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Rubie Byers

Rubie, oldest daughter of Bro.Lovell and Mary Byers, was born August 22, 1891 and died March 22, 1897, aged 5 years and 7 months.
Rubie was a lovely child an was held in high esteem by all who knew her.
Rubie, thou was mild and lovely,
Gentle as the summer breeze;
Pleasant as the air of evening,
When it floats among the trees.
R. B. Bellamy
Arkansas Baptist, June 16, 1897, page 15

James R. Pickett

Son of F. G. and Sallie Pickett. Born in Ballard (now Carlisle) county, Ky., June 7, 1856. Died in Lawrence county, Ark., May 2, 1897. Aged 40 years, 10 months and 25 days. Bro. Picket had been a member of Pleasant Grove Baptist church for more than twenty years. He was one of those everyday Christians whose influence was felt by all who knew him. He leaves a wife, several children and other relatives and friends to mourn their loss. His funeral sermon was preached by this writer, his pastor, at Pleasant Grove church, where a large congregation had gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to his memory.
R. B. Bellamy
Arkansas Baptist, June 16, 1897, page 15

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Emma Wright

Daughter of C. W. and Delia Wright. Born NOvember 6, 1886; died at Alleene, Ark., April 17, 1897.
She leaves a devoted and Christian father and mother, a little brother and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. She will be sadly missed by family, friends, and especially by the writer. Dear Emma was no ordinary child.  Her expressions and acts were far beyond her years. Her precious face and eyes were so expressive that a divine light seemed beaming from them. "Death loves a shining mark." Oh, God, teach us to look up through our grief and say "Father, thy will be done"
Mattie Daniels
Arkansas Baptist, April 29m 1897, page 9

Leon Cook

Died at Buckner, Ark,  April 6, 1897, in his 20th year.  Our hearts are filled with mingled grief and sadness when we consider that Leon is no more, He was always a fond and dutiful son and was loved by his parents, relatives and friends. His brief life was characterized by his child-like simplicity, his great desire to please his parents, his studious effot to avoid all wrong and his earnest desire to learn the teaching of his Savior and to obey his command. He is now asleep.
"Asleep in Jesus, peaceful rest, Whose waking is supremely blest."
Parents, be resigned to the will of Him who doeth all things well. No tongue can express, no pen can write a eulogy for Leon, none is needed; his life speaks for him and his praise.
W. B. Hinton
Arkansas Baptist, April 28, 1897, page 9

W. A. Bryant

Died at Fordyce, Ark., March 30, 1897, after a long and severe illness. Bro. Bryant was one of our oldest brethren and we can not say his death was premature, for he was 75 years old. He lived to see his six children, now living, all grown and three preceded him to the "Glory-land."Of the six who are alive, four are professors. Bro. Bryant had been a Christian 45 years. He was among the first settlers of Dallas county. His Christian integrity had given him an irreproachable character. During the past year his ill health prevented his regular attendance at his church, but it was his delight to be there. The funeral occurred March 31 at Ebenezer church. The widow and children are well nigh heart broken. May God comfort and help them to emulate this one they loved so.
R.D. Wilson
Arkansas Baptist, April 14, 1897, page 13

B. F. Kitchens

Died on March 5, 1897 at his home near Gurdon, Ark. Aged 55 years. Bro. Kitchens, professed Christ as his Savior and was baptized in 1879, uniting with the Baptist church in Grayson county, Texas. At the time of his death he was a member of Caney Creek Baptist church, near Gurdon. He was a native of Arkansas, being born in Clark county, August 10, 1841. Bro Kitchens was a truly good man, highly esteemed by all who knew him. Bro. Wells spoke words of comfort and hope before a large crowd that came in sorrow to the church at Gurdon, after which service the Masonic fraternity took charge of the remains and laid them to rest. The Lord comfort the dear mother and children. Bye and bye we shall meet again.
F. D. Baars
Arkansas Baptist, April 14, 1897, page 13

Mrs. E. J. Biggadike

Died December 30, 1896, aged 54 years.
Whereas, God in his wisdom has seen fit to call this dear sister from earth to glory, we humbly bow in submission to Him who doeth all things well. While we feel our loss, we know to her it is a great gain.
Sister Biggadike was born in Ohio, Feb. 20, 1842; married to R. C. Biggadike, Oct. 26, 1868; moved from there to Clark county, Ark., was united with Hollygrove Baptist church Sept. 5, 1889, in which she led a consecrated Christian life until God called her hence.
Sleep on dear sister and take thy rest;
God called thee home; He thought it best"
J.T. Howell
Arkansas Baptist, April 7, 1897, page 15

Sarah Elvira Phillips

Wife of Mr. Allen Phillips, died at her home near Harrison, of consumption, December 30, 1896. She was born June 4, 1854, Boone county, Arkansas, united with the Prairie Grove Baptist church in 1873. The departure of this excellent Christian woman means a loss to family, friends, and church. She lived a Christian life, ever striving to bring up her two children in the way of the Lord. For several years feeble health had interposed a barrier to the exercise of her energy and Christian zeal. Yet she ever found comfort in the loving care of her heavenly father. She was a warm friend, a zealous Christian and a loving wife and mother. We commend her spirit to the are of our Father. May we meet on the other side of the river. "Her children arise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her."
Rev. Isaac Davis
J.H. Adair      
Walter H. Dodd
Arkansas Baptist, March 31, 1897, page 15

Ruth Jane Davis

Wife of Mr. Jas. A. Davis, died at her home in Harrison, January 27, 1897, in the 68th year of her age. She united with the Baptist church at Reece, Yadkin county, North Carolina, in the year 1853. In 1886
she came with her husband to Arkansas. For these forty-three years she has ever remained faithful to her Master. For several years bad health had interposed. Besides a host of friends and relatives she leaves a husband and two grown sons to mourn her death.
"Blessed are they who die in the Lord"
Rev. Isaac Davis
J.H. Adair                 Committee
Walter H. Dodd
Arkansas Baptist, March 31, 1897, page 15

Eld. G.C. Goodwin

Born in Fayette county, Miss., July 11, 1848. Died February 10, 1897. He leaves a wife and four children. Married Sister Susan Pate, November 16, 1869, and they together joined the Watervalley Baptist church in August, 1871. He was baptized by the pastor, W.W. Dupuy; was ordained as a deacon in 1872; licensed to preach in 1873, and ordained to the ministry in 1874. He served the church at Coffeyville for eleven years and gave it up to come to Brinkley, Ark., Dec. 18, 1888. He served the Brinkley church and others, and seven years ago he was called to the care of the Philadelphia church, where excepting one year,  he has continued his work as pastor till he gave it up in death and went to his reward. As a husband, he was kind, loving and true, sharing alike the joys and sorrows of his family. He was the counsellor,  advisor, and peacemaker in every community or town where he lived. As a servant of God, his humble success speaks more vividly of his acceptance with the God he served than can be told by the pen of man. And now, as we pause to draw the curtain of silence o'er his final resting place , we can truthfully say " he peacefully rests from his labor and his works do follow him"
Arkansas Baptist, March 24, 1897, page 15

Mrs.Mary Reynolds

Died November 23, 1896, aged 72 years. Whereas God in his wisdom has sent the death angel and taken from our church our dear mother in Israel. We humbly bow in submission to him who doeth all things well. After only a few hours of suffering, she was called up higher. While we greatly mourn the loss; yet we mourn not as those who have no hope. While we feel our loss, we know to her it is a great gain . Sister Reynolds was born in Tennessee and married to John Reynolds, moved to Texas, from there to Benton County, Ark., some thirty years ago where she spent a consecrated Christian life. She lived to help others live. She was converted and joined the church when a girl. She was the mother of ten children; five gone before, and five remain to mourn with their father the loss of one so dear. She was a dutiful wife, a loving mother, a generous neighbor and a humble Christian. Always ready to visit the sick and administer to their wants.
[ long poem omitted]
Adopted in conference by the Springtown Baptist church, February 27, 1897.
J.S. Spires, Mod. pro.tem
C. C. Mackey, C.C.
Springtown, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, March 17, 1897, page 15

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C. H. Beck

Born Aug. 11, 1825; died Feb 22, 1897; aged 71 years, 6 months, and 11 days. Bro. Beck was baptized by Eld. Wm. Pope, in St. Francis county, MO., in 1860 and lived a devoted Christian for thirty-seven years. We commend the "Comforter" in whom he trusted to the bereaved family and friends. Bro. Beck has gone to the mansions prepared for those who love the Lord. we all must go hence ere long; God help us to be ready. We buried Bro. Beck at Shiloh church, Craighead county, Ark., Feb. 24, 1897, the writer conducting the obsequies. A great concourse attended the funeral.  I.F. Clark

Arkansas Baptist, March 10, 1897, page 15

Matthew McIver

Son of Archibald  and N.A. McIver, was born in Moore County, N.C., Dec. 3, 1847; moved to Hempstead County, Ark., Dec. 1851. He was married to Miss S. J. Conway, January 9, 1878; joined the Missionary Baptist church in the summer of 1895; departed this life November 15, 1896.
A precious one from us has gone;
A voice we love is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home
Which can never be filled.
May God bless and comfort loved ones left behind, but especially would we ask God to comfort the sad and lonely wife and help her to bear this, the greatest trial of her life.
                                                            His Sorrowing Sister
Arkansas Baptist, March 10, 1897, page 15

Catherine Kirkland

Born in 1845; died December 11, 1896, aged 51.
Sister Kirkland was a native of Mississippi; married  Eld. W.R. Wood, who died Aug. 6, 1887. On Dec. 13 of that same year she married Eld. W. J. Kirkland, with whom she lived until Dec.13, 1896, when she was struck by a passing railroad train and killed. She was a loving wife, a devoted Christian.  She leaves a mourning husband, a weeping son and many friends who are bereaved.
Beebe, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, March 10, 1897, page 14

Note: the date of death was given as Dec. 11th and Dec 13th..

Gladys Anderson

The subject of this notice was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Anderson of Arkadelphia. She was born July 20, 1882. Confessed faith in Christ and was received into fellowship of the Baptist church at Gurdon and was baptized by Eld. F.D. Baars July 17, 1894. At the time of her death she was a member of the First Baptist church, Arkadelphia, her membership being transferred a few days before. Gladys was a devoted young Christian and loved the Bible, having read it's entire contents three times. She selected the text for her funeral sermon. It was found in her handwriting on a piece of paper and marked the place whre she last read the scriptures. Phil. 4:13, " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." She was bright in mind and strong in faith.
Arkansas Baptist, march 3, 1897, page 15

Mrs. E.A. Willard (nee Weaver)

Born in Illinois April 1845. Married at Texarkana, Ark., in April 1888 at the residence of W.S. C. Gardner, to Jacob Willard. United with the First Baptist church in that city in 1889 and subsequently moved her membership to Tennessee church and later to Piney Grove church near Richmond, Ark., where she remained a consisitent Christian until her dearh which occurred October 6, 1896 at her home near Richmond. A husband and circle of relatives are bereaved.
J.W. Hubbard, Brownstown, Ark
Arkansas Baptist, February 17, 1897, page 15

Dr. E. H. Moses

Of New Edinburgh. Died February 5, 1897.
Dr Moses was born in Georgia, March 19, 1827; educated in the medical school of Philadelphia; married in the spring of 1849. He was a charter member of this church, and for more than forty-six years has walked circumspectly in this community. He was baptized at the age of 20. His funeral was attended by a host of loved ones, who grieve at his departure. This brother has been in sympathy with all our church work. The community has lost a good citizen, the church a true light and the wife a loving husband. We mourn not as those who have no hope. God has taken his loyal child home. We shallmeet him by and by. May God be with his dear companion, comfort and keep her until that blessed day.
B.F. Milam
Arkansas Baptist, February 17, 1897, page 15

Dr. R. M. Barnes

Died February 1, 1897, after an illness of one year. He was 78 years old. Professed religion while young and joined the Baptist church; moved to Charleston, Ark., in 1858, and has lived here most of the time since. He was a deacon in the Baptist Church at this place and was a faithful servant of Christ and the pastor's friend; active in the church and mission work. He leaves a wife, who was very much devoted to him  and one daughter, Mrs. Alice B. Wallis, to mourn over his death, but they weep not as those who have no hope, for he died in full triumph of a living faith. L. Quinn
Charleston, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, February 17, 1897, page 15

David Hightower

Born Dec. 1, 1884. Died Aug. 30, 1896; aged 11 years, 8 months and 29 days. David was a bright boy, a loving, dutiful son. He died at his home at Arkana, Louisiana. "Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep,
From which none ever wakes to weep'
Arkansas Baptist, February 3, 1897, page 15

Rebecca Reditt

Born November 30, 1846, died June 23, 1897. Aged 50 years, 6 months and 23 days.  Sister Redditt was born in Alabama, came to Arkansas in 1857, professed religion and unitrd with the Baptists in 1867. she was a every day Christian who influence in impressed all who associated with her. She leaves a husband and five children, who woth a host of friends are left to sorrow, but not without hope. Dear father and children, follow mother's advice, heed her prayers and precepts and you will be gahtered with her in glory. Eighteen months she suffered before death came to her rescue. Yet, "she is not dead but sleepeth." Jesus will wake the body  and join it with the soul in resurrection.
Oil Trough, Ark.     J.W. Outlaw
Arkansas Baptist, July 14, 1897, page 11

R. P. Stuart

Born in 1825; dies June 25, 1897, Aged 72 years.
He had always lived an upright life, but did not unite with the church until nine years ago. His Christian life was full of joy; he delighted in the Lord's work. Though aged, he was always present at Sunday school--an example worthy of emulation. He leaves two married daughters and several grandchildren to mourn his death.
Resolved (1), That we extend to the bereaved our heat-felt sympathy.
(2) That we greatly miss him from our church services.
(3) We believe our loss to be his gain
(4) That these resolutions be furnished to the Arkansas Baptist for publication.
T.M. Rowland
C. McMurray         Committee
G. T. Sykes

Arkansas Baptist, July 14, 1897, page 11

W. B. Shaw

Died near Bland, Ark., May 5, 1897. Being a member of Union Baptist church, the following resolutions were adopted in conference.
Resolved(1), That while we mourn his death, we rejoice in the hope that he cherished. Though deaf and mute his spirit communed with God's people here and we trust his tongue will be loosed to sing in heaven's choir. We commend his faith to all who seek salvation.
(2) That we sympathize with the widow, daughter and relatives in their bereavement and that this be spread on our records and a copy furnished the Arkansas Baptist for publication.
J.M. Parker
S.A. Milligan         Committee
C.B. Henderson

Arkansas Baptist, July 14, 1897, page 11

Thomas Lecroy

Died at Corwin, Arkansas, aged 84 years. Born in Habersham county, Georgia;  professed religion at an early age and lived a devoted member and deacon of his church for many years. In His death our church and Sunday school has lost one of their oldest and most zealous workers [ poem]
Mt Olive Church and Sunday School
Arkansas Baptist, July 14, 1897, page 11

Ethel Whitton

Born November 11, 1891; died June 16, 1897. For ten days little Ethel suffered sorely, then the messenger bore the spirit to the Savior's arms where smiles and gladness crown with bliss, while Ethel sings "Glory to God in the highest." Weep not, bereft ones, God doeth all things well. She now rests in the Savior's love. Good-bye, sweet one; no more will we hear the pattering feet or feel thy arms about our neck.
But when life's sun has set,
On heaven's bright shore we hope to meet thee yet. E. L. Rushing
Arkansas Baptist, July 14, 1897

Mary Grace Story

Daughter of Eld. W. R. Story and wife, died June 18, 1897,  being 23 years, 8 months, an 26 days old. Sister Grace was saved and joined Shover Springs Baptist church August 1889. She was a dutiful daughter, a loving sister, a true friend and an earnest Christian. She was for years secretary of the Sunday school in her church, loved by all who knew her. Some may have lived longer lives, but none ever lived a purer life than she.
T.C. Swofford
Arkansas Baptist, July 14, 1897, page 11

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Sheard Johnson

At his home near Pleasant Hill church, Hot Spring county, Ark., May 31, 1897.
The subject of this sketch was born in Henderson county, Tenn, in 1836. In 1858 he professed faith in Christ and united with Pleasant Hill Baptist church; he was a thorough Baptist from principle; he was a man of untarnished reputation and an earnest, devoted Christian. But he is gone. The wife is bereft of a loving husband and companion, the children of a kind and tender father, the church and Sunday school of a zealous worker and the community of a good man. But God knoweth best and doeth all things well. While he has gone, may we feel 'twas for our good that the Lord has only called him to his reward. Was he not ready when called? For one who has lived in the fear of God justly and uprightly as he, the grave has no victory and death no sting. I know he was only waiting for the summons which comes to us all, for he humbly sat at His footstool, gladly responding to his call.
                                                                                        Jno. B. Deer
Arkansas Baptist, June 30 1897, page 15

Mrs. Antha Ferguson

Died May 3, 1897 at Pawnee Agency, Oklahoma, aged 54 years. She was converted in youth, but did not join the Baptists until 1887, when she and her husband were baptized by Bro W. E. Penn. She married W.H. Ferguson in February 1875. For several years she was an invalid and a great sufferer, but bore it all with Christian fortitude, while being tenderly cared for by a devoted husband and loving children. She leaves a husband, one son and one daughter to mourn. The body was brought to Bentonville, Ark., for burial and the services were held in the Baptist church; a large congregation gathering to sympathize with relatives. Pastor J. T. Moore preached from Phil. 1:21 and then the body was laid away to await the resurrection.
Arkansas Baptist, June 30, 1897, page 15

Monday, November 16, 2009

Laura Coffman

Aged 8 months. Died Jan. 5th, 1897. Buried Jan. 6th at Portia, Ark., the writer officiating.
Sad and heart-piercing was the scene. A young father and mother grieving for the babe whom God had transferred to the land where separations, trials and sorrows are no more. Rest sweetly, holy one, thou art free from sin. Mourn not, tender parents, the soul liveth! Can we but reach that stage of purity held by that child, God truly will say "Thou good and faithful man, well done." The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord"
Jesse N. Teats
Black Rock, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, January 20, 1897, page 15

Rachael Cardin

Rachael, whose maiden name was Mitchell, was born January 11, 1808 , in North Carolina, and moved to Coffey[Coffee] county, Tenn., when a small child. She was married to Robert Cardin in 1829. There were born unto them ten children, two of whom died in infancy; all the others professed faith in Christ and joined the Baptists. Five went before her; five to follow. Her husband preceded her in death 24 years, leaving her alone with her dear children to fight and battle with the cares and troubles of this world. The Lord was her help. She was converted in 1834 and joined the Baptist church in Tennessee; was baptized by Henry Hunt. They moved to Madison county in 1837 and from there to Benton county in 1841 and went into the organization of Twelve Corners Baptist church, the first Baptist church in Benton county. She loved her church  and was beloved by her church. How hard to give her up, though she lived to be nearly ninety years old. She fell asleep in Jesus Saturday  morning, September 4, Her funeral was preached by her pastor, in the presence of a large congregation. Her remains were then laid to rest in the home graveyard, to await the resurrection morning.
September 2?, 1897, page 15

Mrs. Mary Meadows

Died September 14,1897 near Osceola, Ark., aged 75 years and 23 days. Mrs Meadows was born and reared in South Carolina and moved to Tennessee in 1870. In 1885 she moved to Mississippi county, Ark., where she remained until the blessed Lord called her home. she was a life-long and consistent member of the Baptist church. She leaves four sons, one daughter, many relatives and a host of friends to mourn her death.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hon. A. C. Jones

Born January 1826 in Halifax county, VA. At the age of 9, his parents moved to Carroll county, Tenn. In 1853 he came to Warren, Ark and in 1856 he married Mrs. D. C. Wells.
Bro. Jones joined the Bpatist church at this place in 1868, and was baptized by Eld. B. C. Hyatt. Soon after joining the church he was ordained deacon and served faithfully until his death which occured July 10, 1897.
Whereas, it has seemed good to our heavenly Father to remove from our midst our belloved and highly esteemed Bro. A. C. Jones...
Whereas, the intimate relations long held by the deceased with the church render it proper that we should place upon record our love and appreciation of his faithfulness as a Christian and merits as a man.
Therefore. Resolved, That we deplore the lossof Bro. Jones with deep feelings of regret, quietened only by the confident hope his spirit is with those who, having fought the good fight here, are enjoying perfect happiness in a better world.
Resolved, That we tender to his bereaved relatives, our sincere love, friendship, and sympathy in there bereavement at the loss of one who was a devoted father, true Christian and a good citizen.
Resolved, That these resolutions be sent to the Arkansas Baptist for publication.
C.C. Gannaway, W.F. Mack, M.E. Hughey, M.T. Gill, A. O'Neal, N.C. Denson, Committee
Arkansas Baptist, September 15, 1897

Milton Harley

Son of Eld. W. C. Harley. Died at Barkada, Ark., June 26, 1897, aged 22 years, 3 months and 12 days.
Our Master has called one young brother home, and while it seems hard to have to give up one so young and fair, yet it is our duty to suffer the will of our heavenly Father and murmur not.
Resolved, That in our loss is his etrmal gain. Therefore let is humbly bow to the behest of him who doeth all things well and rejoice at his gain rather than murmur over our loss. Resolved, That we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved parents and relatives.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be spread on our record and a copy tendered to the bereaved family.
C. W. Barker, J.R. Wallace, S.A. Roark, H.N. King, Committee
Arkansas Baptist , September 15, 1897, page 15

Mrs. S. J. Atkinson

Died August 15, 1897 at Star City, Ark, aged 65 years and 3 months. Sister Atkinson rose early Sunday morning expecting to attend church, but about 7:30 was attacked with heart disease, and at *:20 p.m. her spirit took its flight to God who gave it. She was a noble Christian. She loved her church and pastor and her motto was "do good to all people and evil to no one. say good of one or say nothing" since her death many say, I was never with her that she did not do me good, and to be in her presence was to be made better" She leaves two sons, four daughters, three sons-in-law, seventeen grandchildren, two brothers and a host of relatives and friends to lament her death. If we trust in Christ the separation is not permanent, but we shall all meet in the sweet bye and bye.
                                                                         D. E. Gambrell

Mrs. Adeline E. Summers

Daughter of Rev. J. C. and Mrs. L.J. Russell. Died August 8, near Humphrey, Ark. Aged 19 years. She was ready, she was waiting for the Master's call. She is gone, but not lost.
Arkansas Baptist, September 15, 1897, page 15

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jennie Lee Daniels

Jennie Lee, Infant son of H. N. and Ida Daniels, near Brinkley, Ark.  Departed this life August 13, 1897. Farewell, sweet little Lee, your earthly days are past like a lovely flower. You were too sweet to last. Your pain on earth was great; now Jesus has called you home. We trust you to His care.
We loved this tender little one,
And would have wished him to stay;
But our Father's will be done,
We will go to him some day.
                   "Mamma and Papa"
Arkansas Baptist, September 1, 1897, page 15

J. J. Daniel

Died at Fordyce, Ark., Aug. 17, 1897. Aged 42 years, 4 months and 4 days.
In early manhood he professed faith in Christ, united with the Bpatist church and became a leader in all progressive church work.  He leaves a wife, five children and a multitude of friends to mourn his death But we are not as those who have no hope; for we expect to meet him in "The Sweet Bye and Bye." He had been our church treasurer for years. Our loss is great. He was the pastor's sympathizer, a loved sunday school teacher, a good man, We tenderly commend his wife and children to the mercy and protection of the Jesus in whom husband and father trusted.
                                                                                             R. D. Wilson
Arkansas Baptist, September 1, 1897, page 15

W. L. Lay

Born in Scott county, Tenn., August 1, 1876. He came to this State in March, 1888; professed a hope in Christ in August 1892; united with the Baptist church at Mt.Pleasant, and lived a consistent and devoted Christian until July 17, 1897, when it peased the Master to all him to the "House of Many Mansions". He leaves a mother, three brothers, three sisters, and many friends to mourn their loss. But we comfort ourselves with the baolm which David gives us in saying: " he cannot return to me, but I may follow him"
          R.A. Smith
Arkansas Baptist, August 25, 1897, page 15

Elizabeth Littlefield

Born October, 1812; died August 5, 1897. Grandmother professed faith and joined the Baptist church in early life, and lived faithful to the end. Sowing seeds of kindness, helping the needy, marked her career. She leaves six children bereaved, but not hopeless, for they are all members of the Baptist church, Her children, grandchildren and hosts of friends rise up and call her blessed. "Blessed are the dead who lie in the Lord"
R. G. Thomas
Arkansas Baptist, August 25, 1897, page 15

George Kirtland

This brother departed this life October 12, 1897, ages 23 years, seven moths an ten days. He was a teacher by profession, with a bright prospect for usefulness before him, He was not amember of any church, yet he died in the full assurance of a bright immortality beyond the grave. He leaves a father and mother and a sister to mourn the loss of a dutiful son and affectionate brother. His funeral was preached by the writer from 1 Cor. 15:57 in the presence of sorrowing relatives and friends.
R. B. Bellamy
Arkansas Baptist, November 3, 1897, page 15

Mary Spotts

This sister departed this life September 7, 1897, at the advanced age of 70 years, one month and ten days. She had been a member of the Baptist church since September, 1874, and was a devoted member of the Smithville church at the time of her death. She leaves three sons, and one daughter and a number of grandchildren and other relatives and friends to mourn her departure. But it is consoling that they sorrow not as those who have no hope.
"We shall meet beyond the river
In the happy climes above"
                                 R. B. Bellamy
Arkansas Baptist, November 3, 1897, page 15

Mrs. Alice Kenady

Born in Lamar county, Texas, Oct. 5, 1876. Daughter of Henry Myers. She was born from above in 1889, and was baptized into the Union church in Saline county, Ark., by Eld. S.P. Davis, She was a dutiful daughter, a good neighbor, a tender, loving mother and devoted wife. She was a consecrated Christian, always abounding in the work of the Lord. My dear baby sister has been called from the toil of earth to the joys and rest of heaven. I do not say farewell forever, but only bid a tender"goodnight" till I see her again in the morning of the resurrection. She leaves a broken-hearted husband and two little girls. The husband no more receives the tender caress, nor the little ones a mother's love and care. Dear little ones she cannot come back to you, but you can go to her.  May God who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb tenderly care for our old father that his gray hairs come not with sorrow down to the grave And grant us a happy re-union in the better land.
                             Her devoted sister,
Bierne, Ark.                                       Lou Nelson
Arkansas Baptist, December 1, 1897, page 15

Elder J.N. McCall

Was born October 6, 1842, departed this life February 18, 1897. He professed religion in 1887 and was
ordained deacon December 25, 1887, and ordained to the full ministry of the gospel in 1888 and lived a faithful servant for the Master till the Lord said come up higher, you have been faithful over a few things; enter into the joys of thy Lord and I'll make thee ruler over many things. Blessed are they that fall asleep in Jesus. The writer preached his funeral at Mission No. 2 to a large congregation, November 14, 1897. He leaves a wife and six children, and an old mother of 98 years, one brother and sister, to mourn his loss. God's will be done.
Though today we be filled with  mourning
mercy still in on the throne
With thy smile of love returning,
We can sing, "They will be done"
                                        Rev. J.F. Clark
Arkansas Baptist, November 24, 1897, page 15

Mrs. Elizabeth Birmingham

Mrs. Elizabeth was born August 25, 1853; professed religion in August 1897 and joined the Methodist church and became convinced that she was wrong and joined the Missionary Baptist and was baptized September 5, 1896, and lived a faithful Christian till God called her September 28, 1897. She leaves a husband and six children to mourn her loss, but weep not, for she is--
Borne by angels on their wings,
 Far from earth the spirit flies
Finds her God and sits and sings,
Triumphantly in paradise.
Arkansas Baptist, November 24, 1897, page 15

Mrs. Martha Poe

Died in Russellville, Ark., Dec. 3, 1897. Sister Poe was born in North Carolina and moved to Grant County, Arkansas, over forty years ago. For several years after the war she lived in Little Rock, and kept the Poe Hotel on Fifth Street. Her daughter married Bro. A.T. Davis, of Russellville and in recent years she made her home there. She was a devoted Christian, and from early life a devoted Baptist. In 1871 our editor was a guest at the Poe Hotel, and at that time was impressed with her Christian fidelity. Ready for the harvest, the reaper gathered her. The Lord comfort the bereaved ones.
Arkansas Baptist, January 12, 1898, page 15

Mrs. Nannie (Vanderslice) DeLaughter

Born in Dallas County, Ark., November 1, 1862, died December 9, 1897.
Her life was spent here, except eight years in Nashville, Tenn. She professed he faith in Christ at Cypress church, under the ministry of Rev., Wm. Davis, and joined the Methodist church in 1878 and lived a devoted, active, religious life till the end. She was married to Rev. Benjamin DeLaughter June 7, 1896; was a great help to him in his trials, and a devoted wife, true and kind; beloved by those who knew her best, and made them feel that she was near to God. In her last moments she talked and sang of heaven, sweet home of the blest. Bereaved ones, cheer up; it won't be long till we shall see her, never more to part. Loving mother, husband and sister; weep not; she is at rest.
Arkansas Baptist, January 12, 1898, page 15

William Henry Smith

Killed by a falling shed, January 5, 1898.  Aged 21 years and four months.
He was received into Immanuel Baptist Church by baptism October 23, 1895. His life was a model; always in his place and responding cheerfully to every call of duty. served one year as librarian of Sunday school and treasurer of W. Y. P. U .
The church had just elected him president of the union and treasurer of the school. A noble boy, a devoted son, a model Christian. Loved and respected by young and old.  Though we ca not understand the mysteries of Gods providence, we humbly bow to his will.
Arkansas Baptist, January 19, 1898, page 15

Miss Lettie Moore

Died in Little Rock, December 29, 1897. Aged 20 years and 2 months.
She professed her faith and was baptized into Immanuel Baptist Church February 23, 1896. She was a retiring modest, yet earnest and devoted member, and greatly loved by those who new her best. She seemed to be forewarned of her death and talked of it with perfect resignation, to the sorrowing survivors, sorrow not as those who have no hope; the re-union will come, and if you emulate her life, it will be a joy to you.
Arkansas Baptist, January 19, 1898, page 15

W. C. Looney

Died at  his home near Mt Comfort, Washington County, Arkansas, January 2, 1898. Aged 55 years, 1 month and 29 days.
Bro. Looney was born at Nashville, Tenn. He professed religion at the age of 16 years and united with the Presbyterian Church. In 1882 he moved to Crawford County, Arkansas; thence to Washington County, where he died. Though all his religious life he lived a close and dutiful Christian. Some three years before his death, he changed his church relation, uniting with the New Hope Baptist Church near Johnson, Ark., and was baptized by Eld. G. P. Hanks. Bro. Looney had suffered the last five years of his life from a stroke of paralysis. He bore his suffering with great patience and Christian fortitude till death relieved him, passing away gently and willingly to his home above. Thus passed away an exemplary Christian, a devoted husband, and an indulgent father. he leaves a grief stricken widow and five children to mourn their loss.
Arkansas Baptist
January 19, 1898, age 15

Samuel S Desha- Mortuary Notice

Funeral of Samuel S Desha
Representative Men of Pulaski County in Attendance- A Model Colored man
 The Funeral of Samuel S Desha, a very prominant colored man, whose death was announced in yesterday's Gazette took place from the Colored Baptist Church on Eleventh and Izard streets yesterday afternoon. There was a very large attendance at the services.
Among those present were Hon. Thos, Fletcher, Col. John G Fletcher, Mayer H. L. Fletcher, Jeff L Fletcher, H.L. Fletcher Jr., Richard Fletcher, Dr. R. W. Lindsey and Louis Reinman.
The county was represented by the following gentlemen from the various departments of the County Government; O.P. Harnwell, from the County Court; Horace Booker from the Sheriff's office J.J. McEvoy from the County Clerk's office; Horace Dale from the Circuit Clerk's office; Francis M. Conway, County Surveyor, and Robt. W. Worthen, late Sheriff  of Pulaski County.
The deceased was born and reared in Saline County, and when a slave was the property of Caleb Lindsey, father of Dr. R.W. Lindsey.
The deceased was a man of exceptional moral and financial standing for one of his race, and in the language of Mayor Fletcher: "His word was as good as his bond in or out of banks"
He was a staunch Democrat and leaves property to this city and Eagle township valued at from $30,000 to $40,000.  He had a $10,000 life insurance policy in Equitable Life Insurance Company.
In fact, Samuel Desha was a model in which the brethren of his race might do well to emulate.
Arkansas Gazette Sept. 5, 1891