Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hon. A. C. Jones

Born January 1826 in Halifax county, VA. At the age of 9, his parents moved to Carroll county, Tenn. In 1853 he came to Warren, Ark and in 1856 he married Mrs. D. C. Wells.
Bro. Jones joined the Bpatist church at this place in 1868, and was baptized by Eld. B. C. Hyatt. Soon after joining the church he was ordained deacon and served faithfully until his death which occured July 10, 1897.
Whereas, it has seemed good to our heavenly Father to remove from our midst our belloved and highly esteemed Bro. A. C. Jones...
Whereas, the intimate relations long held by the deceased with the church render it proper that we should place upon record our love and appreciation of his faithfulness as a Christian and merits as a man.
Therefore. Resolved, That we deplore the lossof Bro. Jones with deep feelings of regret, quietened only by the confident hope his spirit is with those who, having fought the good fight here, are enjoying perfect happiness in a better world.
Resolved, That we tender to his bereaved relatives, our sincere love, friendship, and sympathy in there bereavement at the loss of one who was a devoted father, true Christian and a good citizen.
Resolved, That these resolutions be sent to the Arkansas Baptist for publication.
C.C. Gannaway, W.F. Mack, M.E. Hughey, M.T. Gill, A. O'Neal, N.C. Denson, Committee
Arkansas Baptist, September 15, 1897

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