Thursday, January 7, 2010

Martha L. Carter

Miss Martha L., daughter of Sister and Dr. G. B. Carter, died July 31, 1895. Aged 21 years, 2 months and 2 days.
Sister Martha was born in Clark county May 29, 1874. Professed religion and joined the Baptist church at South Fork, and was baptized the second Sunday in September, 1887.  "Maubie" as she was familiarly known, was the favorite of her father's family. She was possessed of a genial disposition and a tender heart; and was ever in sympathy with the suffering and the needy, and cheerfully contributed to their relief. Her religion was practiced, never having failed to attend a single conference of her church since uniting with it up to her death. It seems that death ever claims as his victim our best and brightest jewels to adorn his kingdom. Her bereaved companions have this support, peace and joy in their afflictions. Maubie was a sweet Christian girl and has gone to live with her Savior. The burial was largely attended. Funeral services by Eld. Z. T. Rogers.
And now to Dr. Carter ) my old associate in boyhood school days) I will say to the family
Ask counsel of Jesus and he will direct you; Seek a blessing from him and nothing shall hurt you"
Dr. Bourland, Curtis, Ark.
Arkansas Baptist, August 21, 1895

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