Sunday, July 29, 2012

J.C. Renfro

Elder J.C. Renfro, the subject of this sketch was a native of Kentucky. About the year 1804, when quite young he moved to Missouri, where he was principally educated, after which he entered upon the work of the gospel ministry and devoted his energy for several years in said state to the cause of Christ. About the year of 1857, he moved to the State of Iowa, where his labor was greatly blessed, both in respect to local and missionary work. After the expiration of nine years in this field of labor, he came to the State of Arkansas; where he devoted to the cause of Christ the remaining energy of his life. He died at the residence of J.C. Boatwright, his son-in-law, January 1886. After ten hours of suffering he yielded up his spirit to "God who gave it' in a frame of mind calm and serene in the assurance of the faith that had led him in triumph, through the battle of life. In the very twilight of life's departing friends and relatives around him to indicate to them an affectionate and final farewell.
he then closed his eyes like one reposing in sweet slumber.
Indeed it was the solemn sleep of those "who never wake to weep." May the Lord help us us all to glorify his name in life and in death.
C.P. Tupper

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
April 4, 1886, page 3, col. 2

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