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Sarah L. Carter

Sarah L. Carter died November 30, 1889 after eight weeks suffering.
She was born June 23 , 1844 in the state of Mississippi. Her father W. J. Carter moved to Arkansas in 1852 where she lived until her death. She professed faith in Christ and joined Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in September 1861, where she lived a consistent member until death. While on her death bed she made the church a present of a Bible and requested her pastor paid from her means left. She leaves two brothers and three sisters besides an abundance of relatives and friends to mourn her loss. Her last words gave evidence that her trust was firmly ... in Him whom she so well served.
Bluff City, Arkansas

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
February 6, 1890, page 8

Grace Reynolds

Little Grace, four years old, daughter of T.H. and Sarah Reynolds, died January 4, 1890 at 9 p.m.
Gracie as she was called was the pet and favorite of papa, mama and a host of friends. Her sudden and unexpected death shocked the whole community. She strangled while trying to swallow medicine while in reasonable health.
Her remains were laid to rest in the family cemetery two miles north of Reyno. A funeral service was held from the Baptist church. May God bless and comfort the heart broken parents, sister, relatives and friends.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
February 6, 1890, page 8

Rosa H. Toothaker

Mrs. Rosa H. Toothaker, October 14th, at the Arlington Hotel, Argenta, Arkansas of typhoid fever.
Deceased was born in Cheboygan, Wisconsin, July 1836. Moved to Arkansas with her husband and two children October 1888. Sister Toothaker professed faith in Christ during a meeting held by the writer with Liberty church Prairie county, Arkansas, September 1889 and was baptized into the fellowship of that church.
The funeral services of the deceased were conducted by the writer at the Baptist church Argenta. Sister Toothaker leaves a devoted husband and two children to mourn her death, but what is their loss is her eternal gain.

L.F. Taylor

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 29, 1891, page 7

Benjamin F. Poss

Benjamin F. Poss, departed this life at his home in Grapevine Saturday September the 12th, 1891. He was born in Williamson county, Tennessee; was unmarried, at the time of his death, was an acceptable member of Sardis church and a member of the Sabbath school and a regular attendant at prayer meeting. He enjoyed the respect and confidence of those who knew him.
Resolved, That while we bow to the manifest will of our all wise Father in humble faith and confidence that he doeth all things well, wet we recognize the fact that our school and church have lost both a useful member and the community a good citizen.
Resolved, That we sympathize with the bereaved mother, brothers, and sisters of our departed friend.
Resolved, that this preamble and resolutions be spread upon the minutes and  copy furnished the family of which our departed brother was a member.
J.W. Worthington, Della Gartman, Barbara Harrington, Margaret King, Mattie Taylor. Committee

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 29, 1891, page 7

Sophemia Graves

On the 18th inst., one of our beloved sisters Sophemia Graves, departed this life. She was an earnest Christian worker in the Baptist church. She leaves a husband and four children, three sons and one daughter also many friends to mourn the loss of their dear companion.
Oh could I enumerate the times she has called me and asked me to sing the song entitled " The Unclouded Day"
B.J. Matthews

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 29, 1891, page 7

Joseph A.Swain

Mr. Joseph A. Swain died at his residence near Pleasant Hill church in Lonoke county, on the 14th inst., at the age of forty-two years.
In early manhood he married the daughter of our Bro. J.M. King and lived with her until death, a faithful good husband and kind father. He was a Christian for many years and died in the Christian's hope.
May God bless the wife and children and keep them by his power unto the day of final redemption.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 29, 1891, page 7

Sallie Dawson

Sallie, ten year old daughter of T.F. and Ann Dawson, closed her eyes on the light of this world, at her fathers in Trenton, Arkansas, September 29th, 1891, after suffering from congestion only twenty-six hours.
She was not only the sunshine of the home but the pride of the town. The writer loved her with a peculiar tenderness, and he rejoices with the broken hearted parents in the blessed hope of clasping little Salllie to his bosom again. Remember, dear brother and sister,  "When the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son who he receiveth."
May the balm of God's love heal the broken heart.
Giles. C. Taylor

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 22, 1891, page 7

Sarah C.S. Honeyman

Born March 23rd, 1866. Died September 6th, 1891, aged twenty-five years, five months, and fourteen days.
She was wife of Geo. W. Honeyman, a member of Oak Bower Baptist church. Another has faded on earth, to bloom n the Paradise of God. She died with consumption and suffered sadly for several months, until God saw fit to take her from earth's sorrows, to live with him in glory. She was a conservative character, her life a model of propriety. Her death a triumph of faith. She leaves a husband and three little children to mourn their loss. May God aid this bereaved brother in raising these little ones in each way that they may follow mother, as she followed Christ. If they ever see her more, it will be in heaven. She is not dead, but sleeping. God grant that the husband and children be gathered into the city of God at last. Amen.
Resolved,  That a copy of this obituary be sent to the Arkansas Baptist, and the Fort Smith Elevator for publication, and a copy be given to the bereaved husband. Done by order of the church in conference.
J.W. Mashburn, H.G. Johnson, I.M. Clary, Committee.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 15, 1891, page 7

Roberta Hill

Mrs. Roberta Hill, wife of Mr. Joshua Hill, formerly of Little Rock but now of Memphis, whose mother and brothers are well known here, died at Cold Water, Miss., August 28th, 1891, leaving husband and four little children with many relatives and friends to mourn her death. Mrs. Hill was a member of the Second Baptist church, in this city, and was a pious and exemplary Christian, an affectionate wife, a devoted mother, and a faithful friend. She has entered into the rest which remaineth to the people of God. The Lord bless, comfort and keep dear ones left behind, and may they all meet her in heaven. A.B.M.

The Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 15, 1891, page 7