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Mrs. Sallie King

Died at her home in Pine Bluff, Ark., January 7th, 1896; aged 40 years. Sister King had been a member of the Baptist church for over 20 years. a member of the Ladies' Aid Society, always faithful and true amid all the vicissitudes of life. In many respects her life was a sad one. Just one year ago she was called upon to give up a loving Mother. But she remained her cheerfulness and trust under all circumstances. faithful in attendance at services, her friends were many and enemies none, her life is truly worthy of imitation. to her three children, two sisters, and other relatives we extend loving sympathy. While we, her sisters in Christ, will miss her cheerful face and pleasant greetings, we can but rejoice that she has entered into her rest and henceforth will be forever free from care in that home where " there is more death, neither sorrow nor crying, not shall shall there be any more pain."
Mrs. Langston, Mrs. Will Beard, Mrs. W.H. Parker,  Committee Ladies' Aid Society, Baptist Church, Pine Bluff, Ark.

Arkansas Baptist, March 4, 1896, page 13

Miss Mina Tuggle

Since it has pleased God to call from us our beloved sister, Miss Mina Tuggle, on August 5, 1896; and, whereas , she was a devoted member of our church and Sunday school.
Resolved, that we meekly bow in submission to the will of him who gave and who hath taken away.
Resolved, that we will cherish her name and revere her memory, and that we deeply sympathize with the bereaved family  and trust that she is bathing in the refulgent light of the Son of God and dwelling with the sanctified host that make their way from earth to heaven.
Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be furnished to the family; that they be spread upon our Sunday school record and be sent to the baptist for publication.
B.B. Owen, Misses Lizzie Carolan, Minnie McCaslin, Ella Guinn, Committee

Arkansas Baptist, September 2, 1896, page 9

Eld. W. S. Dozier

Death has claimed this brother after almost six months of failing health. He was strong in the faith, and made many sacrifices for the cause. His last service was at Piney Grove and Blackaby Springs where he filled Pastor Hubbard's appointments about six weeks before his death. He had calls from two churches, but had not accepted. I have lost a loving husband, The Baptist has lost an earnest advocate and the denomination one who was devoted to its principals. But he is "resting, sweetly resting." Eld.T.C. Swofford conducted the burial sevice. The last text used by my husband was John 14:2. Pray for me in my grief. Callie E. Dozier
Hope, Ark.

Arkansas Baptist
September 2, 1896, page 15

Callie Moseley

Sister Callie, wife of Pro. Preston C. Moseley was born August 18, 1859; died May 14, 1896. Sister Callie was confined to her bed for several months with consumption, but always showed smiles of cheerfulness and never murmured or complained, but waited her time with patience until the last few hours when she became anxious to go. Then she called her friends around her bed and admonished them to be faithful and meet her in heaven; then bowed in humble submission to him that doeth all things well. Truly, the Lord was her shepherd, and she felt in death that his rod and his staff were her comfort and shield. Sister Callie was baptized into the fellowship of Altus Baptist church in September 1891, and lived a consistent member until her death. We deeply feel our loss, but we weep not as those who have no hope; and while we bow in humble submission, we pray God's comforting grace on Brother Moseley...some hours while they are left to tread life's pathway alone. M.P. Henry

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
September 2, 1896, page 9