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Miss Mary Moxley

Miss Mary Moxley was born in Rockingham Co., North Carolina in October 1838. She moved to Clarksville, Va., where she remained several years; while there she made a profession of religion, but did not unite with a church until her removal to Shelbyville, Tenn. In December 1859, she came to Arkansas and joined the Princeton Baptist church and lived the life of a Christian until the 6th of April when death set his seal on her brow, she was strictly pious, none doubted her.
Her disease was consumption, with which she was confined several months. I visited her frequently during her illness, but never heard her murmur. The morning of her departure from earth was balmy and bright, sweet flowers scented the gale and floods of sunshine streamed around her bed. Oh! how happy is the lot of the Christian when about to enter the heavenly gates, no sorrow ever enters  that home of the just. There is now another angel in Heaven to hymn God's praises; then why weep for the departed, better shed tears form those remaining in this troublous world where every pleasure has its poison and every sweet a snare.
Mary S.H. McCraw
April 8th, 1861

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 19, 1861, page 3

Judge A.G. Underwood

Died on Sunday the 31st ult. at Helena, Ark., Judge A.G. Underwood of that city.
He had been suffering excruciating pain for years with rheumatism and has at last fallen under the destroying hand. He filled the honorable and responsible position of Probate Judge for this county. He retained his judgement until the last moments and a solemn and pathetic scene was witnessed a few minutes before his departure. He called his companion for so many years and bade her farewell, also his only daughter and surrounding friends and then began to repeat the Lord's Prayer, but his spirit took flight before he concluded the prayer. Helena Note-Book

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 19, 1861, page 3

Grover C. Dickey

Grover C. son of Mr. W.W. and Mrs. Laura A. Dickey. Born December 19, 1885, died November 7, 1891, at the home of his parents in this county, near Old River.
He was a bright, promising child, and his death is deeply mourned by his fond parents and a large circle of sorrowing friends. Appropriate funeral services were conducted by Rev. W.L. Dale in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends, all of whom were earnestly exhorted to prepare to meet the loved and gone before in that world where there shall be no more death.  W. L.D.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
November 26, 1891, page 7

Sue Bull

Little Sue, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Bull, was born in Union county, Ark., on September 3, 1884,  moved with her parents to Hot Spring, county, February 13, 1891, and died October 14, 1897.
To know little Sue was to love her, because she carried sunshine with her. She was so gentle, affectionate and kind-hearted, that she enjoyed the love and esteem of all who knew her.
May God, who alone knows our sorrows and troubles, heal the broken hearts and give them to feel that little Sue is now enjoying the blessings of the heavenly home, where,
"Not a wave of trouble shall roll,
Across the peaceful breast."
Jno. C. Ross
Alice Dyer
Bessie Noble, Com.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, ArkansasNovember 10, 1897, page 15

Freddie Richardson

Son of J.A. and Arrie E. Richardson; born September 12, 1896; died October 20, 1897.
Dear Freddie died suddenly while playing at his mother's feet. So quickly called, without an ache or pain.
"Fell asleep, to wake with Jesus
Waiting on the other shore."
We tender our deepest sympathy to the bereaved parents and little brother of dear Freddie.
Lucy Browning
Gertrude Perry

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
November 10, 1897, page 15

Nannie Simmons

Died - November 2, 1891 at her residence, Fordyce, Arkansas, Miss Nannie Simmons, aged thirty-six years, two months and twenty-one days.
She was consistent member of the Baptist church, a devout Christian, kind of heart, benevolent in purpose and loved by all who knew her.
She was an earnest christian worker, always in place ar church and Sunday school, (as teacher), when health permitted, and we feel that in her death one of the most useful among us has fallen. That we shall miss her, but feebly express our loss; and therefore, since it was God's pleasure to remove her from our midst, be it
Resolved, That while we deplore her death, we bow in humble submission to the will of him who doeth all things well.
Resolved, That we sorrow not as those who have no hope knowing that a happy reunion awaits the children of God.
Resolved, that we extend our deepest sympathy to the aged widow, the little nephew, and to all other sorrowing relatives, beseeching them to carry their sorrows to him who bore our sins on Calvary, and who is able to bear our burdens, however weighty they may be.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be spread upon our record, a copy to be given to the mother of the deceased, and that a copy be sent to each of the town papers, and to the Arkansas Baptist for publication.

J.H. Rowland
Mrs. Mason
Miss Cattie Grimes
G.M. Harris

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
December 17, 1891, page 7

Mrs. E.E. Lindsey

The subject of this notice, Mrs. E.E. Lindsey was born Feb. 28, 1843, baptized in White River in the fall of 1853 united in  marriage with E.H. Lindsey the 27th of Oct. 1875, and departed this life Oct. 2, 1881. The deceased was a Christian, and in her daily walk the principals of Christianity were fully exemplified. As a wife, mother and step-mother, she could not have been excelled. Unto all God's people there remaineth a rest, and with those who have preceded her she rests from the disturbance of passion, the vanity of pursuit and the vexation of disappointment; rest from all the sins and sorrows of this miserable world; rest which shall not be merely an indolent cessation from labor, but a full and satisfactory enjoyment.
"Rest dearest one but,
Forgive ye blest, the tributary tear.
That mourns your exit from a world like this;
Forgive the wish that would have kept you here,
And stayed your progress to the state of bliss."

[ We tender our most earnest sympathy to brother Lindsey in his sad bereavement and humbly pray out heavenly Father to deal gently with him and his little motherless ones. - Eds.]

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
October 26, 1881

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Wm. Swain

Wm. Swain of Lonoke county, died at his home, November 15, after a short illness.
He was born in Maury county, Tenn., February 1821, and settled in the community where he was living at the time of his death. He leaves a large devoted family to mourn his loss.
The church trembles with fear when such pillars are moved. Faithful brethren and sisters cry, " The Lord will help." He was always ready for any department of work. The Sunday schools, the prayer meetings or regular services would seem incomplete when some temporary illness prevented him coming. His hospitable doors turned gladly on their hinges to admit his pastor or a passing minister; and no one can visit his church without missing him sadly. We are satisfied he was prepared for the plaudit "well done." But human wisdom can not understand how God in his love and mercy can repair such a loss to family, church and State. Let us turn the eye of faith towards our Father and say, "It is well."

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
December 6, 1883

Matilda Moffitt

Matilda, wife of C.V. Moffitt, born January 23,1849; died June 20, 1897 at Reyno.
Sister Moffitt united with Hopewell Baptist church, Sharp county, Arkansas in 1866 and was baptized by Eld. R. Read. She lived a devoted life and died in the triumphs of a living faith, praising God in her dying moments.
E.T. Lincoln

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
August 4, 1897, page 14

Sarah A. Jackson

Sarah A, wife of Eld. A.S. Jackson. Born July 26th, 1824; died November 19th, 1891.
Sister Jackson was a member of the Baptist church thirty-six years. A faithful wife, a fond mother and a true Christian.
She has few equals and was excelled by none. Earth has a mortal less and Heaven a saint more. God bless the bereaved ones. 
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them. Funeral sermon was preached by Eld. J.T. Evans from the text, "She hath done what she could.'
This obituary adopted by the church.
A. J. Henderson, Mod.
J.W. Mays, Clerk

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
December 3, 1891, page 7

Mary A.M. Leach

Mrs. Mary A. M. Leach died near Augusta, Woodruff county, Arkansas. Mrs Leach was born in North Carolina, moved to Gibson, Tennessee. While a child she professed faith in Christ, and joined the Methodist church, of which she was a consistent member for fifty-two years. In August 1890, she united with Rama Baptist church, Woodruff county, Arkansas; a true follower of Christ until he called her higher. Aged seventy-two years, three months and three days.
"Yet again we hope to meet her,
When the day of life has fled;
Then in Heaven with joy to greet her;
Where no farewell tear is shed."

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
December 3, 1891, page 7

Manuel Remus Moffett

Manuel Remus, son of W. C. and sister Moffett. Born March 8th 1891, died August 9th, 1891.
Dear little Manuel is not here with us any more, he has gone up higher, to be with Jesus, who said "Suffer little children to come unto me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." We know he can not come back to us, but as David said, we can and will go to him. The funeral was conducted by this writer.
E.T. Lincoln
Ravenden Springs

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
November 26, 1891,