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Serrie Mitchell

At Chalybeate Springs, Arkansas, July 5, 1890, Serrie, son of Dr. J. B. and M. A. Mitchell, age four years.
His parents almost idolized him, and fondly hoped he would be spared to fill some station of honor and usefulness, but the Master had use of him, and we can but say: " He doeth all things well."
Jesus wants father, mother, sister and brothers to be ready when he calls, to go where he has gathered little Serrie.
"One sweet flower has drooped and faded.
  One sweet infant had fled,
One fair brow the grave has shaded, 
But your darling is not dead,
He has gone to Heaven before us,
See he turns and waves his hand,
Pointing to the glories o'er us,
In the happy Eden land."
J. W. Eidson

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
July 31,1890, page 8

Elbert Emerson Kirkpatrick

At Conway, Ark., July 7th, 1890, Elbert Emerson, son of Joseph and Roanna Fitzpatrick; born August 18th, 1884.
Though little Elbert only lived six years, his patience in enduring the anguish of long sickness had developed in a marked degree his moral faculties. His family testify that in fortitude and patience he taught them many valuable lessons. The funeral was conducted by Elder Jackson, and was well attended. The mother said: " We expect to meet our little boy in the city of the Lord"
A Friend

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
July 31, 1890, page 8

E. Lauderdale

Died at Brinkley, Ark., June 17, 1890, Mrs. E. wife of J. G. Lauderdale. Age, forty-two years.
Sister Lauderdale was born in DeKalb county, Alabama. Was married in 1872. Moved to Arkansas in 1867. When only thirteen years old she professed religion, and was at once baptized. She was a devoted teacher in the Sunday-school and a faithful church worker. Three children and a devoted husband to mourn her death, but are comforted by the fact that she was prepared. In the absence of the pastor, Elder Howard, a Methodist minister, conducted the funeral.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
July 31, 1890, page 8

Mary L. Rogers

Wife of J. J. Rogers, died at Marvinville, Ark., June 22, 1890; age 52 years, five months and eight days. 
Sister Rogers was converted and united with the Baptist church in early life, and lived a faithful member until her death, and in her last moments her face was radiant with hope, giving evidence to all that Jesus was near, to go through the valley and shadow of death with her. She leaves a husband and five children to mourn their loss. Three of her daughters have been buried with Christ in baptism. I have been her pastor for four years, but I am resigned to the will of "the Good Shepherd" who has gathered her to the heavenly fold. God grant that husband and children may be ready, that when he calls they may be gathered with mother in heaven.
W. E. Logan

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
July 31, 1890, page 8

Ellen R. Montgomery

Died at Montville, Bradley county, Arkansas May 22, 1890. Born 1869, at Dardanelle, Ark. She was the daughter of Robert and India Montgomery. They were gathered home first and now Ella has joined them in the "better land." She was a faithful member of the Union Hill church having been baptised in her sixteenth year, She bore her long illness with fortitude. She was devoted to her uncle and aunt who raised her. They, with her brother, are deeply bereaved. May they look to the Comforter for blessings. 
W.T. Clements

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
July 31, 1890, page 8

Eld. W. S. Dozier

Death has claimed this brother after almost six months of failing health. He was strong in the faith, and made many sacrifices for the cause. His last services were at Piney Grove and Blackley Springs, where he filled Pastor Hubbard's appointments about six weeks before his death. He had calls from two churches, but had not yet accepted. I have lost a loving husband, The Baptist has lost an earnest advocate and the denomination one who was devoted to its principles. But he is "resting, sweetly resting". Eld T. C. Swofford conducted the burial service. The last text used by my husband was John 14:2. Pray for me in my grief.

Callie E. Dozier
Hope, Ark.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
September 2, 1896, page 15

Callie Mosely

Sister Callie, wife of Bro. Preston C. Moseley, was born August 18, 1869, died May 14, 1896. Sister Callie was confined to her bed with consumption, but always showed smiles of cheerfulness and never murmured or complained, but waited her time with patience until the last few hours, when she became anxious to go. Then she called her friends around her bed and admonished them to be faithful and meet her in heaven; then bowed in humble submission to him that  doeth all things well. Truly the Lord was her shepherd, and she felt in death that his rod and his staff were her comfort and shield. Sister Callie was baptised into the fellowship of Altus Baptist church in September 1891, and lived a consistent member until her death. We deeply feel our loss, but we weep not as those who have no hope; and while we bow in humble submission, we pray God's comforting grace to rest on Bro. Moseley...some hours while they are left to tread life's pathway alone. 
M.P. Henry

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
September 2, 1896, page 15