Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daniel B. Eudy

Born in North Carolina in 1826, died at Euclid, Howard County, Ark., April 21, 1890.
He moved with his parents to Morgan County, Ala., in 1846. May 12th, 1847 married Miss Lora Ann Rivers. Soon after he joined the Baptist church and was baptized by Eld. Alonzo Welsh. In 1860 he moved to Lamar county, Tex. In 1879 he came to Howard county, Ark., at which place he remained until his death. He leaves eight children, all grown to be useful men and women. Having himself lived a faithful Baptist, his children are well instructed in the faith. he had been a rheumatic invalid for sixteen years, most of the time confined to his room. Mount Carmel church has lost one of its leaders, and the community an exemplary citizen.
Now he is free from pain and sorrow, resting from his labors. Heaven has another saint.
John B. Hester

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 29, 1890, page 8, col. 2

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