Friday, January 29, 2010

Nancy B. Fuller

Mrs. Nancy B. Fuller, born June 1, 1820; died March 29, 1896; aged 75 years, nine months and twenty seven days.
Sister Fuller was a native of South Carolina; married H.B. Fuller November 28, 1840; joined the Baptist church when she was 34 years old and lived a consistent member until death.  She moved with her husband to Arkansas in 1858 and her husband died in 1862. For thirty-four years she lived a widow and had the training of her eight children, one son and seven daughters.
Her suffering was immense for almost five months, but she bore it with a Job-like patience. She was willing and submissive to the death messenger and asked her children to meet her in the promised land. Her example was worthy of imitation.
J.T. Downs
Register, Ark

Arkansas Baptist, May 6, 1896

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