Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jewel Atkinson

Jewel Atkinson, daughter of Bro. and Sister E.J. Atkinson, died of typhoid fever at her parent's home in Star City, Wednesday November 18, 1896; aged 12 years and 11 months. About eight o'clock on the evening of November 18, the sad news was carried from house to house that Jewel Atkinson was dead, which spread gloom and sorrow over the town and community, for she was loved by all who knew her. Jewel accepted Christ as her personal Savior and joined Star City Baptist church about two years ago, and since that time lived a faithful exemplary life. She was the joy of the home, and by many expressions of love and deeds of kindness she carried happiness to the hearts of her parents, brother, sister and her many friends. She will ne missed in the home and in the church, Sunday-school and prayer meeting services; there will be  a vacant seat, and few will miss her more than the pastor, for by her regular attendance and attentive listening she helped and encouraged him to preach the gospel. I would say to her heart-broken parents, brothers, sister, relatives and may sorrowing friends, let us not weep; the Lord gave her to us, and he had the right to take her unto himself.
Her feet hath crossed the stygian waters never to earth retur; her spirit hath winged its flight to yon celestial dome; her soul hath sprung to light among celestial orbs to roam. Let us labor; on and in the sweet bye and bye we who are Christians will meet her, God and the Savior, to live with them forever.

D.E. Gambrell

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
December 16, 1896 page 13, col 1

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