Saturday, February 20, 2010

Virginia Langley

Virginia Langley, daughter of Bro. James ans Sister Belle Langley, died October 3, 1895. Aged five months and 25 days.
Bro. and Sister langley have lost one jewel, but heaven is open for its reception. Oh, may they be cheered with the promise Jesus made, saying they that sleep in him when he comes again he will bring with him.
   Their hearts are ever lonely,
    Their spirits ever sad
'Twas her dear presence only
 That made their spirits glad

From morning until evening
Care rests upon their brows;
She's gone from earth to heaven--
 They have no baby now.

Bro. and Sister Langley have the greatest sympathy of all. God bless them in their bereavement.
S.F. Funk
Arkansas Baptist, November 13, 1895, page 10

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