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Mrs. Mary D. Oller

Died march 10, 1891 At Buna Vista, Arkansas.
Sister Oller was the daughter of Eld. D.N. Mullins, one of the pioneer ministers of Quachita county. She professed religion several years ago and lived for eight years a devoted member of the Baptist church.  Bro. Mullins has our deepest sympathy in his bereavement. We too, have been called to mourn, but the Savior has been true to his promise. The comforter came, and we recommend the consolations of the Gospel of our brother has so faithfully preached, as his solace now. Editor

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkanss
April 2, 1891, page 7

William H. Watt

Died at Hot Springs, Arkansas, January 25th, 1891, age forty-three years.
Bro. Watt was born in Gibson county, Tennessee, and emigrated to Polk county, Arkansas in 1866. In 1869, he married Miss M.G. Williams. In 1875 they  moved to Hot Springs, where he has been in business ever since. He professed religion in his fifteenth year and joined the Methodists, but for years regarded his baptism as invalid. In 1886 he united with the Baptist church, and he and his wife were baptised by Dr. W.A. Clark. His death was in the triumph in faith. His last words were: " I must leave you all soon, and go to my eternal home." He leaves a loving wife, two noble sons and two affectionate daughters, who, with a host of friends mourn his death. The sons and oldest daughter are members of the church. Funeral services were conducted by Pastor Reaves. May the Lord comfort and keep the weeping family.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkanss
April 2, 1891, page 7

Mrs. M.E. Brown

Wife of Bro. M.D. Brown, died at her home in Charleston, Arkansas March 12th, 1891; of lung disease. She was the daughter of Larkin and Eliza Collins. She professed religion and joined Hephzibah church in Mississippi, and was baptized by Eld. Florum of Alabama when she was nineteen years old. She moved to Arkansas with her parents in 1857; was married to Capt. M.D. Brown 1862, in Benton, Saline county, Arkansas. She moved to Charleston, in Franklin county; united with the Charleston church where she remained until the day of her death. Sister brown was fifty-one years four months and twelve days old. She was a consecrated Christian woman, always ready to help the poor and distressed. She was perfectly willing to die, her only regrets was leaving her husband and three children, together with a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn her loss. Sister Brown will be missed by the church, but none will miss her as much as the pastor, but we bow with submission, believing her rest is sweet.
 Sleep on my dearest one,
In paradise take thy rest,
When the dead in Christ shall come,
Will meet you with the blest.
L. Quinn

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 2, 1891, page 7

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Mrs. Jane E. Morgan

Born in  Bibb county, Alabama., January 25, 1823, died July 13, 1890. Sister Morgan moved to Louisville, Mississippi in early life, and joined the Baptist church in 1836. Was married to Dr. S.B. Morgan, who died September16, 1865, leaving Sister Morgan with five children to raise. With them she moved to Arkansas in 1869. She has left four children to mourn her loss. Children and friends, weep not; your loss is her gain! She fought the good fight; she kept the faith. The Lord said, cone up higher. Jesus, whom she loved so much in life, met her on the shining shore, and conducted her to his banqueting halls, on the eternal hills, where his banner over her is love. We can see her no more, but one by one we can join her on that fair and fadeless shore. E.P. T

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
November 29, 1890, page 7

Burrell Walker

Burrell Walker died of old age at the home of Elder G. B. Walker in White county, Ark., on the 16th day of Sept. 1859. The deceased was born in Pittsylvania Co, Va. June 6th, 1780. Moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn, 1816. He was baptized in Brawley's Fort. Afterwards moved to Brownsville, Tenn. Aged 79 years, 5 months, 10 days. By request of C.B. Walker. Tennessee Baptist please copy.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
December 16, 1859, page 3

Dollie May Goodman

Dollie May Goodman, infant daughter of Jesse and Mary Goodman, died August 14th, 1891. Aged one year, two months and twenty-one days.
Sweet babe given to father and mother for so short a time. It is indeed sad to part with those we love, but we bow in humble submission knowing that our loss is her eternal gain. She was the ideal of her home, petted and loved by all who knew her.  Truly death loves a shining mark. She has gone to join the loved ones above. Dear parents your treasure has been gathered to the heavenly mansion. May God help you to so live that you may meet her in the sweet bye and bye.
J.C. Power.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
September 24, 1891, page 7

Sula Colquitt

Sula, youngest daughter of J.W. and Mollie Colquitt died at her home at Alexander September 11, 1891. Age four years, eight months and fourteen days.
Her funeral was preached by her pastor at 4 o'clock the same date. A large concourse of mourning and sympathizing friends followed the remains to their last resting place. Our heavenly father by this sad dispensation has removed our dear little Sula. Those who knew her could not but love her. She always met us with a bright smile, and her many kind baby words. A more pleasant little associate would be hard to find. She was always in her seat in the church at my services. Let me say dear brother and sister, your pastor will miss her bright little face, and I join with you in the deep sorrow over your loss. I pray you be reconciled to his will. Let us not grieve as those who have no hope for if we are faithful we shall see her again beyond the river on the golden shore, where parting and sorrow will be no more. Your Pastor. W. L. Dale

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
September 25, 1891, page 7

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Melissa Jane Rogers

Melissa Jane Rogers died at the home of her son, Eld. Z.T. Rogers, Nevada county, Ark., Dec. 15, 1890, aged 66 years.
A member of the Baptist church thirty-three years. Sister Rogers lived a consistent Christian and died a triumphant death. She said, " I am ready, I do not desire to live longer." She asked the writer to preach her funeral, which was done the next day after her death. She leaves her aged and helpless husband to suffer out his allotted time, who will continue to live with Dro. Z.T. Rogers.
I.T. Welch

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
January 15, 1891, page 7

Fannie Lea

Miss Fannie Lea, died at her home near Lacy, Ark., Oct. 23, 1890, aged 24 years, 2 months and four days.
This Christian sister born in St. Helena Parish, LA., Aug. 19, 1866. She moved to Arkansas with her parents in 1868. Receiving instructions principally from her mother, she began teaching at the age of 17. In 1884 she professed faith in Christ, and joined the Baptist church, living a life of consistency and faithfulness. During the eighty four days of her sickness, she exhibited great Christian fortitude, and died rejoicing in a Savior's live. There are many friends who join her parents and sister in mourning, that we have her no longer with us, while we rejoice that she rests in the mansion above.
A Friend

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
January 15, 1891, page 7

Herman Polk

Herman Polk, died January 19, 1891.
The dark winged angel of death visited the home of brother and sister D.F. Polk, and left their home sad and heart-broken by taking away their little infant son, Frank Herman. Sweetly he sleeps on the Savior's bosom, so sorrow not as those who have no hope. May the bereaved parents feel that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; blessed be in the name of the Lord.
H.A. Munn, Stephens, Ark.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
January 29, 1891, page 7