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Ida Pearl Threlkell

Mrs. Ida Pearl Threlkell, consort of Mr. DeWitt Threlkell, and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Bollinger, died of congestion, at her residence in Russellville, Friday evening at 3 o'clock, July 24, 1885.
Mrs. Threlkell was born in Calhoun county, Ala., Sept. 22, 1859; moved to Okalona, Miss., in 1865, thence to Verona, Miss., soon thereafter. She joined the Baptist church and was baptized by Rev. J.T. Christion in 1877. She graduated in music in 1875, at the age of 15, and in the English course the year following, from Verona College, which institution awarded her a diploma of Mistress of English Literature. She was united in marriage to Mr. Threlkell Dec. 15, 1880, and the family settled in Russellville, Ark., in 1883.
She was taken violently ill Wednesday evening and succumbed to the King of Terrors Friday at 3.
As a child she was obedient, respectful and tenderly affectionate; as a student at school, she was  dutiful, industrious, and ambitious; as a wife and mother she was all that a wife and mother could be; Happy hearted, ardent and tender in affection, devoted, industrious, energetic, persevering, and ambitious, she was a helpmeet to her husband in the truest and highest sense of that word. She was the light and life of the family. She delighted in useful employment and monuments of her industry and skill are numerous.
Thus in the midst of life passses away a happy mother, young wife, a useful Chrsitian woman.
Mrs. Threlkell leaves a fond father and mother, a devoted husband, two brothers, a little girl and a large circle of friends, here and in Mississippi, to mourn her loss. But in death she triumphed. She had often expressed herself as having no fear of death.
" Is that a death-bed, where the Christian lies?
Yes, but not his; 'tis Death itself, there dies."...

Arkansas Evangel, August 6, 1885, page 2

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