Sunday, May 18, 2014

J. L. Miller

At Star City, Arkansas.

The swift and silently terrible angel-Death- has been in the midst of our Sunday school and taken from us our beloved assistant superintendent an teacher, Bro. J.L. Miller. We as a Sunday school , deeply feel the bereavement and deplore it with a grief and sadness that can only be reconciled by the consoling remembrance that an all wise Creator does nothing amiss.
Therefore, be it
Resolved, that we have lost one of our most earnest, energetic, and consecrated Sunday school workers.
2. That as an assistant superintendent and teacher he was faithful, efficient and taught as one embued with power from on high.
3. That we cannot understand why God has taken from us one so highly gifted, when just entering the stage of life when broad fields of usefulness seemed opened up before him; but we meekly bow in humble submission to the will of him who doeth all things well.
4. And to all the members of Sunday school we would recommend the  piety and zeal of our beloved deceased brother, and let us all try to emulate his piety and nobility, for he lived a meek and humble child of God and an earnest worker in our Master's vineyard.
5. We deeply sympathize with the relatives and friends of our deceased brother.
6. That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the relatives of Bro. Miller, a copy put on the minutes of our Sunday school and a copy sent to the Arkansas Baptist for publication.

J.W. McQueen
H.R. Lucas             Com.   
Miss Kittie Ellis

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas 
March 12, 1891, page 7

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