Friday, February 4, 2011

Miss Mina Tuggle

Since it has pleased God to call from us our beloved sister, Miss Mina Tuggle, on August 5, 1896; and, whereas , she was a devoted member of our church and Sunday school.
Resolved, that we meekly bow in submission to the will of him who gave and who hath taken away.
Resolved, that we will cherish her name and revere her memory, and that we deeply sympathize with the bereaved family  and trust that she is bathing in the refulgent light of the Son of God and dwelling with the sanctified host that make their way from earth to heaven.
Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be furnished to the family; that they be spread upon our Sunday school record and be sent to the baptist for publication.
B.B. Owen, Misses Lizzie Carolan, Minnie McCaslin, Ella Guinn, Committee

Arkansas Baptist, September 2, 1896, page 9

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