Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cassie Wilson

Mrs. Cassie Wilson, wife of our friend and brother, Capt. R.J. Wilson, after a protracted and most painful illness was relieved of her sufferings last Saturday afternoon. The entire community evinced their respect and love for the deceased and their sympathy with the bereaved by following the remains to the last resting place. Mrs. Wilson was an honored and useful member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and she will be greatly missed by the congregation in her church. She was truly a Christian woman and passed the triumphs of a true Christian's faith. She was fully aware of her approaching dissolution days before the final hour came, and conversed freely and frequently on the subject. Our tenderest sympathies freely extended to the bereaved husband and children.

Arkansas Evangel, LittleRock, Arkansas
 April 10, 1884, page 3, col. 3

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