Monday, January 10, 2011

Harriett Cantrell

Died December 11, 1896. Aged 66 years. Born in Meigs county, Tenn. in 1830. In her infancy, her parents moved to Hamilton county and in 1860 she moved to southern Arkansas and married. Moved to Fulton county in 1891 and resided with her son-in-law B.H. Webb, until death claimed her. Such is the brief record of one who always answered duty's call. When only 16 she professed religion while in secret prayer. She joined the Presbyterians, but becoming satisfied that she had not followed Christ in Baptism, she after coming to Arkansas, joined the Baptists at Zion Hempstead county. In her last years she was a member of Liberty church in Fulton county. Her last words were, "Lord, take me now." She had fought a good fight and was ready for the victor's crown.
James C. Bryan
Arkansas Baptist January 13 1897, page 15

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