Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Louisiana Vann Evans

Louisiana, daughter of Thomas and Nancy Vann, and wife of James M Evans, was born December 17th, 1828, in Edgecomb county, North Carolina, and in 1837 her parents moved with her to Haywood county, Tennessee. In 1849, under the ministry of George H. Thomas, pastor of the Baptist Church worshipping at Zion, she was convicted of sin, and while at home she obtained a hope in Christ, and received a baptism at the hands of this pastor and united herself with the church at Zion. And on the 23rd of December 1851, she married her now bereaved husband, Jas. Evans, who in November 1866, moved to White county, in this state and settled near El Paso, uniting with Antioch church, where she remained until the day of her death, May the 28th, 1874. She had a long and protracted illness which is common in cases of consumption and was closely confines to her room for six moths before her death. Notwithstanding her afflictions were long and severe, she bore them with fortitude and patience, and was perfectly submissive, and on being interrogated in regard to her future prospects she always manifested that hope that ever characterizes the Christian, and in view of that hope her husband has selected, as a suitable text for her funeral the 24th-25th verses of the eighth chapter of Romans. Sister Evans was the mother of ten children, two of whom died in infancy, leaving four girls and four boys with the bereaved husband to mourn her loss. Weep, not husband, for while you are here to watch over the eight children living, she has gone to join the two in heaven, Remember that Christ said, “ I am the resurrection and the life.” C.

Western Baptist,  Little Rock, Arkansas
September 26, 1874, page 2

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