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Thomas McKinsie Davis

Died-Little Thomas McKinsie Davis, infant son of Bro. Jeff and sister Ina Davis, April 18th, 1891. He was born November 3rd, 1890.  We laid away his little remains in the beautiful cemetery yesterday, at three o'clock, where it will await the resurrection morn. Our loving Heavenly Father has transplanted the little flower into the paradise above "Thy will be done." Dear parents, little  Thomas cannot come to you, but you can go to him. Let this thought comfort your hearts. 
L. Elledge 
Russellville, Ark.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 30, 1891, page 7

James Garrison

James Garrison was born Aug. 8, 1863, and died near Van Buren, Crawford county, Ark., Nov. 14, 1890.
Bro. Garrison was a consistent member of the Baptist church, and died in full triumph of the living faith. It seems indeed a strange dispensation of God's providence, that he should take from us our brother, so young, and so full of promise and usefulness, yet we know he doeth all things well, and we bow in submission to his will.

"Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the storm of life has fled;
Then in heaven with joy to great thee,
Where no farewell tear is shed."

By order of the church.
E.T. Blair
T.M. Garner

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 7, 1891, page 8

Amy Hood

Amy Hood, aged two years and seven months. The only daughter of James and Martha Hood.
Little Amy was the pride of her parents and grandparents, a special favorite of their friends. She was gathered by the Master gently, scarcely a struggle. her parents deeply mourn their loss, but they should not, for it is her gain. It should be a consolation to them to know that their darling is at rest, her sweet little hands joined with bright angels who surround the throne of God and the lamb. Though they miss her gentle hand strokes on their cheeks, she wil meet them when they are called, where there will be no more parting. 

Dear little hands, when the Master shall call,
I'll welcome the summons that come to us all,
When my feet touch the waters so dark and cold;
Soon I will catch my first glimpse of the "City of Gold;"
When my eyes shall be fixed on the heavenly gate.

After crossing the tide to where angels await,
Shall I know that our sweet Amy mid those at the gate?
Shall I know our sweet Amy in that white-robed band?
Will beckon me to her with that dear little hand?
--Addie M. Farquehar
Wheatley, Arkansas

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 7, 1891, page 8

Mollie A. Daniel

Mollie A. Daniel, daughter of the late Eld. J. M. Wells and Mary E. Wells was born Dec. 24, 1863, died April 15, 1891, near Beirne, Clark County, Arkansas. 
She was an earnest Christian, having made a profession of Christ in early life. She died in the full triumph of a living faith, and is gone to reap the reward that awaits all who look for the Savior's coming. J. M. Bennett

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 7, 1891, page 8

Nelson C. Varnell

Nelson C., only son of Rev. T. J. Varnell, departed this life on the morning of April 22nd, at the residence of his uncle, H.N. Royster, aged 10 years. 
Nelson was a good boy, truthful, kind-heated and obedient. He was the idol of his father and sisters, loved greatly by all who knew him. But relatives, weep not for him nor wish him back. Live so that when your trumpet shall sound to call you home, you will meet the beloved boy where parting will be no more.

" Thou art gone to the grave, but we need not deplore, thee
Though sorrow and darkness encompass the tomb,
Thy Savior has passed through its portals before thee,
And the lamps of his love is thy guide through the gloom."
April 26, 1891  - His Uncle

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 7, 1891, page 8

Martha F. Nutt

Matha F. Nutt, wife of Rev. Thos. Nutt. Born Oct. 23, 1842 in Tippah county, Miss. Professed religion Aug. 1861, and united with the Baptist church at Pine Grove by baptism; married Eld. Thos. Nutt Jan 2, 1870, died April 14, 1891.
Sister Nutt was one of the constituent members of the Cleveland church; a devoted and exemplary member, highly respected by all who knew her. In the death of Sister Nutt the church has lost a worthy and useful member, Bro. Nutt a deserving and pious companion, her children a loving mother and a safe protector, and the community an excellent, accommodating neighbor. We mourn the loss, but meekly bow in humble submission to him that doeth all things well.
The entire community joins in extending to the bereaved family our heart-felt sympathy, and say, "Look forward to the time when, with the blessed Savior, we can and expect to again see Sister Nutt, as she is transformed from the invalid of three years of suffering to as prominent a saint as she was a wife, mother, sister, and neighbor."
Weep not, blessed are they who fall asleep in Jesus.  
G.H. Taylor

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 7,1891, page 8

John Q. Taylor

The community was pained to hear of the sudden death of John Q. Taylor, which occurred Friday night, April 10. He was a faithful, consistent and prominent member of this church for many years. He lived for many years at Helena, Ark., where his children were born and reared; in 1853 he was converted under the preaching of Rev. J. R. Graves, of Memphis, Tenn, and was baptized by him in the Mississippi river, forming one of the original members of the Helena Baptist church, which afterward became one of the largest and most flourishing churches of the State. Soon after his baptism he was ordained a deacon, which office he hs filled at Helena and again in Tampa, when in 1884 he moved to this city. He leaves three daughters, Mrs. V. B. McIlvaine and Misses Mary and Eva Taylor, all of whom are well known in this city. Miss Mary is the city editor of the Journal and Miss Eva is the organist at First Baptist church. The sorrow stricken daughters will have the sincere sympathy of friends and the public generally. The Tampa Journal
[It was our privilege to baptize Miss Eva and Harry. The later has passed to his reward, and his father has now joined him and his mother "on the other shore." The family numbered six, when we were their pastor. Six yet, but the narrow stream has parted the household in twain. The Lord will give them a blessed reunion by and by. -Ed.]

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 7, 1891, page 8

Mamie E. Ballard

Mamie E died in North Carolina. She was the youngest daughter of Eld. T. J. and M. J. Ballard; was born July 30, 1884 and died April 2, 1891. Mamie was a sweet and lovely child, and was loved by all who knew her. She took sick with La Grippe, and then took fever. She suffered only eight days until the angel of death came to call her up higher
She leaves a kind father and stepmother, one brother and sister, with many relatives and friends to mourn her loss.
Good-by dear Mamie, till we meet again.
A Friend

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 7, 1891, page 8

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Tabitha Mayfield Dunlap

Tabitha Mayfield Dunlap, died March 16, 1891, aged 84 years, 5 months and 11 days.
Tabitha Mayfield was born in Georgia October 5, 1806., Married in 1820 to John Dunlap. Professed religion and joined the Baptist Church in 1829, moved to Arkansas in 1882 and united with the Unity church, of which she was a faithful member at the time of her death. She lived a devoted Christian ad consistent Baptist sixty-two years. She leaves many relatives and friends, who will mourn her departure, yet we bow submissively to the will of Him who does all things well. We tender the sorrowing ones our sincere sympathy and commend them to the mourner's Friend, for consolation. By order of the church.

Mrs. N.J. Edwards
Mrs. Sudie Petty
J.A. Medlock

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
July 2, 1891, page 7

Mrs. Levina Edie

Mrs. Levina Edie (nee Parlmer), Born in Fayette county, Penn., October 5, 1814; died at her home in Judsonia, January 5, 1897 aged 82 years and 3 months. On February 20, 1834, she was married to Mr. Thos. Edie in Ohio, who preceded her in death by fourteen years. In 1835 she was converted and later baptized into the fellowship of Fowler's Run Baptist church in Harrison county, Ohio. In 1853, with her family, she moved to Iowa, where with her husband she became a constituent member of two new Baptist churches, and with her money and labor helped to build them up, thereby leaving monuments of her faith in God and zeal for his cause. In 1878 she, with her husband came to Judsonia, Ark., where she remained until her death.
"Mother" Edie's faith in her God ever grew stronger. And the burdens and infirmities of a life of 82 years she never thought sufficient excuse for not going to church. If the day was suitable and she could possibly walk to the church, a distance of a quarter of a mile, she was sure to be in her place in church. Infirmities of age and loss of hearing have kept many away from church, but her heart she gave to God and her body to his service. To her pastor, not long since, she said in substance: " I have been serving my Lord more than sixty years." Her pastor asked: "you are not tired of this service yet, are you Mother Edie?" She replied: No, praise the Lord, I'm not tired of serving him yet. But it will not be long until I go home where I can always praise him and serve him better than I ever have in this world."
Mother Edie's life was worth living. Her heart was full of love and good will for all whom she met, and was sufficient to stop the blasphemy of any infidel. Her influence was sweet and powerful, and she will ever live in the hearts of her two children, Mr. J.W. Edie of Little Rock, and Mrs. M.A. Wagner of Judsonia, Ark. and the seventeen grandchildren and twenty greatgrandchildren. The funeral service was held in the Baptist church in Judsonia, conducted by Eld. E.C. Lite, i the presence of a large concourse of mourning friends.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
January 20, 1897, page 15

Mrs. Mary C. Baldridge

Mrs. Mary C. Baldridge, wife of W.T. Baldridge, died at Bryant, Arkansas, Dec, 25, 1896; aged 62 years and two months. 
She was born in Mississippi; reared and married in Tennessee. Moved to Arkansas in 1859 and settled in Saline county. She was the mother of eleven children, eight of who are left bereaved, as she has gone to the home where the other three are gathered. The eight living are professors. Hon. Wm. Baldridge, member of the Legislature is one of the numbes (?). Sister Baldridge made profession and joined New Hope church nineteen years ago, and with her husband was baptized by the writer. A devoted wife, a loving mother and consistent Christian has gone home. She said sting of death was gone. Farewell, sister until we meet "over there." Wm.T.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
January 20, 1897, page 15

Laura Coffman

Laura Coffman, Aged 8 months, Died January 5, 1887 at Portia, Arkansas., the writer officiating.
Sad and heart piercing was the scene. A young father and mother grieving for the babe whom God has transferred to the land where separations, trials and sorrows are no more. Rest sweetly, holy one, thou are free from sin. Mourn not, tender parents, the soul liveth! Can we but reach the stage of purity held by that child, Gold will truly say, "Thou good an faithful man, Well done." "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Jesse N. Teats
Black Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
January 20, 1897, page 15

John M. Young

Eld. John  M. Young was born in Madison County, Tenn. in 1828. After he attained his growth he went to Alabama and remained three years. While there he married Miss Emeline Simms, and later went to Georgia and remained about twenty years. In 1870 he moved to Logan county, Ark, In February 1889, his wife died leaving nine children to brighten the life of the bereaved father. About a year later he married Miss Prude Rana. He died at his home in Revilee Valley, January 28, 1897, leaving his wife and thirteen children to mourn his death. Bro. Young accepted Christ about 1845 and at once joined the Baptists and entered the ministry. He was ordained August 30, 1862 at Poplar Springs Baptist church, Chattooga county, Ga. Bro Young was a highly respected citizen and a prosperous farmer. Hw will be sadly missed in his community by all who knew him. In 1872 and 1876 he ws moderator of the Dardanelle Association. He organized the Revilee Baptist church and many others. His place around the family alter is vacant, but his influence will live throughout many generations. He was a successful revivalist and has been instrumental in bringing hundreds of souls to Christ. Our beloved brother and former moderator is dead, but his name still lives, and will e loved for many years to come.
Whereas, it has pleased Almighty God, in his wisdom, to remove from our midst our beloved brother and moderator; and
Whereas, In the death of Bro. Young, Revilee church has lost one of its faithful lights and one of her most zealous members; therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Dardanelle Association extend to the family if the deceased our heartfelt sympathy and condolence in this hour of their bereavement.
Resolved, That his absence in our association makes us sad, yet it is true he is happy with Christ and his dear ones who have gone before.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the Arkansas Baptist for publication and that a copy of the same be sent to the family of the deceased.

A.G. Taylor
J.M. Williams
J.A. Mayfield

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 20, 1897, page 15

J. H. O' Neal

Whereas, It has pleased our Heavenly Father to call our beloved Bro. J.H. O'Neal to that  "rest that remains for the people of God" to be with Christ, whom he loved while upon earth aad was true to the trust committed to him, which was true riches; therefore,
Resolved, That in the death of Bro. J.H. O'Neal, the church has lost a worthy member, a wise counsellor, and a man strong on faith and an example to all mankind.
Resolved, Further, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the Arkansas Baptist for publication, and these resolutions be spread on our minutes.

Mrs. J.J. Colyear
Mrs. S.B. Barham
Mrs. J.J. Ciferd

St. Francis

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
December 15, 1897, page 15

Dr. Henry Thomas Dillard

Dr. Henry Thomas Dillard was born December 20, 1853 in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. A few years of his early life were spent in Texas. He returned to Texas in 1860. After studying medicine in New York he gave his attention to that noble calling. He was very much devoted to his profession and made good use of the many opportunities for doing good that are afforded a Christian doctor. Many today will testify that "He being dead, yet speaketh."
Bro. Dillard professed religion and united with the Baptist church at Shreveport in 1886. He was utterly devoid of ostentation, but is a quiet, unassuming way he was ever seeking to glorify the name of his Master and to elevate humanity. He moved to North Little Rock from Shreveport in 1895 during the pastorate of the writer, and our hearts at once went out to him and his estimable family. While here he was ordained to the deaconship. Many troubles came to him after reaching Arkansas. Soon after arriving their residence was destroyed by fire, and sickness was after their portion, but our departed brother showed a spirit of calm and holy resignation, which seemed to say, "All things wok together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose." For the past year or so his health had been growing gradually worse. In quest of improvement he went to New York and South Carolina. He came home about three months ago with the intention of winding up his business and moving to Texas, but alas! it was not to be for he was taken worse at the residence of Mr. W.C. Armstrong, his brother-in-law, twelve miles from Little Rock, and after twelve weeks of suffering, he passed away Friday night, November 26. His physician said he had never waited on anyone so patient in his life. We sang several hymns for him that evening and he seemed to enjoy them very much. When asked whether the way was clear before him, he answered; Yes, I feel it in my bosom." When we saw that the end was near, we prayed that he might be given a peaceful hour in which to die. Our prayers were answered, for he went to sleep as quietly as an infant on his mother's breast.
The writer accompanied the sorrowing family to Shreveport, La. and preached the funeral sermon at the First Baptist church. The Knights Templar then took charge of the remains and gently laid him to rest with his father and his little son to await the glorious resurrection morning.
"Goodnight beloved, sleep and take thy rest,
Lay down thy head upon thy Savior's beast;
We loved thee much, but Jesus loved the best;
May God's rich favor be upon the wife, the four children, the mother, the sister and the many friends who mourn their loss, and may they realize that our "light afflictions which are but for a moment, work out for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

Benjamin Cox

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
December 8, 1897, page 15

Alice Butler

Alice Butler died with consumption, Feb. 25, 1891.
Sister Alice was the daughter of T.V. Butler, and stepdaughter of Rebecca Butler. She was aged Twenty years. She professed religion at the age of thirteen, and united with the Baptist church in 1883. Her life was that of a consistent Christian; a faithful member of the Sunday school since 1886, until her death. We have lost a valued friend and a faithful sister in Christ.

Signed: Mrs. Alice Burton
             Mrs. Eliza Hammett

Arkansas Baptist Little Rock, Arkansas
March 19, 1891, page 7

C. E. Emerson

C. E. Emerson died March 3, 1891  near Austin, Lonoke county Arkansas.
This brother was born in Madison county, Tennessee, May 1831. He fell dead on the floor, on the above named date at his home. He had been a citizen of that vicinity for nearly forty years, and a member and deacon of Austin Baptist Church. I had been his pastor for sixteen years, from first to last, knew him intimately, and can say he was a good and faithful man in every department of life, as a husband, father, neighbor, citizen, church member and an officer. I have known him for twenty five years, all of which he has been afflicted with a bad sore leg that gave him much pain. He left a wife, one son, one sister and one brother to mourn his loss; many dear friends having preceded him to the glory land. May the grace of God sustain the widow and all surviving relatives and friends is the prayer of this pastor.

R.J. Coleman

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 19, 1891, page 7

Cabot, Arkansas

Mrs. N.J. Barbee

Mrs. N.J. Barbee, wife of Bro. Sam Barbee, died at her home in Hackett City, Ark. Professed religion at the age of eleven years, and joined Mount Person Baptist church, state of Mississippi. She came to this town some years ago with her husband, and was beloved by all who knew her as a consistent Christian, a loving and devoted wife, a kind mother, a good neighbor. She was born March 24th, 1837. Married to Sam Barbee, 1852, her funeral was preached by this writer from 1 Thess. 4:14. She was buried in Hackett City, Cemetery. I read a letter she wrote to her husband March 24th, 1889, when in Texas.It being her fifty-fourth birthday. Expressing praise to God for his loving kindness and tender mercies bestowed upon her in making her an heir of heaven and admonishing her husband to Christian stability, that they might live together in the sweet bye and bye. Yes, we miss her in the church, we miss her in the Ladies' Aid Society; they miss her at home. But if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so then al that sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. Our loss of her on earth will be her gain in heaven; therefore, we bow in submission to him who doeth all things well; and may his grace lead the bereaved husband and only daughter onward and upward, till the morning when we all awaken to sleep no more.

D.C.Yeargin, Pastor
Hackett City

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 16, 1891, Page 7

W.H. Brown

W. H. Brown, son of E.E. Brown, died at Little Rock, October 3, 1890, aged 33 years.
He made a profession of religion in 1883 and united with the Baptist Church. From the time of his conversion until his death, he lived a devoted Christian. The death angel has robbed our home of a precious one, but it is wrong for us to grieve, or question God's ways, although I often find myself murmuring at the providence of an all wise God. Why should I weep? Brother was ready and willing to depart, and asked us to meet him in heaven. "By the grace of God I'll meet you."
Sister Julia

J. L. Miller

At Star City, Arkansas.

The swift and silently terrible angel-Death- has been in the midst of our Sunday school and taken from us our beloved assistant superintendent an teacher, Bro. J.L. Miller. We as a Sunday school , deeply feel the bereavement and deplore it with a grief and sadness that can only be reconciled by the consoling remembrance that an all wise Creator does nothing amiss.
Therefore, be it
Resolved, that we have lost one of our most earnest, energetic, and consecrated Sunday school workers.
2. That as an assistant superintendent and teacher he was faithful, efficient and taught as one embued with power from on high.
3. That we cannot understand why God has taken from us one so highly gifted, when just entering the stage of life when broad fields of usefulness seemed opened up before him; but we meekly bow in humble submission to the will of him who doeth all things well.
4. And to all the members of Sunday school we would recommend the  piety and zeal of our beloved deceased brother, and let us all try to emulate his piety and nobility, for he lived a meek and humble child of God and an earnest worker in our Master's vineyard.
5. We deeply sympathize with the relatives and friends of our deceased brother.
6. That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the relatives of Bro. Miller, a copy put on the minutes of our Sunday school and a copy sent to the Arkansas Baptist for publication.

J.W. McQueen
H.R. Lucas             Com.   
Miss Kittie Ellis

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas 
March 12, 1891, page 7