Monday, July 30, 2012

Rev. S. Cornelius, D.D.

A large number of the friends and brethren of Dr. Cornelius, including nearly  all the ministers in the city assembled at the residence yesterday afternoon to attend the brief funeral services. One verse of the hymn "Asleep in Jesus" was sung very tenderly by the choir of the First Baptist church. Rev. Isom P. Langley read from the fourth chapter of II Timothy, the 6th and 7th and 8th verses and made some appropriate remarks. Rev A.B. Miller of the Second Baptist church then offered prayer. The many friends took a last view of the remains of the beloved minister, and the pall bearers, Deacons J.P. Howard, C.J. Low, J.K. Brantley, J.L. Blackard, G.W. Pitts, and E.M. Phillips took charge of the casket and the procession proceeded to Oakland, where the remains were placed in the private vault of Mr. L.F. Heck, until arrangement can be made for burial.

Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Arkansas
January 1, 1887, page 6

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