Saturday, February 13, 2010

I. R. Vick

Memoir of Eld. I. R. Vick

Born June 16, 1830; died November 27, 1895, at his home in Lincoln, county, Ark.
He retired at 9 o'clock apparently well, and went quietly into a sleep from which he never awoke, At 10 o'clock his wife was aroused by a faint struggle from him, but it was the death struggle, and she was widowed. The Master had called His servant to rest, The writer, assisted by Eld D. E. Gambrell, conducted the funeral service. Never have I seen a community so deeply bereaved. Our loss will be deeply felt in his family, in the Church which he so faithfully served and in the community where he led in every good work as a citizen. The "Baptist" and its editor have lost a staunch supporter and the denomination an humble yet valiant defender. He was born in Nash County, North Carolina, emigrated to Cass County, GA., professed conversion and was baptized into Okalogo Church in 1852. He married Miss Mary Thompson in 1855. She was a true helpmate, and now feels the sadness of bereavement. He was the father of nine children, four boys and five girls. Two of these have gone before and seven follow after He moved to Drew County, Ark., in 1860 and was ordained to the ministry and for thirty-five years gave himself to the spread of the Gospel, making more sacrifices for the truth than any minister this writer has ever known, In my twenty years association with him he often said, " I want to live to baptize all my children and also to lead a thousand converts into the baptismal picture of the resurrection." During his last year his wish was granted; his last child a happy follower of Jesus. His diary shows the record of 1015 baptisms. His work was finished and he is at rest. With the weeping family I am a mourner. He was my father in the ministry. God bless and comfort the bereaved family.
E.Y. A. Rogers

Arkansas Baptist, January 22, 1896, page 5

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