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Thomas Kimbrough

Deacon Thomas Kimbrough was born in Jefferson county, Tenn., May 2, 1805. Was married to Miss Elizabeth Austell February 14, 1832. Was converted and became a member of the Baptist church at, or near Mossy Creek, Tenn., about the year 1836, where afterwards he was set apart as a deacon. Just before the war, he removed to Bradley county, Tenn., and was a member and deacon of the White Plains church. After the war  he came to Washington county, Arkansas, and was soon afterwards in the organization of Vineyard church near Evansville, where he lived a consistent member and an exemplary life till about three years ago, when a division of the church took place and the Liberty church was formed, of which he became a member, and so continued until his death which occurred May 12th, 1886.
Brother K. was 81 years and 10 days old. Near two years ago while attending a protracted meeting in his church, he had a paralytic stroke; he had a second stroke two moths before his death. Conscious to the last, he talked of death as a journey and was ready and anxious to depart. His wife had preceded him several years.
Brother K. had been a faithful member of the church for half a century, and served as a deacon for about forty years. he belonged to a family noted for its Baptist ministers. His father was Elder Duke Kimbrough, one of the leading minsters of Tennessee.  He was a brother of Elder Bradley Kimbrough, another able minster of Tennessee, who will be remembered by many who read this. The Kimbroughs of Texas are of the same family.
Brother Kimbrough was an earnest contender for he faith and always ready to do his duty. The Liberty church has lost a pillar, his pastor a firm friend, and his family a good counsellor. His works do follow him.
To his seven surviving children and his many grandchildren, I commend his example. Be ye followers of him, even as he was a follower of Christ.
J.C.R. His Pastor
Elm Springs, Arkansas, May 20, 1886

Arkansas Evangel, Little Rock, Arkansas
June 6, 1886, page 4, col. 2

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