Friday, May 28, 2010

Miss Ethel P. Gage

Daughter of Bro. and Sister W; L Gage was born December 15, 1870; died March 5, 1895.  She was a member of Philadelphia church, having professed faith in Christ in August, 1886.  Miss Ethel was an accomplished young lady. She graduated in Ouachita College last June with splendid honors. The future seemed bright for her. But the witherer of all our earthly hopes laid his hand upon her, and all was blighted. But her hope of heaven only grew brighter. She was confined to her bed for several months before her death; but with meek submission she bore it all. No doubt her hard study and the faithfful work done by her instructors in Ouachita prepared her for a greater degree of happiness in heaven. Miss Ethel is not dead ( see John 11:20). She only sleepeth. 1 Thess. 4: 13-15.
 Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep.
C. B. Hunton
Ouachita Ripples please copy
Arkansas Baptist, March 20, 1896, page 8

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