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W. J. Carter

Bro. W.J. Carter died Oct. 9th, 1885, aged 73 years and 7 months. He was born in the State of South Carolina in 1812. He moved to Alabama and was married to Rebecca Meador in the holy bonds of matrimony. In 1835, he professed faith in Christ, and was baptized into the fellowship of the Mout Pleasant Church by Elder Kedar Hawthorn. He moved thence to Concord church, in Prairie county, Alabama. He moved thence to Mississippi and joined Harmony church from which he obtained a letter, and went into the Ebenezer Church. In 1842, he was elected an ordained deacon. From there, he moved to Nevada coutny, Arkansas, and joined Pleasant Grove Church, in which he remained a consistent member until the day of his death. Bro. Carter died as he had lived, strong in the faith. He had long been one of the main pillars of the church. His Christian walk has exerted a mighty power for good. he leaves six children and hosts of friends to mourn his loss. But when we realize that our loss is his eternal gain, we "sorrow not even as others which have no hope."
T.D. Tipton
Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
November 5, 1885 page 3, col 3

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Note: there is no Prairie County, Alabama

Mrs. W.M. Turbervill

Mrs. W.M. Turbervill was born in Columbia county, Ark,., in 1862. She was the daughter of Reuben and Rebecca Bearden and professed religion in 1882 and joined the Baptists at Round Oak and was baptized by the writer, soon afterwards she moved to Washington county and joined New Home church, in which she lived a consistent member till the day of her death on Sept. 7th, 1885. She was married to A. Turbervill May 1883.
She was a faithful wife and a devoted member of the church, and in every way a good and useful woman. Peace be to her ashes. She died in glorious triumphs of the Christian's faith,  We mourn with the bereaved in their great loss.
D.N. Mullins
Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, AR
October 1, 1885, page 3, col. 5

Mrs. James P. Kellem

The wife of Rev. James P. Kellam of Searccy, died last Sabbath morning at 5 o'clock. She was sixty four years old, and had been in a bad state of health for about two years.
 She was buried on Monday at 2 o'clock pm from the Methodist house of worship.

Western Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 24, 1875, page 3, column 1

B.F. Henley

Mr. B.F. Henley, an old citizen of this place, and a man highly respected, committed suicide last Monday. Mr. Henley had been partially deranged for some time, and last Monday morning locked himself up in his crib and stabbed himself in the breast with a knife, aiming as is supposed to reach his heart, and then cut across his breast. He was not found until late in the evening, was yet alive but speechless. A physician was immediately called in,  but too late; he died the next evening. His family has our heartfelt sympathy.
Western Baptist
Little Rock, Arkansas
January 27, 1876, page 6, column 2

Curren Anderson

Died at his late residence, near Oak Grove, Sebastian county, Ark., on the 12th day of August 1881, Curren Anderson, aged sixty four years and five months.
He was born and raised in Alalbama and moved to south-west Arkansas ans settled in Sevier (near Little River) county, and made a profession and joined a Missionary Baptist church at Burks school house in the year 1863, and moved to the neighborhood in which he died, in the year 1867, and became a member of the church at Oak Grove Baptist church. He acted as church clerk during his entire membership and was highly esteemed as a Christian and gentleman by his church and the community in which he lived. He died in peace and leaves a wife and eight children to mourn his loss. August 15, 1881- R.H. McConnell
Arkansas Evangel, August 24, 1881

Miss Emma Geneva Hays

In this city on the 6th inst. of consumption, Miss Emma Geneva Hays, aged 20 years and one month.
Sister Hays was born in Lyon county Ky, February 6, 1856; in 1869 she professed faith and was baptzes into the fellowship of the Third-street Baptist church in Covington Ky.m by the Rev. George F. Pentecost. In 1871 she moved with her parents to Louisville, and united with the Pilgrim's Rest Baptist church; moved to Little Rock in 1875, and was in the organization of the Eighth-street Baptist church of this city. Sister Hays was a consistent christian and much beloved by her brethren and sisters. She was confined to her bed for several months, and bore her afflictions with patience and submission. She was conscious to the last moment and died in the full triumph of a living faith.
Western Baptist, Searcy, Arkansas
April 12, 1876, page 5, col. 5

Mrs. Virginia Travis

Mrs. Virginia Travis, wife of A. Travis, in Woodruff county on the 15th inst. of pneumonia, after illness of nine days.
She was born in Shelby county, Tennessee, on May 5th, 1830, was a consistant member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, remained perfectly rational to the last and only regretted having to leave a part of her family behind. Mrs Travis once lived in Searcy and was highly esteemed by all who knew her. She leaves an affectionate husband and five children to mourn their loss.

Western Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
January 20, 1876, page one, col. 5