Sunday, July 15, 2012

Calvin De Armond

"The pestilence which walketh in darkness" has entered into our midst, and borne from among us one of our most respected and virtuous citizens. Calvin De Armond, a man of sterling integrity, departed this life on the morning of June 8th, 1860. He leaves two infant children and a wife who has long been a member of the Missionary Baptists. he was a firm believer in Christianity and avowed his intention of some day bowing to the mild sceptre of Emmanuel. But his case stands a monument of the danger of procrastination, although we can't help hoping for him on account of his charity, honesty, and sympathetic tenderness. he died aged 34 years. We sympathize with his sister Rose Ann in her bereavement; but Calvin, the companion of her youth is gone ans the place which knew him will know him no more forever.
" A thousand suns will shine;
  A thousand moons will quiver,
   But he'll walk with her no more,
   Forever and forever."

D. L. Palmer

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
August 8, 1860

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