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F. Freeman died on March 12, 1895. Aged 69 years, 9 months and nine days.
Bro. Freeman was born in Ray county, Tenn., June 8, 1825. Professed faith in Christ at an early age and joined the Baptist church. Moved to Arkansas in 1857. Was a member of the Paris Baptist church when he died. He was married to Elizabeth Sidley, who preceded him about four years. Bro. Freeman suffered a great deal in his life, but he has gone to his everlasting reward in heaven. He leaves a host of friends and relatives to mourn their loss. god bless his children and save them for Christ's sake. Amen

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 3, 1895, page 8

Note: This would be Fielden Freeman born in Rhea county, Tennessee

J.D. Adcock

Morrison's Bluff, Ark.

J.D. Adcock died on March 4, 1895. Bro. Adcock died with triumphant faith, and spoke frequently to the effect that his long cherished hope would soon develop into a beautiful reality. He said "religion has always been safe to live by, now I know it is good to die by." Blessed truth. He  was a deacon in Bethel Baptist church. The writer, as his pastor for many years, has been sustained by his prayers, sympathy, counsel and financial support as he has enjoyed such from few others. The loss to the community, the Masonic fraternity, the church and the family is almost irreparable, but his gain exceeds our loss. God comfort and save the bereaved ones.
C.M. Powell

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 3, 1895, page 8

Ellen E. Barnett

Ellen E. Barnett died at her home in Van Buren county, Ark., March 25, 1895, aged 12 years, 2 months and 26 days.
Ellen was born in Etowah county, Ala., Dec. 29, 1882. She moved several times and was finally brought to Van Buren county Ark., in December 1890.  Ellen's absence is a void in the family and community that can never be filled. She was a kind, dutiful, and obedient girl, who loved her parents and was friendly to all. Her last word was "Ma".  She leaves a father and mother, four brothers, one sister and a host of friends behind her, but she renounced everything of a worldly nature before her illness seized her. Funeral services were held by Eld. W.F. Sims.
Ellen, rest till God shall call
Thy kindred to thy side;
Until, like thee, their lot shall fall
With Jesus to abide.
S.B. Barnett, Her Brother

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 3, 1895, page 8

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Sarah Virginia Dumas

Sarah Virginia Dumas was born January 1860, died Sept 12th, 1890. The subject of this sketch made profession of religion in 1877, and united with Ebenezer Baptist church, Bradley county, Ark. She remained here until a few months ago, when she moved her membership to Emmaus church, Cleveland county, where she was a member until her death. She leaves a husband, five step-children, a mother, three brothers, four sisters, and a large circle of relatives and friends, who mourn that she has been called away, yet we mourn not as those who have no hope, for our loss is her eternal gain. Ere long we shall meet her on the golden shore.
N.C. Denson

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 2, 1890, page 8

Mrs. Mary A. Nelson

Mrs. Mary A. Nelson at Waldo, Arkansas.
Deceased was the wife of J.W. Nelson, was born in Talbert (Talbot) county, Ga., on the 23rd of October , 1839, professed religion and joined the Baptist church in 1864, married J.W. Nelson Feb. 26th, 1865. On the 11th of June 1890, she crossed the river of death, angels no doubt escorting her to the haven of rest, as the evidence she gave, warrants the hope that all was well. We render to husband and children our heart felt sympathy in their grief, and point them to "the Comforter."
H.A. Munn

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
August 28, 1890

Elder Joseph B. Wardriff

Died near Farmington, Ark., July 21, 1890. The subject of this sketch was born June 4th, 1832 in Hart county, Ky. He professed religion when nineteen years old, and united with the Baptists. Was married to Lucinda C. Tull, in Harrison county, Mo., in 1857. In 1865 he was ordained to the ministry by Eagleville church, in the same county, He was missionary one year in Missouri, two years in Iowa, pastor and missionary in Kansas from 1869 to 1884, when he moved to Arkansas. Owing to affliction he has not done any regular work since. His labors were blessed to the conversion of many. His membership was with Cemetery Hill church. He leaves a wife and six children (three sons and three daughters) all Christians and Baptists. They mourn, but not as those who have no hope.  A Friend

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
August 28, 1890