Friday, December 18, 2009

Albert Swofford Barnes

Albert Swofford, infant son of H. A. and S. J. Barnes, died at Fordyce, Ark., September 30, 1895. Aged 7 months and 19 days.
           Another precious flower gone,
             Another smiling face we miss;
           Another angel around God's throne,
          To live in the land of love and bliss.
             Darling, how we miss thee;
               Our hearts are so sad;
      But we know thee again we shall see;
         And we shall be made glad.

Papa, mama, brothers, let us not mourn,
     For Albert has gone home,
To wait with God, brother and sister till that morn.

Arkansas Baptist, October 30, 1895, page 11
         When to them we shall come.

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