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F. [Fielden]Freeman

F. Freeman, died on March 12, 1895. Aged 69 years, 9 months, and 9 days. Bro. Freeman was born in Ray[Rhea] county, Tenn., June 8, 1825. Professed faith in Christ at an early age, and joined the Baptist church. Moved to Arkansas in 1857. Was a member of the Paris Baptist church when he died. He was married to Elizabeth Sidley, who proceeded him in death about four years. Bro. Freeman suffered a great deal in this life, but he has gone to his everlasting reward in heaven. He leaves a host of friends and relatives to mourn their loss. God bles his chidren and sve thm for Christ's sake. Amen.
W.N. Womack
Arkansas Baptist, April 3, 1895, page 8

R.E. Lee Lindsey

R.E. Lee Lindsey, son of Eld. E. H. Lindsey, died of consumption March 29, 1895. He was a devoted Christian, and an orderly member of Center Grove Baptist church. He was baptized by his father. We deeply sympathize with Eld. Lindsey and  his family in their bereavement, and commend to them the "sweet promises of our blessed Savior. The promised "Comforter" is always near those who put their trust in the Son of God.
Arkansas Baptist, April 10, 1895, page 8

Nettie Quinn

Mrs. Nettie Quinn, wife of T. W. Quinn, died at her home near Prattsville, Ark.,, January 30, 1895. Aged 40 years.
Sister Quinn had been a consistent member of Harmony church for about twenty years. As a wife, mother, friend, and neighbor she was a jewel. She called her husband and children to her deathbed and, after caressing them, bade a loving adieu, and then passed gently over the river to rest under the shade of the trees, may God comfort those bereft. "Twas heart rending to hear little Nora exclaim, " Come back, mamma." A Friend
[It was my privilege to be a guest in the home of Bro. Quinn while holding a series of meetings at Prattsville, and learned to regard Sister Quinn as a woman of deep piety and a household jewel. May God bless Bro Quinn and his dear children. - Ed. ]
Arkansas Baptist, April 10, 1895, page 8

Lucy Alford

Lucy Alford, died at her home in Sparkman, Ark., March 27, 1895. Sister Alford joined the Baptist church while young and lived a consistent member to her death. She was sick several weeks and her sufferings were great, but she bore it patiently. She often spoke of the Christian's hope, and her last words were" Blessed Jesus." She is dead, but lives in her Christian example and in the hearts of those who knew her. May the husband and three grown children find comfort in following the Christ the deceased loved to honor, and the footprints of Jesus will lead them to God,  heaven, wife and mother.
H.J. P. Horne

Arkansas Baptist, April 10,  1895, page 8

Thomas Hudson

In Memorium.
At the last conference meeting of the Knoxville Baptist church the following resolutions were adopted:
Whereas, the angel of death has taken from our midst our much loved pastor, Eld. Thomas Hudson; therefore, be it
Resolved, That while we bow in submission to Him who doeth all things well, we desire to express our sense of loss sustained in the death of this one who, although quiet and retiring in disposition, showed that he was ever ready to do the Master's will. Bro. Hudson was born at Belfast, Ireland, on March 17, 1827, and began studying for the ministry at about 30 years of age, and studied at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. He came to America in 1865, and has spent the years since in Missouri and Arkansas. Although Bro. Hudson was our pastor less than a year, yet during that time there had been 66 additions to the church. Of this number Bro. Hudson baptized 52. He labored with great zeal and earnestness, and did a grand work. he was always ready and anxious to testify for the Master and point sinners to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world. But the Master has called His servant up from the strife and battles of this life into His divine presence, therefore to receive the reward for his faithful service. And while we realize with deep regret our great loss, yet we feel that he has won a crown of never fading glory.
Resolved, That to the bereaved daughters we tender our heartfelt sympathy, and while passing under the rod, may they be sustained by Him who has promised to be a helper to all who do His will.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be put upon the church record, and a copy sent to the Arkansas Baptist for publication.
P.H. Jett, C.R. Summey, G. L. Smith, S.J. Burns, Minnie Jett, Committee
Arkansas Baptist, April 17, 1895, page 8

Anna Bonner

Anna, daughter of J.A. and Delia Bonner, died April 7, 1895. Aged 17 years, 8 months and 25 days. Sister Anna was born in Randolph county, Ala., December 13, 1877. She professed faith in Christ in August, 1892, and was baptized into the fellowship of the church at Refuge, Montgomery county, Ark., and died in the triumphant faith. The relatives have indeed lost a precious one. The church and community have lost a valuable member, but our loss is her gain.
Her Pastor
Arkansas Baptist, April 17, 1895, page 8

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Floy Henderson

Floy, infant daughter of Eld. C.B. Henderson, died at Benton, Ark., June 30, 1895. Aged 10 months.
This sweet little flower, the joy of the pastor's home, has been called to the arms of Jesus. Our pastor and his dear family are deeply bereaved and the church weeps with them. We can not call little Floy back, but we can go to the City of Mansions and meet her bye and bye. Let the sweet promises of God heal these broken hearts.
Arkansas Baptist, July 17, 1895, page 8

Boone Prothro

Boone, youngest son of Bro. W.W. Prothro and Sister E. Prothro, died at the residence of his father, October 6, 1895, aged eleven years. The angel of death loves a shining mark, so he selected our dear little Boone. Our Master gave the dear child to brighten their home a few years and then he took the treasure of this household to his beautiful home on high. "Where the treasure is there the heart will be also." And now heaven is nearer, the way is brighter and sweeter, because of such jewels, he has changed a world of trials for one of peace - no longer of earth but all of heaven a transplanting of the sweet little bud to bloom in Paradise. God grant that we may be ready when the summons comes to meet the Lord in the air.
"Loved one we shall meet thee in that sunbright clime,
And each other greet, beyound the flight of time.
Yes, we want to meet you, meet to part no more,
And be there to greeet you on the other shore."
Arkansas Baptist, November 27, 1895, page 15

M.E. Paxton

Sister M.E. Paxton, wife of the late Dr. Paxton, died November 15, 1895; aged 52 years. Sister Paxton joined the Baptist church in 1855. For forty years this devoted child of God was a living example of the deepest piety, exemplified in every footstep through life, and today, she is wearing a wreath of victory and a crown of glory through Christ Jesus our Lord. I can but say to the three daughters and other kindred,  be comforted, mother and sister has but changed a world of trials for one of peace --earth for heaven. We miss thee; but it was the Masters hand that plucked the full blown rose from your home and transplanted to the floral garden of God. The home is lonely, the heart is sad, but with our dear friend and sister it is
Sheaves after sowing,
Sun after rain.
Rest after weariness, Sweet rest at last.
L.L. Boone
Arkansas Baptist, November 27, 1895, page 15