blessed home-land, ever fair.
    Sin can not enter there"
She was tenderly loved by children and grandchildren May there be a happy reunion of the family when life's fitful fever is over.
E.C. Faulkner

Arkansas Baptist, July 1, 1896, page 15

Benjamin Bailey

Born May 18, 1847, died May 29, 1896. Aged 49 years and 11 days. He was a son of Robert and Eleanor Bailey; was born in Tennessee; moved with his parents to Missouri, and at age of 17 united with the Baptists. In 1877 he married Mary M. Brown, daughter of J. W. and M. B. Brown, and in 1889 moved to Dallas county, Ark. . In 1893 he moved to Hot Spring county , and in 1894 united with Taylor's Chapel church. He was a faithful Christian, loved his God, his church, his family, and his neighbors. He trained his children faithfully and maintained the family alter daily. His last words were " I will soon be at rest ." He left a wife and three children to mourn their loss.
Written by one who loved him; yes, loved him, oh, so well.

Arkansas Baptist, August 19, 1896, page 15

Emma Thompson

Resolutions of Respect

    Death has again invaded our ranks and taken from our membership our beloved sister, Mrs. W. T. Thompson, who departed this life on Wednesday, July 23, 1896. Sister Thompson was a member of Woodlawn Baptist church. We, the members of the Ladies' Aid Society, adopt the following resolutions:
    Resolved, that as the Almighty has seen fit, in his infinite wisdom, to remove from us by death our beloved sister, Mrs. Emma Thompson.
    Resolved, that in the death of our sister the society has lost a good and useful member, the husband a loving wife, the children an affectionate mother and the community a good and useful woman, esteemed by all for her many virtues.
    Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be put on record and published in our Warren and Baptist state newspapers, and be presented to her husband, Dr. Thompson.

Arkansas Baptist, August 19, 1896, page 15

Onnie Parker

Born March 5, 1878; died June 26, 1896 of typhoid fever. He was a son of Jerry and Mrs. Parker of Mt. Vernon, Ark. He was a faithful member of the Baptist church, with his parents; a diligent Sunday school worker, and an ornament to society; the joy of his father and mother. His sister and brother will greatly miss his companionship and counsel.  We thank God for the days and months of companionship with such a character. "The Lord giveth and the Lord hath taketh away." faith in heaven's greetings enable us to accept the conclusion. J. C. Clark

Arkansas Baptist, August 19, 1896, page 15

Mrs. Permelia H. Owen

Mrs. Permelia H. Owen, died at the residence of her son, Robert Owen, in Judsonia, Ark., July 20, 1896. She was born near Muscle Shoals, Ala., March 21, 1815. While a girl she moved with her parents to Fayette county, Tenn, and was married to Felix Owen, Jan. 15, 1839. She was converted and joined the Independence Baptist church, near Denmark, Ark, in 1851. She has made her home in Arkansas since 1849, and in Judsonia for more than twenty years. The funeral services were conducted by Eld. E. C. Lile, at the Baptist church, after which her remains were laid to rest in Evergreen cemetery.

Arkansas Baptist, August 19, 1896, page 15

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Fannie Branch

Fannie, wife of G. W. Branch, was born February 15, 1853; died August 9, 1896. She professed faith in Christ and was baptized into the fellowship of Liberty church, White county, Ark., in 1867. She was a faithful Christian, loved by all who knew her. She leaves a husband, one son and other relatives to mourn her decease. May the Lord be with them in this trying hour, and console them with the thought of meeting  her again, is the prayer of their pastor.
R. E. Sutton
Arkansas Baptist, September 9, 1896, page 15

Mrs. Susie C. Bratton

Mrs. Susie C. Bratton, wife  of J. C. Bratton, died at her home in Warren August 2, 1896; aged 38 years. Sister Bratton was a native of Alabama. She joined the Warren Baptist church two years ago by letter. She was a kind mother, a true friend, and an affectionate wife.
"Leaves have their time to fall,
And flowers to wither at the north wind's breath,
And stars to set-but all,
Thou hast all seasons for thine own , O Death"
May God bless the husband and children,
H.A. Munn
Warren, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, September 9, 1896, page 15

John E. Bateman

John E., son of J.S. and Laura L. Bateman, died August 17, 1896; aged 22 years, 7 months and 17 days.
Bro. Bateman professed a hope in Christ in 1893, and united with the Mine Creek Baptist church at Nashville, Ark, in August 1894. He was a loyal Christian, a dutiful son, an exemplary citizen, loved by all who knew him. May  the Lord comfort them in all their sad bereavement.
I. Z. Kimbrough
Arkansas Baptist, September 23, 1896, page 15

Henrietta Kimbrough

Sister Henrietta  (nee Baxter) was born July 14, 1854; professed relgion and joined Cumberland Presbyterian church at about the age of 12 years; was married to F. G. Kimbrough September 20, 1876; she joined the Baptist church about twelve years ago, and departed this life at her home, Dutch Mills, Ark., September 5, 1896. As she had lived a consistent Christian, she died in the triumph of a living faith. She leaves a husband, six children and a host of friends to mourn their loss. May the Lord comfort them in all their sad bereavement.
I. Z. Kimbrough
Arkansas Baptist, September 23, 1896, Page 15

Cyretha N. Cross

Daughter of Eld. J.K. Braudaway, born April 19, 1875, died August 19, 1896. How wondrous are the ways of Providence and how strange it is that those whom we love are among those that fall. Never has this truth been more forcibly expressed than in the death of our sister and co-worker, Cyretha N.Cross. She heard the voice of the Savior, whom she loved so well, saying: "It is enough, come up higher." She silently submittted to the call and fell asleep in Jesus. She rests from her labours, yea, sayeth the Spirit, and how her works do follow her. She was a true type of noble Christian womanhood and was loved by all who knew her. She was for many years past a member of the Baptist church and  a regular attendent in Sunday School. The funeral services were held at the grave by Eld. J. Mayall.
Done by the order of Pleasant Hill church September 10, 1896.
Sister J. Mayall, Chairman
Arkansas Baptist, October 7, 1896, page 15

James Kimbrough

James, son of F. G. and Henrietta Kimbrough, died at his home at Dutch Mills, Ark., September 19, 1896. Aged 14 years and nearly 2 months. He professed faith in Christ at about 10 years; united with the church July 29, 1891, by experience and baptism. When asked, three days before death, where he would go if he should die; "I'll go to my mother." who preceded him by two weeks. We can go to him, but he can not come back to us. God does all things well.  K.
Arkansas Baptist, October 7, 1896, page 15

Jackson S. Crow

Jackson S. Crow died October 19, 1896, at Mt. Vernon, Faulkner county, Ark., of which he had been a citizen thirty-one years, and a member and deacon of the Baptist church nearly thirty-one years. He died in  the full triumph of faith, after an illness of three weeks. He left a wife, two sons, and three daughters to mourn their loss. I will say to them not to sorrow as those who have no hope, for he will come back with Jesus.  Bro. Crow was born in South Carolina April 15, 1825, moved to Alabama with his father when young; came to Arkansas in 1847, and lived in Union county; thence moved to White; thence to Mt. Vernon in 1866. He embraced Christ early in life and was baptized by his father Eld. Charles Crow. I was his pastor six years. He was a true man, Christian, deacon, husband, and father. God bless his widow and children.
R. J. Coleman
Arkansas Baptist, November 18, 1896, page 15

Sarah S. Vandal

Mrs. Sarah S. Vandal was born in Smith county, Tenn., Nov. 8, 1825, died in Judsonia, Ark., September 26,  1896. She was converted and joined the Baptist church in 1842. She leaves four daughters, two brothers and two sisters and a host of friends to mourn her departure.
The service was conducted by Eld. E.C. Lile , at the Baptist church, September 27. Many loving, but sad hearts followed her remains to Evergreen cemetery, where she peacefully awaits the call to meet her Lord in Glory.
We loved her, yes we loved her,
But angels loved her more;
And he has sweetly called her,
To yonder shining shore.
Arkansas Baptist, November 4, 1896, page 15

Eddy Cravens

Eddy, son of G. R. and M. E. Cravens. He was born November 5, 1874 and departed this life August 16, 1896. Eddy was a model young man, loved and respected by all who knew him. He was baptized into the fellowship of Greenwood church September 6, 1895, of which he was a member up to his death; and was an active worker in his Sunday school  and prayer meeting. The Lord moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform. The parents have lost a loving and faithful son; the church a faithful member. May the grace of God be with them until they meet again. Tennessee and Texas papers please copy. 
W. T. Webb
Arkansas Baptist, November 4, 1896, page 15

Mrs. A. E. Johnson

Mrs. A. E. Johnson died at her home in Bradley county, Ark., (where she was raised) from the effects of measles October 22, 1896, aged 34 years. Was a member of Union Hill church and a Christian woman. She lost three of her boys with the same disease. She leaves two boys; one is sick.
Arkansas Baptist, November 4, 1896, page 15

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Maud E. Burgess

Sister Burgess was born December 23, 1875. Died August 10, 1896. She professed faith in Christ and joined the Baptist church at Hopewell, September 8, 1894, where she lived a consistent Christian life up to her death. While we mourn the loss of our sister we know the all wise and loving father has taken her to a brighter home, where sin can never enter. The sickle of death has cut down the purest, brightest flower to be transplanted in a happier world to bask in the sunshine of God's love.
 God in his wisdom has recalled
The boon his love has given;
And thought the body moulders here,
 The souls is safe in heaven.
N.C. Fry, L.W. Branscome, L.B. Oliver
Arkansas Baptist, December 2, 1896, page 13

C.D. Sellars

Born in Maury County, Tenn., May 9, 1835. Died near Sallisaw Ind. Ter., November 4, 1896.
Bro. Sellars has lived in North Arkansas forty years. When only 16 he was converted and joined the Baptists. In 1878 he was licensed and in the same year ordained to the ministry, in Independence county by Elds. A.J. Copeland and David Haywood. In 1882 he had a paralytic stroke, and was rendered almost helpless until death. In 1895 he cut his foot and as the wound never healed, doubtless hastened his death. Just before his death, he sang, "Oh how happy are they ." etc. His greatest grief was to leave his family almost destitute. He leaves a wife and five children and a host of friends to mourn his death. We commend his exemplary life to them as an example. Follow him and you will hear the Father say. "Well done, good and faithful servant."
By his friend for twenty years.
C.B. Williams

Arkansas Baptist, December 2, 1896, page 13

Rebecca Parker

Born in North Carolina in 1839, moved to Tennessee early in life; professed religion and joined Big Creek Baptist church. Moved to Saline county, Ark., in 1888 and joined Union church. She leaves five sons and four daughters bereaved and a host of friends to sympathize with them. The funeral was conducted by Eld. C.C. Wornock at Union Baptist church, September 25, 1896. Many loving but sad hearts followed her remains to the cemetery, where she now silently waits to meet her Lord in glory.
  " We love her, yes, we love her,
     But the Master loves her more,
     And he has sweetly called her
     To heaven's shining shore"

Arkansas Baptist, December 2, 1896, page 13

Laura Sower

Born March 28, 1877 in Saline county, Ark., died September 10, 1896. She professed faith in Christ in youthful life and joined the Union Baptist church, where she remained until her death. She leaves a husband, one child and many friends to mourn her death. May the Lord remember her husband  and child. She was a kind wife and mother; a Christian. She is not dead; she sleeps in waiting for the resurrection.
Arkansas Baptist, December 2, 1896, page 13

Louisa Stigall

Born in  Hancock county, Tenn., March 23, 1868. Moved to Saline county, Ark and joined Union Baptist church in 1888, where she lived until her death. She leaves a husband, three children and a large circle of friends bereaved. She was a loving wife, a kind mother and a faithful Christian. May God bless and comfort husband and children ans direct their feet to the golden gate where she entered.

Arkansas Baptist, December 2, 1896, page 13

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Anthony Foster

Elder Anthony Foster died at Pitman, Ark., April 9, 1895. Aged 65 years, 2 months and 21 days.
Bro. Foster was born January 16, 1836, professed religion and joined the church in April 1847, and was fully ordained July 13, 1873 by order of Bethel church, Marshall county, Ky. He  was a good man, a stalwart Baptist, an earnest, bold defender of the faith. he was always present at the appointments of his church except sickness interfered.
T. J. Gambell
Pitman, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, May 8, 1895, page 8

Augustine Harris

Augustine Harris died in Cleburne, Texas, March 12, 1895. Aged 71 years and 8 months.
This dear brother passed quietly and peacefully to his heavenly rest. He was born in North Carolina
in 1823; moved to Georgia and united with the Baptist in 1864; later he moved to northern Arkansas, where he lived for several years. Two  years ago he came to Texas to live with his son, Dr. T.T. Harris, at whose home he died. His son, Eld. Wm H. Harris, and a younger son in attendeance upon medical school in St. Louis came to join their two brothers here in ministering to the last earthly wants of their parent. Concious of the coming end, he had no fear of death. He was ready, and had nothing to die. His falling asleep in Jesus was as gentle as the sleep of a babe in the arms of his mother.
Asleep in Jesus, O, how sweet
To be for such slumber meet.
J.W. Newbrough
Cleburne, Texas
Arkansas Baptist, April, 10, 1895, page 8

Ellen E. Barnett

Ellen E Barnett died at her home in Van Buren county, Ark., March 25, 1895, aged 12 years, 2 months and 26 days.
Ellen was born in Etowah county, Alabama, December 29, 1882. She was moved several times and was finally brought to Van Buren county, Ark., in December 1890. Ellen's absence is a void in the family and community that can never be filled. She was kind, dutiful, and obedient girl, who loved her parents and was friendly to all. Her last word was "Ma". She leaves a father and mother, four brothers ans a host of friends behind her. She was not a member of any church, but she renounced everything of a worldly nature before her illness seized her. Funeral services were by Eld. W.F. Sims.
Ellen, rest till God shall call,
Thy kindred to thy side;
Until, like thee, their lot shall fall
With Jesus to abide.
S.B. Barnett
Her brother
Arkansas Baptist, April 3, 1895, page 8

J. D. Adcock

J. D. Adcock died on March 4, 1895. Bro. Adcock died with triumphant faith, and spoke frequently to the effect that his long cherished hope would soon develop into a beautiful reality. he said "Religion has always been safe to live by, now I know it is good to die by." Blessed truth. He was a deacon in the Bethel Baptist church. The writer, as his pastor for may years has been sustained by his prayers, sympathy, counsel, and financial support as he has enjoyed such from few others. The loss to the community, the Masonic fraternity, the church and the family is almost irreparable; but his gain exceeds our loss. God comfort and
save the bereaved ones
C.M. Powell
Arkansas Baptist, April 3, 1895, page 8

W. B. Pryor

W. B. Pryor died at the residence of his brother-in-law, Bro. S. A. Rowland July 26, 1845. Aged 42 years.
His was a sad death, caused by injuries received by a fall from the top of the government building. He lived only about two hours after the fall. he was a member of our church, a consistent Christian and an affectionate father, He leaves two daughters (who are most estimable young ladies and loved by all) an one son of 12 years to mourn his death, besides a host of friends. There is nothing sad about a Christian's death "We sorrow not as those who have no hope"
W. A. Moffett
Camden, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, August 21, 1895

Martha L. Carter

Miss Martha L., daughter of Sister and Dr. G. B. Carter, died July 31, 1895. Aged 21 years, 2 months and 2 days.
Sister Martha was born in Clark county May 29, 1874. Professed religion and joined the Baptist church at South Fork, and was baptized the second Sunday in September, 1887.  "Maubie" as she was familiarly known, was the favorite of her father's family. She was possessed of a genial disposition and a tender heart; and was ever in sympathy with the suffering and the needy, and cheerfully contributed to their relief. Her religion was practiced, never having failed to attend a single conference of her church since uniting with it up to her death. It seems that death ever claims as his victim our best and brightest jewels to adorn his kingdom. Her bereaved companions have this support, peace and joy in their afflictions. Maubie was a sweet Christian girl and has gone to live with her Savior. The burial was largely attended. Funeral services by Eld. Z. T. Rogers.
And now to Dr. Carter ) my old associate in boyhood school days) I will say to the family
Ask counsel of Jesus and he will direct you; Seek a blessing from him and nothing shall hurt you"
Dr. Bourland, Curtis, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, August 21, 1895

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Elizabeth Thornton

Elizabeth Thornton died at the residence of J. M. W. Massingill, July 27, 1895. Aged 85 years, 5 months and 2 days.
Grandma Thornton was born in Jackson county, Ga, February 25, 1814. At the age 13 years she professed a hope in Christ. Was married to J. Thornton in 1833 in Pike county, Ga, and in 1854 moved to Russell county, Ala. Joined the Baptist church in 1855. Came to Arkansas in 1871 and was in the organization of Sardis church in 1874, and lived a devoted Christian and member until the summons came and called her home to join the church triumphant. Oh, how blessed it is to die in the triumph of a living faith. Death to those that be God's dear children is not other thing than the departure of all displeasure, the end of all travail, the door of desires, the gate of gladness, the port of paradise, the haven of heaven, the entrance to facility, the beginning of blissfulness.
R. P. McReynolds
Arkansas Baptist, August 21, 1898

Eunice Hazel

Infant daughter of Henry and Lula G. Hazel; born September 16, 1888; died December 24, 1889.
This is the record of one that remained in this world long enough to win the fondest affection of parents and grandparents, and then to ascend to heaven to draw their affections after it, and bind them to God's throne. She was the only child of an only child, hence the fond hopes and joys of two generations were centered on her, only to be blasted by a sudden visitation of death.
Dear parents, your treasure has been gathered to the heavenly mansion. May God help you to so live that you may meet her in " The sweet bye and bye."  J.A. Sage

Arkansas Baptist, January 23, 1890, page 8

Ella Pettigrew

Died November 4, 1889, infant daughter of W. T.  and Rosa Pettigrew.
Sweet babe, given to father and mother for a few months, then gathered to him who said: " Of such is the kingdom of heaven" This is a case in which " the sun has set while it is still day." She is free, but we toil on in sorrow and tears. But out of the shadows that envelope the bereaved, there comes the voice of Jesus, saying: "Come unto me and I will give thee rest."   F. P. T
Arkansas Baptist, January 23, 1890, page 8

M. K. McCarty

Eld. M. K. McCarty, born January 7, 1844; died December 9 1889 of pneumonia. Bro. McCarty was born in Limestone county, Alabama and lived in that state until he moved to Mississippi about 1867, married widow Tucker, and then moved to Phillips county, Arkansas, where his wife died in 1881. He then married Susan Breaden, a widow, in July 1882. He obtained a hope in Christ in the confederate service in which he made a good "soldier" soon after which he was ordained a "minister" in which capacity he was sound in doctrine and faith. He leaves a wife and four children, and many friends who mourn their loss. Faithful hardworking servant, thou art gone. But we mourn not as those who "have no hope" for we have a prospect of meeting in the blessed land to part no more. May God comfort the wife and children in their affliction. 
N.H. Willson
Arkansas Baptist, January 23, 1890, page 8

Elizabeth J. Spiller

Sister Elizabeth J. Spiller was born October 10, 1834, died October 1, 1895. She joined the Presbyterian church when young, but in after years became dissatisfied with her baptism and joined the Baptist church at Dayton, Ark. Was a member of Fellowship church at Witcherville, Ark, at the time of her death. She leaves three children to mourn her loss, two girls and one boy. Sister Spiller met the end with live christian heroism, and peace known only to the child of grace. How sweet to witness the calm departure of them who fall asleep in Jesus. O! Brother, Sister, each of our departing believers in Jesus is but stamping the text upon our hearts as they leave the scene of battle, " Oh death where is thy sting" That smile, that submission; but showed love and peace.--R. A. Watson
Arkansas Baptist, December 4, 1895, page 5

R.A. Vaughn

Died November 8, 1895, aged 12 years, 9 months, 17 days. A dear lover of Christianity and of Sunday school. She said that her mother who died last year was waiting for her, and had called her to come and go with her, also that she was ready to leave this world to bear her cross. She was loved by all who knew her. She is a power to draw those that are left behind after her. Remember thy creator in the days of thy youth while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shall say, I have no pleasure in them.  Her Father.

Arkansas Baptist, December 4, 1895, page 5

W. J. Allison

Son of Cornelius Allison, died December 26, 1895, at the age of 26 years. He professed religion, joined the Baptist church and was baptized by Elder Jackson, of Randolph county, and lived a devoted Christian till his death. He was married to Sister Lucy Eskridge, who was an affectionate, ernest worker with him in the cause of Christ. While we all miss him here on earth, he is happy in his heavenly home, for he loved God and died in the triumphs of faith. We tender our sincere sympathy to the bereaved wife. May the Lord bless, comfort and sustain her.
 S. W. Abernathy, Tuckerman, Ark.

Arkansas Baptist, January 15, 1896, page 12