Saturday, May 24, 2014

Amy Hood

Amy Hood, aged two years and seven months. The only daughter of James and Martha Hood.
Little Amy was the pride of her parents and grandparents, a special favorite of their friends. She was gathered by the Master gently, scarcely a struggle. her parents deeply mourn their loss, but they should not, for it is her gain. It should be a consolation to them to know that their darling is at rest, her sweet little hands joined with bright angels who surround the throne of God and the lamb. Though they miss her gentle hand strokes on their cheeks, she wil meet them when they are called, where there will be no more parting. 

Dear little hands, when the Master shall call,
I'll welcome the summons that come to us all,
When my feet touch the waters so dark and cold;
Soon I will catch my first glimpse of the "City of Gold;"
When my eyes shall be fixed on the heavenly gate.

After crossing the tide to where angels await,
Shall I know that our sweet Amy mid those at the gate?
Shall I know our sweet Amy in that white-robed band?
Will beckon me to her with that dear little hand?
--Addie M. Farquehar
Wheatley, Arkansas

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 7, 1891, page 8

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