Friday, December 4, 2009

William Carey King

William Carey in death took the final scale of his ascension to God without a struggle March 21, 1897. He was born in Phillips county, Ark., Aug. 3, 1875. He was converted and joined the Baptist church during the year 1891. He was faithful until death. The divine spirit continually bore witness with his spirit of acceptance with the Father. We think of him as one who loved God, his father, mother, brothers, sister, truth and fellowmen. Obedience to his parents was the law of his life; never giving them one moment of trouble. He abhorred that which was evil, and contended for that which was good. O. how we miss him! In his home, there is his faith and love and zeal. But his faith, and love and consecration will make him forever at home in that city which is without griefs or graves, and into which no sound of sin can enter. As the thunderbolt that prostrates some sheltering tree lets heaven shine on a spot of eath where it never shone before, so we pray that this act of God's providence, which to his family is mysterious, may prove to be only a shadow of a great blessing from heaven and passing between their souls and the son. My dear brother and sister, your boy is not dead, your separation will be brief. The darkness will soon be dispelled by the golden light of the resurrection morn, and your family will be reunited never to say "goodbye again"
F.A. Jeffett
Arkansas Baptist, June 2, 1897, page 15

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