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Permelia Ann Owen and Larkin J. Owen

Permelia Ann Owen, born Feb. 26th, 1823, died July 15th, 1889. Also Larkin J. Owen; born in 1813, died Sept. 14th, 1889.
Sister Owen was the daughter of William and Frances Johnson.
She was married to Larkin J. Owen, Feb. 26th, 1839; professed religion in August 1839. Bro. Owen professing in 1837. They united with the Enon Baptist church in Lawrence county, Alabama and were baptized by Elder Sylvanus Gibson. In 1840 they moved to Fayette county,Mississippi, and united with a Baptist church there. In 1843 they moved to Tippah county, Mississippi and united with the Academy Baptist church. In 1856 they moved to Drew county, Arkansas and united with the Cornersville Baptist church from which they withdrew their letters to become constituent members of the Hickory Grove Baptist church now in Lincoln county, where they remained until the time of their death. They both suffered patiently until the Master called them higher.
They leave five sons and one daughter to mourn their loss, together with a large circle of grandchildren, relatives and friends. But we will not mourn; our loss is their eternal gain. "Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep."
J.S. Fish
Arkansas Baptist, January 9, 1890, page 8

Mrs. Aggie Pettitt

Died at her home in Dallas, Texas, December 19th, 1889. Sister Agnes was the eldest daughter of Bro. and Sister Samuels of Hot Springs, Ark. She was born November 18th, 1867, professed religion early in 1885, and was united with the First Baptist church in Hot Springs and was baptized by our editor at that time the pastor. On the 3rd of July 1886, she was married to T. J. Pettitt, and they located in Dallas where they soon became the center of a large circle of friends. Her death was triumphant, her faith wavering not for a moment. She leaves a little babe only two months old to its fathers tender care.
Agnes was one of the finest vocalists that Arkansas ever had, and after she found the savior her notes of song were wondrously sweet. It seems sad to be called away, in the bright days of womanhood, but our Heavenly Father knows best how to care for his loved and his own.
We pray that husband, father, mother and sisters may so live that they may be citizens of "The new Jerusalem" and there hear Aggie's sweet voice in the heavenly choir.

Arkansas Baptist, January 9, 1890, page 8

Bessie Smith

In Little Rock, Arkansas, December 21, 1889--Bessie Smith daughter of Mrs. M.F. Woodal, aged eleven years.
She was a faithful attendant of the Second Baptist Sunday school, and a bright and attentive pupil. Just before her death she told her mother that she new she was dying, but was happy in a Savior's love and in the hope of the everlasting happiness that awaited her. While we sympathize with her bereaved relatives, let us be comforted in the hope that we shall meet her in that Eternal City where loved ones never part and sorrows never come.
Respectfully submitted,
J.H. Reynolds
Ethel Files
Annie Price
Jennie Walker

Arkansas Baptist, January 8, 1890, page 8

Ann E. Owen

Born November 28th, 1852; died in Lincoln county, Ark., August 19th, 1889.  Sister Owen was born in Tippah county, Mississppi, November 28, 1852. Professed religion in 1871, and was baptized into the fellowship of Macedonia church by Elder M. P. Lowry. Was married to A. J. Owen Sept. 22, 1875. They moved to Grant county, Ark., in 1879; from there to Lincoln county in 1881, where she joined the Hickory Grove Baptist church in 1883, where she remained a faithful member until death. She leaves a husband, four children, two sisters and a host of friends to mourn their loss.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"
J. S. Fish
Arkansas Baptist, January 9, 1890, page 8

Sarah C. Bibb

Bor Dec. 12, 1841; died April 19th, 1889; aged 47 years, 4 months and 7 days.  The subject of this memorial was born in Kemper county, Mississippi. Moved with her parents to Drew county, Arkansas in 1851. Made a profession early in life and joined the Cornersville Baptist church, living a consistent life until the Master called her home. She left father, mother, brothers, sisters and friends who sadly miss her genial society. But God knew best and gathered her to her heavenly mansion.
C.A. Fish
Arkansas Baptist, January 1, 1890, page 8

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John Roy Robertson

John Roy, son of Dr. J.A. and Mrs. Mollie E. Robertson, died in Thornton, Ark., October 10, 1895. Aged  1 year and 21 days.
Little Roy's clothing caught fire and before the flames could be extinguished he was burned so badly that it caused his death. He leaves father, mother, grandparents and several uncles and aunts whose hearts are sad on account of his untimely death. I would say to all of them that Roy is not lost; he is saved, he has gone to live with God.
D.E. Gambrell
Arkansas Baptist, November 13, 1895, page 10

Albert Swofford Barnes

Albert Swofford, infant son of H. A. and S. J. Barnes, died at Fordyce, Ark., September 30, 1895. Aged 7 months and 19 days.
           Another precious flower gone,
             Another smiling face we miss;
           Another angel around God's throne,
          To live in the land of love and bliss.
             Darling, how we miss thee;
               Our hearts are so sad;
      But we know thee again we shall see;
         And we shall be made glad.

Papa, mama, brothers, let us not mourn,
     For Albert has gone home,
To wait with God, brother and sister till that morn.

Arkansas Baptist, October 30, 1895, page 11
         When to them we shall come.

Lillian M. Taylor

Lillian M. Taylor., eldest daughter of Eld. L.F. and Hattie E. Taylor, died October 12, 1895. Aged 18 years, 1 month and 22 days. Sister Lillian was born in Green county, Ala., August 16, 1877. She professed faith in Christ, was baptized and received into fellowship of the Baptist church at England, Lonoke county, Ark, in 1891. Our beloved sister has gone from our midst. We shall miss her happy smile in the church, the Sunday school, the social and family circle. She was always at her duty, a faithful and earnest worker in the Master's vineyard; a pleasant and loving daughter; one who made friends wherever she went, and was beloved by all. But she has been plucked as a bright flower from our midst to be transplanted on the celestial shore there to bask forever in the sunshine of a Savior's love.  H.A. R.

Arkansas Baptist, October 30, 1895, page 11

Tennessee Jane Sims

Tennessee Jane, wife of Bro. T.B. Sims, died at her home March 9, 1896. She professed faith in Christ and was baptized into the fellowship of Fairplay church in 1871, where she lived a devoted Christian to the time of her departure. Was married to T.B. Sims in January 1875. In her death society loses a model lady, the church loses a meek, devoted and zealous saint, eight children lose an affectionate, loving and tender hearted mother and our bereaved brother loses a faithful and loving companion, and yet all our loss is her gain and we submit to the ruling of him who rules wisely and cares for the sorrows of the sorrowful and is ever ready to heal the broken hearted and whose purpose it is to sanctify our afflictions to our own good.
S.F. Funk
Burk, Ark
Arkansas Baptist, August 5, 1896, page 15

Lizzie M. Coburn

Lizzie M. Coburn was born June 28, 1857, and died at her home in Searcy June 28, 1896, just 39 years old. For two years and a half she was a great sufferer, and yet a most cheerful and submissive one. She loved her church and Sunday school. The ringing of the bell for service was music to her ears. And when she could not go, she would always speak of te bell as "that blessed bell". She was a devoted member of the Helping Hand society, and the members of the society speak of her with great affection. She would often speak of her eternal prospects, and say she would be glad when the Lord saw proper to take her out of her sufferings, but would add; " I am willing to suffer on if it is his will" And it pleased him to take her on that beautiful Sunday morning to celebrate her 39th birthday in heaven. May her surviving brother and niece and nephew, whom she assisted in raising, meet her in the better land.
E.C. Faulkner
Searcy, Ark
Arkansas Baptist, August 5, 1896, page 15

Nannie Jordan

Nannie Jordan, daughter of E. J. Jordan, died at her home in Fordyce, Ark., December 21, 1896. Her death was sudden and shocked relatives and friends. We have lost an earnest and devoted Christian from our church. For over six years she was true to every duty. Her mother being an invalid required Nannie's presence at her bedside. Our young people will miss her counsel and her consecrated life will be an incentive to them. As the writer conducted the obsequies, he could see that all the young people felt their bereavement. We all mourn " but not as those who have no hope" God bless the sorrowing ones and help them to resolve to meet her in a better land.
R.D. Wilson
Fordyce, Ark
Arkansas Baptist, January 6, 1897, page 7

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Frances C. Richman

Frances C. Richman was born in Macon county, Tenn., June 1, 1829, died April 20, 1897.
She was married to John M. Richman in 1854; professed faith in Christ and joined the Missionary Baptist  church in Tennessee in 1854; moved to Kentucky in 1863;  to Missouri in 1870; to Arkansas in 1873; joined at the Shady Grove Baptist church. She moved her moved her membership to the First Baptist church of Salem, Ark, where she remained a member until her death....counsellor, advisor, and peacemaker in every community where she lived. She leaves a husband, six children, and a host of friends to mourn their loss. As a servant of God, her humble success speaks more vividly of her acceptance with God now as we draw the curtain of silence o'er her last resting place, we can truthfully say she peacefully rests from her labors and her works do follow.
Her pastor, Eld. W.H. Bowling
Arkansas Baptist, May  12, 1897, page 15

Chas. A. Burton

Chas A. Burton was born in Henderson County, Tenn, December 19, 1825;  made a profession and joined the Baptist church at the age of 17; he was married to Nancy H White January 22, 1852. Sister Burton and five children survive to mourn their loss. Bro,. Burton was ordained deacon in 1855 and was a faithful servant of the Lord and wielded great influence for good. He was a safe counsellor, a kind husband and father; his home was the preacher's home. He was called from labor to rest April 3, 1897, at the ripe age of 71 years, 3 moths and 14 days.
M.T. Webb
Arkansas Baptist, May 12, 1897, page 15

J. D. Gist

J. D. Gist was born July 23, 1849, died March 12, 1897. He was baptized into the fellowship of Greenwood church in 1872 and was ordained deacon in 1886. Bro. Gist was truly a good and faithful servant of the Lord. He leaves a wife, several small children and a host of friends to mourn. May God bless his widow and children and may they follow his example.
M. T. Webb
Arkansas Baptist, May 12, 1897, page 15

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Eld. A. J. Rippey

Eld. A. J. Rippey was born in North Carolina in 1815, moved to South Carolina in 1835; married Sallie Wofford in 1839, moved to Georgia in 1840; joined the Baptists in 1843; ordained to the ministry in 1853; came to Arkansas 1870. Died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Black of Fort Smith, November 5, 1896, aged 80 years. During his ministry he baptized about 1000 converts. In 1879 he was the missionary of Concord Association. He leaves two sons and one daughter to mourn their bereavement. His body was laid to rest in the Singleton cemetery near Charleston, Ark. The funeral service was conducted by Eld. J.W. Nobles. "Other men labor and we enter into their labors."
The following resolutions were adopted by the Sulphur Springs church.
Resolved, That God has seen fit to remove our beloved brother, we realize that in his death the church has lost a useful member; the children an affectionate father, and the community a useful man esteemed by all. We humbly pray for submission to say "Thy will be done"
J.W. Nobles, J.K. Oldham, J.T Thomas, Committee
Arkansas Baptist, January 6, 1897, page 7

W. H. Witham

W. H. Witham was born in Illinois in Aug. 1844; died in Little River county, Ark., Feb. 23, 1897; aged 52 years.
He professed religion in 1862 and united with the Rocky Comfort baptist church. He married Sister Mary A. Carr in 1865 and moved to Indian Territory in 1894, and returned to Little River county in 1896 and settled near Piney Grove Church where he and his wife became charter members, and remained in fellowship. He leaves a wife, four children and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. May the heavenly Father comfort the brokern hearts of these sorrow-stricken ones.
J.W. Hubbard, Pastor
Arkansas Baptist, April 14, 1897, page 15

Annie Powell

At her home near Charleston, Ark. Annie Powell died May 19, 1897. Born in Jackson County, Virginia, July 2, 1868.
Sister Powell professed a hope in Christ July 1894. Joined Baptist Union church in Logan county, Ark.; baptized by Bro. Dodson. Remained with Union church until joined by letter to Pilgrim Rest church in 1895. Sister Powell was a devoted Christian, a kind companion, a loving affectionate mother. Husband, children, weep not, for she is only sleeping, the sleep, the blessed sleep, from which none never weep.
Thomas J. Flynn
Arkansas Baptist, July 28, 1897, page 15

Cassie Gowin

A daughter of C.A. Gowin and L.A. Gowin, died at Hoyt. I.T. Aged 18 years. Gone to join her mother who died 18 months ago. Cassie was born at Cedarville, Ark. Thought not a member of the church, she had been a believer for some time. Her last words were "Good-bye papa, meet me in heaven" I ask the prayers of Christians everywhere for a grief-stricken father and children,
C.A. Gowin
Hoyt, Ark *
Arkansas Baptist July 28, 1897, page 15

The obit gives the place of death as Hoyt. I.T.  1900 Census shows the family in Choctaw Nation I.T. so the death is probably correct. Hoyt is now in Haskell Co., Oklahoma across the line from Crawford Co., Arkansas where the family is located in the 1880 census. Cedarville is in Crawford County

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William Carey King

William Carey in death took the final scale of his ascension to God without a struggle March 21, 1897. He was born in Phillips county, Ark., Aug. 3, 1875. He was converted and joined the Baptist church during the year 1891. He was faithful until death. The divine spirit continually bore witness with his spirit of acceptance with the Father. We think of him as one who loved God, his father, mother, brothers, sister, truth and fellowmen. Obedience to his parents was the law of his life; never giving them one moment of trouble. He abhorred that which was evil, and contended for that which was good. O. how we miss him! In his home, there is his faith and love and zeal. But his faith, and love and consecration will make him forever at home in that city which is without griefs or graves, and into which no sound of sin can enter. As the thunderbolt that prostrates some sheltering tree lets heaven shine on a spot of eath where it never shone before, so we pray that this act of God's providence, which to his family is mysterious, may prove to be only a shadow of a great blessing from heaven and passing between their souls and the son. My dear brother and sister, your boy is not dead, your separation will be brief. The darkness will soon be dispelled by the golden light of the resurrection morn, and your family will be reunited never to say "goodbye again"
F.A. Jeffett
Arkansas Baptist, June 2, 1897, page 15

Glenn Rhodes

Aged 2 years, 5 months and 11 days. On March 22 the hearts of Bro. and Sister Rhodes were saddened by the (rest of sentence obliterated) ... Dr. R.R. Rhodes and wife watched over their child for near eight months before his decease. May the parents remember that Glenn has passed from suffering of body into the happy spirit land. It was sad for them to give him up, but sweet must be the thought of his happiness. " A bud of beauty nipt by death! Oh, no, but upward borne, where no rude wind or poisoned breath can blast a flower of paradise." "Though earth may boast one gem the less, may not e'en heaven the richer be?" May God shower his richest benediction upon the sad ones.
R.D. Wilson
Arkansas Baptist, June 2, 1897, page 15

Susan Broach

Was born December 28, 1834. Died September 1, 1896.
June 17, 1893, she united with the Missionary Baptist church at Hopewell, Pope county, Ark., and lived a consistent Christian; was beloved by all who knew her. She was a good neighbor, a devoted mother, and we extend our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved.
She suffers no longer in heart or in brain, And the pain that so racked her shall not come again;
She has fallen asleep, O sister, tis past:
Thank God, as you weep, she is resting at last.
T.W. Branscome
Sullana Oliver    Committee
N.C. Fry
Arkansas Baptist, June 2, 1897, page 15

Henry Lee Custer

Son of W. P. and Maud Custer was born in Fulton county, Ark., April 16, 1896. Died May 3, 1897, age 1 year and 17 days.
Little Henry, being the only offspring of his parents, leaves a home very sad and lonely, his death causing a wound in our hearts that can never be healed until we meet beyond the grave While it is hard for us to part with our dear little babe, it pleased the Lord to take him from this world of sorrow and crown him in glory, where pain and grief never come. may the Lord Prepare us to meet him there, is the prayer of his father.
W.P. Custer
Arkansas Baptist, June2, 1897, page 15

R.A. Phillips

Born May 5, 1853, in Louisiana and died October 10, 1897. Moved to Arkansas at the age of 15. Was married to Dora Preston October 12, 1887. Professed faith in Christ in 1892 and was baptized into the faith of the first Baptist Church of Texarkana by W.A. Forbes. Moved to Red River near Richmond and bought a farm, also a lot in Richmond. He was one of the charter members of Piney Grove church; was elected clerk and lived a consistent Christian until death. He leaves a wife and four children, relatives and friends to mourn their loss. Realizing our loss is his eternal gain, we bow in submission to our Heavenly Father. In the loss of Bro. Phillips the church has lost a good member, his companion a loving husband, his children a devoted father to mourn thier loss. We extend to the bereaved companion and relatives our deepest sympathies.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be spread on our church book and a copy be furnished to the Arkansas Baptist. Done in conference on Sunday October 17, 1897.
W.S. C. Gardner
H. G. Sanderson     Committee
J.W. Hubbard
Arkansas Baptist, October 27, 1897, page 15

Eld. J.B. Yeager

Born in Miss. Sept. 23, 1823, Died in Texas August 20, 1897. Bro. Yeager moved to Dallas county, Ark. and joined Tulip church (now New Hope). He afterwards went into the organization of Holly Springs church about 1845. He joined the Masons at Holly Springs in 1855. He lived a consistent member of this church and lodge until his death. He was ordained to the ministry June 27, 1856, by Aaron Yates and R.M. Thrasher. He was a faithful, pioneer, preacher and a landmark Baptist, he did great good in the ministry spending most of his life preaching without pay; but his reward will be great in heaven.
Resolved that we bow submissively to the Lords will and that we extend our sympathy to the bereaved children and that a copy of this be sent to the Arkansas Baptist and also be placed on our church record.
L.J. Hood
T. C. Heard
R.B. Devine
C.M. Myrick, Com.
New Hope Baptist Church, Dallas Co.
Arkansas Baptist, October 27, 1897, page 15

Mrs. Ann Staggs

Died Oct. 7, 1897 near Donaldson, Ark.
Her maiden name was Bell; she was born in Alabama, and professed faith in Christ when young, she has been a life long and consistent member of the Baptist church. She leaves one child and a host of grandchildren and friends to mourn their loss, but we thank God that our loss is her gain. She lived to a good old age to fight the cares and troubles of this world. She loved her church and was very seldom absent from her seat.  
Jennie Jones
Arkansas Baptist, October 27, 1897, page 15

Alvis Dodd

Mount Olive Baptist church, Guy, Ark., adopted the following resolutions December 4, 1897:
Whereas God has seen fit to take from us our brother, Alvis Dodd, and while we are sad by reason of this bereavement, we bow in humble submission and in token of our esteem for the departed brother; be it,
Resolved, 1. In the death of brother Alvis, the church has lost one of it's brightest lights and our community one of it's best citizens.
2. That the loss of our brother, his wife has lost an affectionate husband, his mother a precious son, and his brothers and sisters, a fond brother.
3.That a copy of these resolutions be spread on our minutes, a copy furnished to his widow, and one sent to the Arkansas Baptist.
H.P. Glover
J.P. Kessinger, Committee
Arkansas Baptist, January 26, 1898

B. L. Rogers

There passed to the haven of light and rest December 28, 1897, a true soldier of Christ. Bro. Rogers was born in Carroll county, Mississippi, November 22, 1831; came from there and located in Ashley county, Arkansas, in 1861; united with Flat Creek Baptist church in 1867, He was a loving husband, a devoted father, a kind friend, a faithful Christian. His place in our community, our church and our Sunday school can never be filled. Yet., we bow in humble submission to God's will. In love he lived, in peace he died.
J.W. Sims
Arkansas Baptist, January 26, 1898

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Mrs. Nettie Hoffman

Died at her home near Arkansas Post, Ark., on December 27, 1896, of consumption. She bore her affliction with Christian fortitude. She often spoke of her departure, and a short time before her death told her children good-bye and said: If this is death, I don't dread it" She professed her faith in Christ in 1885 and joined the Enon Baptist church, Drew County, Arkansas; was baptized by Eld. W.H.H. Woods
Arkansas Baptist, January 27, 1897, page 15

Mrs. Margaret East

Wife of Eld. M.D. East, was born February 11, 1844; died February 9, 1897, Aged 52 years, 11 months and 28 days.
This dear sister had walked hand in hand with our now bereaved brother for more than a quarter of a century. She leaves a husband, two sons, and three daughters to mourn the loss of a kind companion and loving mother. Sister East professed a hope in Christ in 1865 and was baptized into the fellowship of the Baptist church at Jackson, Randolph county, Ark, by Eld. B.F. Holdford in 1874. Her fidelity as a true Christian is exemplified in the fact that four of her five children, all that have come to the years of accountability are members of the Bpatist church. Her funeral service was preached at the graveyard by Eld. G.H. Borah from John 11:18: " He calleth for thee"
"Sister, thou wast mild and lovely,
Getle as the summer breeze;
Pleasant as the air of evening,
When it floats among the trees."
R.B. Bellamy
Imboden, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, February 24, 1897, page 15

J.C. Purl

Died near Bentonville, Ark., January 14, 1897 of heart disease. Born in Kentucky December 19, 1824. Lived in Missouri and Kansas many years. About a year ago came to Arkansas. He married Susan A. Hanks February 22, 1849. She still survives him. Six children wre born to them, four of whom survive; Mrs. J. L. Gooding, of Bentonville, Ark., Mrs. G.W. Lester of Cripple Creek, Col., Dr. H.B. Purl of Kirksville, Mo., and Mrs. G.W. Cassiday of Rochester, N.Y., all of whom attended the funeral. Bro. Purl became a Christian and united with the Baptist church about 45 years ago and since has lived a devoted Christian. His influence for Christ was felt. The entire family are Christians. A large congregation attended the funeral service, which was conducted by his pastor, who preached from Rev. 14:13. The community has lost a true Christian, the church a faithful member, the home a devoted and loving husband and father. Earth is poorer but heaven richer.
J.T. Moore, Pastor
Arkansas Baptist, February 24, 1897, page 15

Myra L. Maxwell

Daughter of John and Amanda Thornton Maxwell. Born in Tate county, Miss; baptized into Hickory Grove Baptist church 1889, by pastor E.L. Wesson; came to Searcy, Ark., with her parents in January 1891; died July 26, 1897, after an illness of five days. Myra was one of our brightest and best girls. She completed her education more than a year ago and had been engaged in teaching, with flattering prospects of a useful life. Her bright face and nobility of character won her many friends. Sadly she is missed in her home, her church and the entire circle in which she moved. The funeral was preached in the Baptist church, by the writer, to a large congregation of sorrowing friends. Text, Romans 5:12. May God comfort the heart broken family with the precious hope of meeting where there is no more death.
E.C. Faulkner
Mississippi Baptist and Baptist Reflector are requested to copy.
Arkansas Baptist, August 11, 1897, page 15

Guy Hatley Slater

Died July 27, 1897 at Judsonia, Ark., of typhoid malaria. Aged 14 years and ten days. Our home boy, in whom we rested great expectations of assistance and comfort in future years. He was to be our office boy in the college and our gardener at the new home, as well as student. He was a devoted Christian, but was willing to die. He had packed his little trunk carefully for our move to Mountain Home, but they check no baggage on the road he took. We shall all pass that way soon. May we all be well prepared. The grandmother, past eighty years, could not understand why Providence should take the children and leave the aged and infirm; but we know that he makes no mistakes and doeth all things well
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Slater
Arkansas Baptist, August 11, 1897, page 15

Lucy Dean

Daughter of John Sweat, and wife of Wm. Dean. Born in Mississippi, October 10, 1875; came to this State when a child,  joined the Bpatist church at Sand Hill and was baptized by the writer, August 1886. Married Wm. Dean January 15, 1897, with whom she lived happy until her death which occurred July 28, 1897, at her home near Weldon, Ark. She leaves a father, husband, brother, sister, and a host of friends to mourn their loss. She said she was going home. She was ever ready to testify for Jesus; often led the singing at church. We have lost a true Christian worker, but we are not as those who have no hope. Let us emulate her virtues and we will soon meet to part no more.
J.I. Martin
Arkansas Baptist, August 11, 1897, page 15

Walter C. Woodson

Son of W.M. and Mattie Woodson, near Bellville, Ark., July 8, 1897. Aged 1 year, 7 months and 9 days.
Oh, how sadly we miss the sweet little son of our superintendent. May God bless the bereaved parents, relatives, and friends. And may he guide us all into " the beautiful home of the blest." Jesus said, "Suffer the little ones to come unto me." Farewell, little Walter, we will strive to meet you in "The sweet bye and bye" where maybe we can again hear you say, "Howdy do."           Luna Spiller
Danville, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, August 11, 1897, page 15

Arthur Wayne Berry

Born in Little Rock, July 31, 1883; died at home , January 13, 1897. Wayne was a gentle boy-chaste, truthful and conscientious. Before Jesus called him to the "upper fold," he imparted to him the brightest assurance of saving grace. During his week of suffering the Savior never once left his side. His memoirs are inscribed upon our hearts in characters that time shall not dim. As he dipped his feet in the waters , he triumphantly exclaimed " O.. that beautiful land" and with a smile that faded not in death, took his flight to God.
His father      J.M. Berry
Central Baptist please copy
Affectionately inscribed to the memory of our departed boy, Arthur Wayne, by his father J.M. Berry
[followed by a very long poem]
Arkansas Baptist, February 10, 1897, page 15

Mrs. Mary L. Hill

Died at her home in Malvern, Ark., September 24, 1897. The deceased was born in Taylorsville, Ky, October 31, 1820. She professed her faith in Christ and was united with the Baptist church in 1850. She was married to John S. Hill in early womanhood. They resided in Kentucky, Illinois, Kansas and then came to Arkansas about nine years ago. She united with the church here and has lived a devoted, consistent life. She was stricken with paralysis, and in two days died. She leaves a husband, three sons and one daughter to mourn their loss. God comfort these sorrowing ones. Peace to her ashes.
Mrs. C. R. Adams
Western Recorder please copy
Arkansas Baptist, October 13, 1897, page 15