Friday, January 29, 2010

Martha Hargrove

Martha Hargrove died March 29, 1896. She was a daughter of A. F. and Mary Edds. Was born in 1863; married to Eld. M. L.  Hargrove in 1885; professed faith in Christ the same year and joined the Methodist church with her husband.  Becoming dissatisfied, they united with the Baptist church at Whittington in 1893. Although she never enjoyed robust health she was strong in faith, and they enjoyed the solace of a Christian home, enduring her affliction with Christian fortitude... three small children and a host of relatives and friends. But we mourn not as those without hope, for we hope to meet her in the morning of the resurrection.
By the Church at Whittington

 Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
 April 29, 1896, page 15

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