Sunday, March 7, 2010

M.E. Paxton

Sister M.E. Paxton, wife of the late Dr. Paxton, died November 15, 1895; aged 52 years. Sister Paxton joined the Baptist church in 1855. For forty years this devoted child of God was a living example of the deepest piety, exemplified in every footstep through life, and today, she is wearing a wreath of victory and a crown of glory through Christ Jesus our Lord. I can but say to the three daughters and other kindred,  be comforted, mother and sister has but changed a world of trials for one of peace --earth for heaven. We miss thee; but it was the Masters hand that plucked the full blown rose from your home and transplanted to the floral garden of God. The home is lonely, the heart is sad, but with our dear friend and sister it is
Sheaves after sowing,
Sun after rain.
Rest after weariness, Sweet rest at last.
L.L. Boone
Arkansas Baptist, November 27, 1895, page 15

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