Sunday, July 14, 2013

Elder Joseph B. Wardriff

Died near Farmington, Ark., July 21, 1890. The subject of this sketch was born June 4th, 1832 in Hart county, Ky. He professed religion when nineteen years old, and united with the Baptists. Was married to Lucinda C. Tull, in Harrison county, Mo., in 1857. In 1865 he was ordained to the ministry by Eagleville church, in the same county, He was missionary one year in Missouri, two years in Iowa, pastor and missionary in Kansas from 1869 to 1884, when he moved to Arkansas. Owing to affliction he has not done any regular work since. His labors were blessed to the conversion of many. His membership was with Cemetery Hill church. He leaves a wife and six children (three sons and three daughters) all Christians and Baptists. They mourn, but not as those who have no hope.  A Friend

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
August 28, 1890

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