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Dorah Owen

Miss Dorah Owen, Daughter of Bro. W. J. Owen at Cornersville, March 13 aged 15 years.
We were called from our desk this morning to attend the funeral of our niece, Miss Dorah Owen. She died yesterday morning after a very painful illness of three days with spinal meningitis. How true that in the midst of life, we are in death. We are overcome by this sudden shock, we have no words, God knows best, and He makes no mistakes. We learn that Dorah told her father that she was prepared to meet her Savior. It's how happy the change. May God sanctify this dark dispensation of his providence to the good of the stricken family. J.B.S.
Arkansas Evangel, March 22, 1883

Monroe Anderson

Captain Monroe Anderson died in Marianna, Ark., of typhoid malarial fever, June 29th, 1882, aged 43 years. He was born in Lebanon, Wilson county, Tenn., May 1839 and was educated at Chapel Hill, N.C.
A true patriot, he answered his country's call and was a fearless soldier during the civil war.
Moving to this state in the fall of 1864, he made a profession of religion and was baptized by Eld. P. S G. Watson in 1865 and joined the New Hope Baptist church near La Grange, and was a member of the Marianna Baptist church ...married Miss Mooney in the fall of 1866, who with two sons now mourn his death, three children having  preceded him across the Jordon.
He began the practice of law in 1868 and I presume that no man in the same length of time won a more enviable reputation or had any larger practice. He was highly esteemed and his death was deeply deplored by his fellow counselors as well as his numerous clients. He loved the Sunday school and his diligent preparation of the lesson made it desirable to be a member of his class.
A devoted husband, a kind father, a true friend and neighbor and an honorable citizen has passed away. I hve every reason to believe he s at rest. We commend to the bereaved the consolations of our holy religion. G.A.G.

Arkansas Evangel , January18, 1883

Isabella W Brantly

Isabella W. Brantley, wife of Louis Brantly, at her home in Bradley County, Ark., on he 29th day of Nov. 1882. She was born in 1809, embraced religion and united with the baptist church in 1828 and was married in 1830.
Her life was one of piety and Christian devotion, and now her body sleeps beneath the sod, her spirit sweetly rests in the paradise of God. She has passes from her earthly prison house of clay,  left a loving, aged husband, who is now patiently awaiting a similar summons from on high. She also left two sons an one daughter to mourn their loss. The church and community will miss her.
T. I. Pirtle
Arkansas Evangel, January 18, 1883

H. F. Buckner

Our own dear brother is no more of this world; he has gone to our Father's house above, where the blessed Savior has prepared many mansions for the redeemed. Thank God for the Christian's hope in this world and his home beyond.
He died at 3 o'clock a.m. December 2, and was buried on Monday Dec. 4, at 3 p.m. We knew nothing of it till after his dear body had been deposited in the grave, being away from home and beyond the reach of the telegram, promptly sent, notifying us of his dangerous sickness, and saying "come at once." A messenger was dispatched but failed to reach us. We can say no more as we go to press. But we beg the sympathies and prayers of our brethren, especially his dear family; a wife, two daughters and four sons, the oldest son being only about nine years old.

Arkansas Evangel, December 14, 1882

Sallie Olive Thomas

Sallie Olive Thomas, youngest daughter of W. J. and Sarah M. Kennedy and wife of James O. Thomas was born in Cherokee County, Ala. on the 27th day of Jan. 1859. She made a profession of faith in Christ at Gum Spring, St. Clair County, Ala. in her 14th year and was baptized into New Hope Church immediately afterwards. She maintained her Christian character to the last as a bright and shining light, She was ever a close Bible reader, feasting her soul on the manna found in God's word.She had read it all through this present year. The Sabbath school was the favored instrument in bringing her to a knowledge of the truth and it was ever her delight, often going in much weakness as she was in feeble health a long time before her death. She was marrid to James O. Thomas on the 23rd day of December 1877. After years of declining health and some weeks of painful affliction she calmly passed away without a struggle in the triumphs of living faith at about 3 o'clock pm of Oct. 23, 1882. Our sister is at rest. The glorious promised rest of heaven. She is with our other dear ones. Our family circle keeps growing larger. Soon we will be called to join them. Out Master says " Be ye also ready"
"When loosed from earthy trials,
THe spirit takes its flight.'I will dwell in realms of glory,
Where Jesus is the light"
Her brother,
J. E. Kennedy
Arkansas Evangel, December 7, 1882

Mary Victoria Wharton

Daughter of A.J. and M.L. Wharton, aged six years, ten months and fifteen days. Swamp fever was the destroyer, and caused her to suffer very much for twenty days before she fell asleep. While we loved
" Little Vick" with all the tenderness of parental love, we bow in submission to the will of God; knowing he makes no mistakes, and that he had a right to take her and cause us to mourn.
The following lines are composed to her memory by her father.
Fair was the hope that shone before my eyes,
Bright as the summer flowers most radiant dyes; to her my longins turned with fond desire, and to her my wishes dared aspire.
And now she lies in dust and ashes low, As loved ones lie with death's seal on their brow;
And disappointment bows my head in grief-
My sad heart yearning for quick relief.
And yet, to my sorrowing heart I say, 
Tis God brought this joyless day;
To teach thee some new lesson of His power,
Or try thy faith, He has brought this darksome hour,
So lift thy head and look above the gloom,
And let fond hope within thy soul find room;
And trust His goodness, though the heaven's fall,
For some good reason God has done it all

Arkansas Evangel, November 16, 1882

Bertie Screeton

At Carlisle, Ark, July  28, Little Bertie, youngest son of Geo. T. and Callie Screeton, aged one year and ten months. Disease-cholera infantum.

Arkansas Evangel, August 17, 1882

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Miss Ethel P. Gage

Daughter of Bro. and Sister W; L Gage was born December 15, 1870; died March 5, 1895.  She was a member of Philadelphia church, having professed faith in Christ in August, 1886.  Miss Ethel was an accomplished young lady. She graduated in Ouachita College last June with splendid honors. The future seemed bright for her. But the witherer of all our earthly hopes laid his hand upon her, and all was blighted. But her hope of heaven only grew brighter. She was confined to her bed for several months before her death; but with meek submission she bore it all. No doubt her hard study and the faithfful work done by her instructors in Ouachita prepared her for a greater degree of happiness in heaven. Miss Ethel is not dead ( see John 11:20). She only sleepeth. 1 Thess. 4: 13-15.
 Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep.
C. B. Hunton
Ouachita Ripples please copy
Arkansas Baptist, March 20, 1896, page 8