Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mary L. Rogers

Wife of J. J. Rogers, died at Marvinville, Ark., June 22, 1890; age 52 years, five months and eight days. 
Sister Rogers was converted and united with the Baptist church in early life, and lived a faithful member until her death, and in her last moments her face was radiant with hope, giving evidence to all that Jesus was near, to go through the valley and shadow of death with her. She leaves a husband and five children to mourn their loss. Three of her daughters have been buried with Christ in baptism. I have been her pastor for four years, but I am resigned to the will of "the Good Shepherd" who has gathered her to the heavenly fold. God grant that husband and children may be ready, that when he calls they may be gathered with mother in heaven.
W. E. Logan

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
July 31, 1890, page 8

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