Tuesday, April 24, 2012

John Sidney Davis

John Sidney Davis, Infant son and only child of Eld. L.R.B. Davis and wife, was born Aug 23, 1884.
Little Sidney was a sweet child and his little feet will be missed very much by the lamented parents; but he is not dead; he is only gone before. The Lord had a right to take him, or he would not have done so. He makes no mistakes. Precious little one! He knew no sin; he had no fears in death, but with him death has lost its venom sting. His sun went down, while it was yet day.
Sweet bud of earth’s wilderness riffled and torn;
Fond eyes have wept o’er thee
Fond hearts still will mourn.
The spoiler has come, with his cold withering breath,
And the loved and cherished lies silent in death.

Hope, Ark

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
March 3, 1886, page 3

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