Friday, July 13, 2012

Mrs. J. A. P. Burrough

Born Feb. 6, 1869, died April 19, 1890, at W. R. Bryants, Cleveland county, Ark.
She was born and spent all her life in this county. She professed religion and joined Emmaus Baptist Church in September, 1886. She leaves a husband, one child, a mother and three sisters to grieve that she is gone. But not as those who have no hope, for her last words gave evidence that she was going to the rest that remains for the people of God.
Done by the order of the Church in conference, May 10, 1890.

H. C. Ballentine
W. I. Carter         }Com.
J. T. Dumat

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
June, 5, 1890, page 8, col. 1

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