Saturday, July 5, 2014

Callie Mosely

Sister Callie, wife of Bro. Preston C. Moseley, was born August 18, 1869, died May 14, 1896. Sister Callie was confined to her bed with consumption, but always showed smiles of cheerfulness and never murmured or complained, but waited her time with patience until the last few hours, when she became anxious to go. Then she called her friends around her bed and admonished them to be faithful and meet her in heaven; then bowed in humble submission to him that  doeth all things well. Truly the Lord was her shepherd, and she felt in death that his rod and his staff were her comfort and shield. Sister Callie was baptised into the fellowship of Altus Baptist church in September 1891, and lived a consistent member until her death. We deeply feel our loss, but we weep not as those who have no hope; and while we bow in humble submission, we pray God's comforting grace to rest on Bro. Moseley...some hours while they are left to tread life's pathway alone. 
M.P. Henry

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
September 2, 1896, page 15

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