Sunday, May 30, 2010

Isabella W Brantly

Isabella W. Brantley, wife of Louis Brantly, at her home in Bradley County, Ark., on he 29th day of Nov. 1882. She was born in 1809, embraced religion and united with the baptist church in 1828 and was married in 1830.
Her life was one of piety and Christian devotion, and now her body sleeps beneath the sod, her spirit sweetly rests in the paradise of God. She has passes from her earthly prison house of clay,  left a loving, aged husband, who is now patiently awaiting a similar summons from on high. She also left two sons an one daughter to mourn their loss. The church and community will miss her.
T. I. Pirtle
Arkansas Evangel, January 18, 1883

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