Saturday, July 5, 2014

Serrie Mitchell

At Chalybeate Springs, Arkansas, July 5, 1890, Serrie, son of Dr. J. B. and M. A. Mitchell, age four years.
His parents almost idolized him, and fondly hoped he would be spared to fill some station of honor and usefulness, but the Master had use of him, and we can but say: " He doeth all things well."
Jesus wants father, mother, sister and brothers to be ready when he calls, to go where he has gathered little Serrie.
"One sweet flower has drooped and faded.
  One sweet infant had fled,
One fair brow the grave has shaded, 
But your darling is not dead,
He has gone to Heaven before us,
See he turns and waves his hand,
Pointing to the glories o'er us,
In the happy Eden land."
J. W. Eidson

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
July 31,1890, page 8

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