Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mrs. Alice Kenady

Born in Lamar county, Texas, Oct. 5, 1876. Daughter of Henry Myers. She was born from above in 1889, and was baptized into the Union church in Saline county, Ark., by Eld. S.P. Davis, She was a dutiful daughter, a good neighbor, a tender, loving mother and devoted wife. She was a consecrated Christian, always abounding in the work of the Lord. My dear baby sister has been called from the toil of earth to the joys and rest of heaven. I do not say farewell forever, but only bid a tender"goodnight" till I see her again in the morning of the resurrection. She leaves a broken-hearted husband and two little girls. The husband no more receives the tender caress, nor the little ones a mother's love and care. Dear little ones she cannot come back to you, but you can go to her.  May God who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb tenderly care for our old father that his gray hairs come not with sorrow down to the grave And grant us a happy re-union in the better land.
                             Her devoted sister,
Bierne, Ark.                                       Lou Nelson
Arkansas Baptist, December 1, 1897, page 15

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