Saturday, February 13, 2010

Samantha Haugh

Our beloved sister, Samantha Haugh was a faithful member of the Missinary Baptist Church at Hopewell since 1870, and as we are informed, ever lived with a view to being prepared to go from this low ground of sorrow to live with our blessed Redeemer and also tried to so live that by word and deed she might cause others to fall out of sin, close in with offered mercy, and finally be saved in Heaven. After years of battle for the Redeemer and bearing the hand of affliction for a long time, when the summon of death was nearing she showed plainly that her prospects remained bright. She said as her last words that "all was well" and on the 11th day of August 1895, she bid adieu to earth and earthly things, leaving a husband and one daughter to mourn the loss of a companion and mother. May they so live that when death is nearing them they, too, may tell of the same faith as the one gone on before.
W. M. Tucker, H. Hayes, Committee
Arkansas Baptist, Janury 22, 1896, page 5

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