Saturday, December 8, 2012

Miss Mary Moxley

Miss Mary Moxley was born in Rockingham Co., North Carolina in October 1838. She moved to Clarksville, Va., where she remained several years; while there she made a profession of religion, but did not unite with a church until her removal to Shelbyville, Tenn. In December 1859, she came to Arkansas and joined the Princeton Baptist church and lived the life of a Christian until the 6th of April when death set his seal on her brow, she was strictly pious, none doubted her.
Her disease was consumption, with which she was confined several months. I visited her frequently during her illness, but never heard her murmur. The morning of her departure from earth was balmy and bright, sweet flowers scented the gale and floods of sunshine streamed around her bed. Oh! how happy is the lot of the Christian when about to enter the heavenly gates, no sorrow ever enters  that home of the just. There is now another angel in Heaven to hymn God's praises; then why weep for the departed, better shed tears form those remaining in this troublous world where every pleasure has its poison and every sweet a snare.
Mary S.H. McCraw
April 8th, 1861

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 19, 1861, page 3

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