Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mary Victoria Wharton

Daughter of A.J. and M.L. Wharton, aged six years, ten months and fifteen days. Swamp fever was the destroyer, and caused her to suffer very much for twenty days before she fell asleep. While we loved
" Little Vick" with all the tenderness of parental love, we bow in submission to the will of God; knowing he makes no mistakes, and that he had a right to take her and cause us to mourn.
The following lines are composed to her memory by her father.
Fair was the hope that shone before my eyes,
Bright as the summer flowers most radiant dyes; to her my longins turned with fond desire, and to her my wishes dared aspire.
And now she lies in dust and ashes low, As loved ones lie with death's seal on their brow;
And disappointment bows my head in grief-
My sad heart yearning for quick relief.
And yet, to my sorrowing heart I say, 
Tis God brought this joyless day;
To teach thee some new lesson of His power,
Or try thy faith, He has brought this darksome hour,
So lift thy head and look above the gloom,
And let fond hope within thy soul find room;
And trust His goodness, though the heaven's fall,
For some good reason God has done it all

Arkansas Evangel, November 16, 1882

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