Saturday, July 5, 2014

E. Lauderdale

Died at Brinkley, Ark., June 17, 1890, Mrs. E. wife of J. G. Lauderdale. Age, forty-two years.
Sister Lauderdale was born in DeKalb county, Alabama. Was married in 1872. Moved to Arkansas in 1867. When only thirteen years old she professed religion, and was at once baptized. She was a devoted teacher in the Sunday-school and a faithful church worker. Three children and a devoted husband to mourn her death, but are comforted by the fact that she was prepared. In the absence of the pastor, Elder Howard, a Methodist minister, conducted the funeral.

Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock, Arkansas
July 31, 1890, page 8

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  1. Elizabeth Mullens, wife of John Gillespie Lauderdale, son of Robert (1821-1887) and Rachel Lauderdale of Giles Co., Tennessee, and Limestone Co., Alabama.